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15 Undermount Farmhouse Sinks of 2021

A kitchen will not be complete without a undermount farmhouse sink. These units are available in different forms, shapes, colors, and materials. Kitchen sinks are a centerpiece in every kitchen and therefore you should search for the best farmhouse sink

Picking one is however not easy because there are too many versions of sinks. We took notice of these and came up with a list of the best undermount farmhouse kitchen sinks. Their features and style are incredible making them the best for home improvement.

Undermount Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Ideas

Undermount Farmhouse Sinks

The Kraus KHU110 is a brand that makes your kitchen look great and clean.  You get it with other items which include a kitchen towel, drain assembly, and mounting hardware.

When it comes to quality, Kraus sink is unbeatable. You can depend on this stainless steel farmhouse kitchen sink since it is rust-resistant hence durable. Cleaning this sink is easier because it boasts a seamless design. With the installation, you can wipe water easily and drain it efficiently.

Additional features of this farmhouse stainless steel sink include the noise-proof technology which makes it beat options in performance. Add Krause KHU110 to your home and enjoy the quality.

2. Vccucine Farmhouse Sink undermount

The benefits of this apron front kitchen sink are worth your money. Vccucine is made of stainless steel material and has a modern style. Boasting a commercial-grade satin finish and a stainless grid, it is resistant to scratch and stain.

The stone guard coating of this kitchen unit and its rubber dampening pads makes it noise-free. With channel grooves, it drains water efficiently. Additionally, the sink’s design allows it to accommodate the most popular system of garbage collection.

3. Hosino Black Farmhouse Sink

Hosino Black sink brings out the beauty of your kitchen. With soundproof undercoating, it is doesn’t make noise and its condensation is reduced. The installation of this apron front kitchen unit is easy making it the best for home improvement.

Cleaning the Hosino farmhouse sink is not difficult because of its interior corners that also ensure it maintains its modern look. Featuring an X- shaped water guide and a sloped bottom this black basin drains water fast without any blockages.

The depth of the sink gives you enough space for cleaning even the largest dishes without messing around. Some bonuses that come with Hosino kitchen sinks include a roll-up rack, rinse grid, and a strainer. Change the look of your kitchen with this stainless steel undermount kitchen sink.

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4. Hotis Modern Single Bowl Apron Front Black Sink

Your search for a perfect and dependable farmhouse sink comes to an end with Hotis. The sink is made with high-quality material which makes it durable than other options and doesn’t lose its color.

Hotis’ single bowl sink has all the space you need to clean your dishes and prepare a meal. Versatility is part of it and you can use it in commercial setups. With its installation method, you can easily clean it with soap and water. There are additional accessories that come with the sink including a removable basket strainer. This is the right sink for your home.

5. Comllen Commercial 33 Inch 304 Stainless Steel Sink

Comllen commercial sink is easy to install. You will enjoy a mere quiet kitchen experience because it has a sound-deadening feature which also improves its insulation. The brushed nickel finish on this farmhouse sink makes it easy for you to clean while maintaining its contemporary look.

An additional and incredible feature of it is its strong structure. Made with a 16 gauge commercial grade stainless steel material, Comllen sinks farmhouse are stain and rust resistant hence you can enjoy its service for a long time.

A good sink for a farmhouse kitchen should have a standard drain opening that accommodates a normal garbage disposal system and the Comllen sink boasts that. Comllen farmhouse sink is among the best options in the market for a modern kitchen.

6. Kraus Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Introduce a touch of sleekness and beauty to your kitchen by buying the Kraus KGD-412B. This black farmhouse sink is made with resin, granite, and stone. The combination makes it durable and gives it the look and texture of real stone.

The installation of these sinks can be done through the under-mount or drop-in design. The feature makes it blend with several countertops of different configurations and materials. Unlike most kitchen sinks, Kraus doesn’t hold on to stains or grime since it’s made with a nonporous material.

You can therefore give it a superior cleaning by wiping. Most sinks are sensitive and by the time your order reaches your door, they are broken. However, the case is different for this popular apron front sink because it is well packaged. Moreover, you will be given a warranty for this farmhouse sink in case of any damages.

