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5 Square Fire Pit Ideas for Your Patio in 2022

The weather can be very chilly in winter. And, you don’t have to stay cooped up in your house. The best square fire pit allows you to relax and unwind in your backyard. If you love the orange glow, any of the fire pit ideas below will be a great addition to your patio.

Unlike traditional permanent fire pits, these options are portable, allowing you to move them per your needs and also for the lighter pits, you can go camping with them. The models below are efficient, versatile and well built.

Also, at the end of this reviews list, you’ll find some helpful insight on what to look for when shopping for a fire pit. Ready for some warm, cozy and memorable moments in your back, read on.

Best Square Fire Pits in 2022

1. Hiland AZ Square Propane Fire Pit

The Hiland propane fire pit is a sophisticated and affordable outdoor model. Weighing 105 pounds, this Highland pit measures 38 by 38 by 28 inches and can fit most patios perfectly.

It’s made of solid steel and has an elegant bronze finish that blends with most outdoor furniture. The bronze finish gives it a rustic look and also protects it against rust.

This square fire pit offers a 38-inch tabletop that warms a radius of up to 15 inches. The Hiland fire pit has a 40,000 BTU output and needs a standard 20lb gas tank.

Also, the manufacturer has added fire beads that sparkle in the hot flames to add a touch of elegance. Beneath the tabletop you’ll find a hidden storage compartment that you can keep your tank.

The storage has a rolling system that makes it easy to slide the tank in and out. Also, there are two doors and safety latches which come in handy for anyone with kids.

Lastly, this outdoor fireplace has a waterproof cover to protect it against weather elements.

2. Christopher Knight Crawford Square Pit

Christopher Knight is one of the most popular brands in the country. This company designs and constructs home products that are affordable and stylish.

Enjoy quiet evenings and warm yourself by the Crawford square pit. This model is one of the best outdoor fire pits and it has lots of unique features.

One; its exterior is unique and stylish. Crawford’s exterior is made of steel and magnesium oxide.

Combined, these materials ensure the pit’s durability and ensure it does not rust. The steel is shaped like stone with brown finish that gives it a realistic stone fire pit look. The Crawford square fire pit’s natural look makes it the perfect centerpiece.

Two; This patio fire pit is tall and wide enough to compliment most outdoor sectionals. Standing at 23.8 inches and 32 inches wide, it will not take up a lot of space.

But, it’s heavier than most square fire pits. It’s advisable you place it where you won’t have to move it frequently.

Another reason why you should consider this pit is its fuel consumption. It uses propane and has a storage compartment like the Hiland pit above. The Crawford uses a standard 20lb tank and has an easy-to-use ignition system.

Also, the pit comes with free lava rocks that you can use to add a burning wood look to your fire pit. With this square fire pit, your outdoor experience will be memorable and enjoyable.

3. Sunnydaze Square Wood Burning Fire Pit

If you are on a budget and love the smell of burning wood, the Sunnydaze 32 inch metal fire pit is the best option for you. This pit promises a great ambiance, warmth, and priceless moments with your loved ones. So, what features standout?

First, Sunnydaze is one of the best brands on the market so you are assured of quality workmanship and durability of your new pit. This model’s dimensions are 32 by 32 by 26 inches making it a large square fire pit.

This freestanding square fire pit offers a 9.5 inches deep bowl that can hold enough fire pit to warm a few people. It’s mesh sides allow air to flow freely and also prevents hot coal from falling. It’s freestanding design and weight makes it easy to move around.

Another feature that you’ll love is its bronze finish that not only adds a touch of style but also protects it against rust. If you love grilling, the Sunnydaze 32 inch wood fire pit comes with a large grilling grate that you can use for meats and other foods. The distance between the burning wood and grill ensures the food does not burn.

To protect you against flying sparks, this Sunnydaze square fire pit comes with a spark screen with a hook for easy lifting. Also, included is a fire poker to keep the fire going. With this Sunnydaze pit, you can enjoy the natural fire as you watch summer sunsets in your back.

4. Tacklife 50000 BTU Fire Pit

 From rectangle fire pits to heater to square fire pits, Tacklife is one of the most trusted brands in the country. Boasting of years of experience, Tacklife fire pits are some of the best options for home use.

Their 50000 BTU square fire pit is no exception. Measuring 28 by 28 by 25 inches, this fireplace is slightly smaller than the other fire pits on this list but its 50,000 BTU output ensures it can heat up mid-size and small patios.

This square fire pit is made of metal that is weatherproof. Your unit will last longer than most iron fire pits. Its table top is made of steel with a cute fence design that adds style. Also, the manufacturer has included a lid to cover the fire pit and use it as a coffee table.