7. Elkay Quartz Classic Black Single Bowl Undermount Sink

The Elkay single bowl sink will transform your entire kitchen. With the installation, the apron front sink is fixed underneath the countertop creating a seamless and balanced view between it and the countertop.

You will love the sink for its single bowl feature that gives you the freedom to wash dishes without messing around. This also gives you the freedom to prepare meals on the top of the sink. Molded and crafted with the best of fine quartz sand, the Elkay is resistant to stain, rust, chipping banging, and heat. Bring change to your kitchen with the single bowl Elkay undermount farmhouse sink.

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8. Appaso  Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sink

Your search for a good sink comes to end with Appaso farmhouse single basin sink. Designed for commercial purposes, this sink is constructed with an 18 gauge stainless steel material. Its steel component is higher compared to other options. Any sink meant for industrial use should be strong to resist denting, deformation, or bending.

Buying the Appaso sink translates to all these qualities hence the durability. A big number of sinks are noisy but this one has a thick heavy-duty coating and extra padding that absorbs any noise when scrubbing the pots. Your kitchen will remain silent as do your cleaning.

Its deep bowl and its rounded corners gives you enough space to do your dishes and prevents spilling water all over the place. The manufacturers of Appaso sinks were keen on hygiene and your health. They made it with non-toxic material making the sink user-friendly. You can therefore trust the quality and standard of this unit.

9. Sinkology Undermount Sink 

Your search for the best undermount farmhouse sink comes to an end with Sinkology. The rectangular shape combined with the crisp white color makes it your type of sink.

The straightforward design makes it perfect for the installation and you will fix it with ease. Any member of your family can use sink because its apron front is exposed. The single bowl is wide and deep enough for stacking your dishes.

With its method of installation, this fireclay sink maintains a seamless kitchen counter since it sits below your countertop height making it easy for you to remove dirt from the sink. However, with its sleek surface, you will be required to rinse it using water and soap daily to keep it clean.

Another incredible part of the sink is the fireclay care IQ kit that gives you everything you need for that extra shine and polish touch. Sinkology has its place when it comes to durability. Being a fireclay sink, it undergoes heating during its finishing process.

The heat changes the clay into a solid and strong material that can withstand bangs, vibrations, and cleaning of heavy pots and utensils. Generally, the finish of this farmhouse kitchen unit makes it durable. Find Sinkology and brighten your kitchen with its white appeal.

10. KOHLER Whitehaven Undermount Single-Bowl Sink

Kohler single bowl is a white low sink with a generous depth to accommodate your large basins while cleaning. With its self-trimming design, you are required to only cut your new or already existing cabinetry and install it using the apron front method for satisfactory results.

Featuring a streamlined versatile farmhouse style, it’s suitable to complete and perfect your kitchen remodeling project. Moreover, the sink has a sloped bottom to help drain and clean up. Carved from iron, the Kohler farmhouse sink will not chip, or crack and it will serve you for years without losing its appeal and reliability.

Also, the apron ensures that your cabinets are protected from water damage. Its availability is in many colors, sizes, and designs.

11. Miyili 33″ Apron-Front Fireclay Single Bowl Sink

With its clean apron front design, the Miyili fireclay sink makes your kitchen look modern and fit for contemporary designs. The single bowl sink is constructed of fireclay that is cooked under high temperatures making it scratch, chip, and heat resistant.

The large bowl design of Miyili sinks offers you all the space you need to clean your large pots. In addition, the sink becomes the centerpiece of your kitchen with its white color bringing out a complete and well-blended country design.

Cleaning this sink is easy because it features a smooth surface. With its standard drain opening, this farm sink will match any garbage disposal unit. Besides the installation, you can have the sink fixed using the flush mount or overmount design depending on what you like.

12. Empire Industries YU32 Yorkshire Fireclay Kitchen Sink with Grid and Strainer

If you are the type of person that wants enough cleaning space, the Empire sink is your best option. This farm sink is made from fireclay and ceramic and comes with a free grid and strainer.

Having undergone a tough heating process, this white fireclay farmhouse sink boasts an uncompromised strength. The intense heating also makes the pot non-porous, smooth, and heat, rust or scratch-resistant.

Maintaining this sink is easy because it has a smooth coat that also keeps it beautiful and shiny for years. Allow your kitchen to make a statement with the Empire Industries sinks.

13. Zuhne Modena Undermount Kitchen Sink Set

Zuhne farmhouse sink comes as a package of spongy caddy, scratch protector Grate, and a drain strainer. Whether your utensils are made of heavy metals or you are cleaning hot pans, this large sink will remain strong thanks to its 16 gauge top and bottom that boasts of more than 40% of steel.

Zuhne Modena sink tops the list of the quietest kitchen sinks across the globe. Also, the farmhouse sink cancels noise and vibration 2.5 better than other sinks. The unit also protects your kitchen cabinets from frozen foods. Add this sink to your kitchen and sort all your cleaning needs with ease.

14. Lordear 30 inch Black Apron Front Farmhouse Sink

Lordear Farm sink has been through the hottest kilns to build resistance against heat and hot pans or water. The ceramic kitchen unit is durable and glossy and will not take in odor or stains.

Boasting thick porcelain, the sink doesn’t make noise whenever in use. In addition, the unit has a stainless steel grid to help in draining. The grid is durable and doesn’t rust hence protecting your sink from daily wear.

You will not have to worry about blockage or struggle with cleaning because Loredear manufacturers make their sinks with a stainless steel standard drain. Unlike most farmhouse sinks, it comes with an apron and oven gloves with a thermally insulated pad.

You may install the sink on both sides depending on your preference. Lordear is the right sink for modern kitchens.

15. Elkay Classic Equal Double Bowl Sink

Elkay Classic sinks bring beauty and style to kitchens. They are strong enough to resist dents, chips, or scratches.

These sinks also withstand banging because they undergo a heating process which makes them solid and safe for any amount of heat.

Elkay sinks don’t stain and you can use water and soap to clean them. The availability of the sink in many colors is another thing that will help boost your kitchen’s appearance. They are available in gray, brown, mocha, and white.

Factors to Consider When Buying Farmhouse Sinks

Choosing a good kitchen sink might be difficult because they vary in shapes, designs, styles, and size. Here is a buying guide to help you choose good farmhouse sinks.


Size is the primary factor because sinks are available in many sizes. The best way to get the perfect sink is by considering the available space in your kitchen. It should be as the cabinets and countertops can accommodate it.

You don’t want to buy a bigger sink than your kitchen countertops. Also, it is wise to ensure that the size of the drain fits with the size of the waste outlet. If the drain doesn’t fit well in the sink, you might experience some leakages. The drain should also be big enough to clear all the cleaning waste from the farmhouse sink.


Farmhouse sinks are available in many designs and it depends on your preference. You can choose to purchase a single bowl or a double bowl unit.

The double bowl sinks are better if your family is large because the utensils might be too many for a single one. Also, your cleaning will not be messy because you will have enough space to do your cleaning. Single bowl farmhouse sinks are best for small families.


Farmhouse sinks are made with different materials. However stainless steel is the best for an under-mount sink. The material is affordable, easy to clean and maintain. The 16 gauge stainless steel is the most used because it is strong and can withstand pressure. Besides, the sink is resistant to rust, stains, and dents.


The above discussed are the best farmhouse kitchen sinks. Whether it’s a first-time installation or a home improvement project, they will add style.

They are built to last with a great finish for easier maintenance. Another incredible feature is they don’t make noise since they are padded to ensure that noise is absorbed whenever you are doing the dishes. You will also love them for the big space they offer and allow you to do the dishes with ease.

The sinks are designed to accommodate a garbage disposal area underneath them, a feature that helps to save on space. Close your search for a sink by adding any of the above to your kitchen and have all your cleaning-related needs sorted. 

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