This freestanding square fire pit has a storage compartment for your tank and easy to use ignition system. You’ll find the igniter on the right side of the pit where you can use the knob to light the fire and control the flames. This outdoor square fire pit will be a great addition to your backyard.

5. Fireside Pop-up Pit

If you are looking for a portable fire pit for your patio, the Fireside Pop-up portable square fire pit is great for any outdoor space; patio or camping.

The Fireside square pit is exceptionally lightweight. Weighing just 7.2 pounds it is one of the lightest fire pits on the market. Its dimensions are 24 x 24 x 15 inches, making it easy to carry.

This Fireside model is an ultra-modern square fire pit that features a stainless steel surface and four strong steel legs. The legs are foldable, allowing you to pack the pit in a bag when not in use and travel with it.

 This square wood burning fire pit has an unique burning mechanism that ensures you use less logs and produces up to 80 percent less smoke than traditional fire pits. Also, once the logs are burnt, you can spread and a ceramic grate and cook. This square fire pit is ideal for the backyard and camping.

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6. Fixkit Square Gas Fireplace

Another gas fire pit that produces a hypnotic flame is the Fixkit outdoor square fire pit.

Boasting of a unique black finish, this backyard pit will help you avoid cold and dark nights in your patio. Like the tacklife above, this large fire pit boasts of a high heat output; 50,000 BTU.

It’s flames dance hypnotically and there is no smoke to deal with. This pit can warm a small back perfectly.

The 30 inch table top is made of steel and the pit has a stainless steel chassis that is rust resistant. When not lit, you can cover the pit with a lead and transform the fire pit into a table.

Its woven design blends perfectly with outdoor furniture, especially sets made of wicker rattan. And like our top pick, the FixKit square fire pit has an electronic ignition system that allows you to control the flames.

When not in use, you can cover it with the waterproof cover that is included during shipping.

7. Bonnlo Natural Pit

Enjoy a quiet evening while reading a book and warming yourself by the Bonnlo wood burning pit. Its mechanism is closely related to the Sunnydaze, the Bonnlo is perfect for up to 8 people.

Made of steel, the frame can withstand  high temperatures and the black finish ensures it can stay in the outdoors without rusting. The manufacturer has also left enough space around the tabletop where you can place your drinks to keep them warm.

The Bonnlo square firepit has a deep 4.3 inches bowl that has drainage holes for ashes. The bowl can hold a good amount of logs so you don’t have to keep getting up to add logs. This square fire pit comes with a grill grate that you can use for marshmallows, chicken and other types of food.

 And, to protect you against sparks, you can use the square spark screen that will ship with your order.

Also, the Bonnlo  comes at a good price range, making it the best choice for anyone on a budget. With the Bonnlo, you can enjoy the natural beauty of burning logs in your back or patio.

How to choose square fire pits

The following tips will help you narrow down on the type of fire pit to order and what to check on delivery.

Type: Wood vs Propane

Which type of pit is best for your home? Which will create the results you want? To help in your search, there are a few things you need to know. One, there are two popular options of fire pits; propane or gas fire pits and firewood pits.

If you are on a budget and love to watch logs burning, you may opt for a square firewood fire pit. And if you are looking for something elegant and that’ll make the perfect centerpiece, propane or square gas fire pits are the best choice.

Also, if you are going to get a propane option, check on the type of ignition. The common types are spark, electronic and manual ignition systems.


For the durability of your fire pit, make certain the material used is durable. You have the option to choose between metal and wicker fire pits. Both are stylish and long lasting.


Generally, square fire pits are smaller compared to fire tables. This makes them ideal for patios of all sizes. Also, you can use your pit with different furniture layouts.


You also need to consider the accessories needed for a particular pit. Firewood pits need a pit screen and a poker to keep the fire going while a propane square fire pit needs lava rocks to add a natural look.

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1. How big should a square fire pit be?

The best size is between 36 to 44 inches for stone fire pits and between 28 to 36 inches for metal square fire pits. These sizes are enough to heat up your patio or backyard.

2. Do I need a square insert?

If you have a square stone fire pit, we recommend you get an insert. The best square fire pit inserts include Blue sky 36 inch square insert and the Pleasant Hearth square fire ring.

3. Do I need a square fire pit screen?

Yes, if you are using a wood-burning fire pit, you’ll need one to protect against embers. If you are using a propane fire pit, we recommend a good wind guard to protect against wind.

Final Thoughts

There is a wide range of square pits for the home patio. If you are searching for the best pit for your backyard, you need to consider the type, brands, material used and more. The fire pits above boast of quality workmanship, beautiful finish, and great ambiance. We’ve covered both propane and wood burning pits. You can’t go wrong with any of the options above.

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