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15 Shoji Screen Ideas to Divide Room 2022

A shoji screen is one of the most common features in a Japanese style living room. These screens provide a stylish and practical space. Looking to accent your living room? With many options on the market, choosing the right fit for your home can be challenging. But, we’ve got your back.

The room dividers are popular and will offer the privacy you’ll need without compromising on the amount of light in the room. Also, at the end of the post we’ll include some tips on how to choose the right panel.

Room Dividers Ideas in 2022

What is a shoji screen?

Dating back before 400 B.C, the shoji is a light folding screen that makes it easy to divide a room. Though these screens were traditionally found in Asian culture, they have been adapted into western decor.

What are shojis made of? Most options have a wooden frame with cloth (silk mostly) or paper pasted in. There are different types of Japanese room dividers including fusuma, sugido, shoji and byobu.

What are shoji screens used for?

  • Provides privacy
  • Helps with retain warmth during cold months
  • Great at noise reduction
  • Adds style to your living room furniture

Without further ado, here are the top rated room dividers.

1. Oriental Furniture Room Divider

Simple yet beautiful. This natural wood panel is one of the best ways to add privacy in your room. Available in 5 different sizes, you have the option to choose 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 panels depending with the size of the room. Made of reinforced wood and rice paper, this panel features a simple design that will blend seamlessly into any Japanese style living room. Don’t like the natural color? This design also comes in other colors; black, honey, walnut, and rosewood.

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2. Giantex Modern 4 Panels Screen

As we said earlier, shoji screens have come a long way. Most modern options are designed to be both practical and stylish. Though this folding 4 panel room divider does not look like the traditional, it fits right into your home. Made of durable paulownia wood, this modern shoji ensures your privacy and comes with built-in shelves where you can show off your decorative items, stack some books and a few potted plants.

3. Esright Folding Room Divider

Tall, dark and handsome. The Esright 6 panels room divider is one of a kind. Ideal for a large shoji room, this brown screen is made of high-quality rattan material. The rattan is woven tightly to ensure maximum privacy and because of its dark color, this panel is ideal for separating your living room and office or placing it across a window to block out light. And like the option above, it comes with built-in shelves where you can place a few collectibles.

4. Toa Panel for Living Room

Beautiful and breathtaking. If you want a head turner, this is the perfect choice. Stunning teal color and gorgeous Van Gogh almond blossoms are some of its best features. 6 panel design makes it ideal for large rooms. Frame is made of durable wood while the filling is made of waterproof material. Want to hide an unsightly area in your living room? This Japanese screen is the perfect pick.

5. Versare Large Dividers

Large spaces require large shoji screens. The Versare comes in different sizes ranging from 8.6 to 25 feet wide. And, because of its versatile hinges you can create a straight line or different shapes including ‘C’ and ‘L’. It’s large enough for office settings, bedrooms, or a large living room. This shoji divider has wheels for easy portability and is available in different colors.

6. Mygift Portable Room Divider

Looking for something rustic for your farmhouse living room? This 6-foot vintage room divider is something to look forward to. Made of durable wood, this screen is perfect for country style apartments and studios. It features smart hinges that make it easy to fold and unfold. And, weighing just 25 pounds, this lightweight room panel is easy to move around. Also, it comes with a chalkboard that enables you to craft a unique message for each day. Be your own cheer squad.

7. Oriental Cherry Shoji Rice Paper Screen

Standing at 6 feet high, this gorgeous cherry color 4 panels shoji screen is one of the most popular options in 2022. Sturdy wood frame and translucent rice paper make it one of the best options for everyday use. Beautiful floral patterns and gorgeous finish will add style and charm to any space. This room divider is perfect for small spaces.

8. Roundhill Furniture Traditional Divider

Need block parts of your shop or office? This beautiful Japanese screen should be a top contender. It’s lovely colors add style and flair to any space. Detailed black and red plum blossom art has been drawn on the white rice paper. This old-fashioned screen is lightweight and easy to move, also folds flat for easy storage. Perfect for decorating small spaces or to filter out light.

9. Jostyle Bamboo Decorative Divider

Looking for natural bamboo panels? Bamboo is one of the sturdiest materials and its products are not only long lasting but beautiful. This shoji screen comes in beige and is available in three sizes; 3 panel room divider, 5 and 6 panels. At 6.6 ft tall, it is one of the tallest options on this list, making it perfect for rooms with high ceilings. This light bamboo divider can be placed in front of a window to block out light and provide privacy.

10. Premium Wood Room Screen

Looking for modern free standing options? This distressed white wood room divider is ideal for a cottage style home or office. 4 panels design plus strong legs ensure its stability. Rustic barn door design makes it the perfect decorative piece for any modern home. Foldable at different angles to ensure maximum privacy.

11. Roundhill 4 Panels Shoji Screen

Another lightweight Japanese room divider is this option by Roundhill. Available in two different colors, this shoji comes ready to use, no assembly required. Its frame is made of pine wood material with white fabric. The frame comes in black and cherry. So, if you are looking for something simple that will provide privacy and help in distributing light in your room, shoji screens by Roundhill are some of the best on the market.

12. FDW Black Partition Screen

This large room divider is the best choice for a study room, living room, business, or bedroom. Available in 2 sizes, 4 panels and 6 panels, it comes in black which is great at providing privacy. And it comes with flexible hinges that enable you to angle it per your needs. Simple, bold and gorgeous.

13. Oriental 3 Foot White Screen

Looking for the right screen for your window? This Oriental 3 panel room divider is one of the best options. Featuring a lightweight Scandanavian spruce frame with shoji rice paper, it’s portable and price friendly. I love the brass hinges that add a touch of sophistication to its design. Adds flair to any room.

14. 2 Foot Room Partition for Home

Inspired by traditional Japanese shoji screen style, this 2 ft beauty provides 5 panels that will help block prying eyes. This elegant folding wood and paper room divider is the perfect window treatment for your home. Made of premium material, its 2 way hinges make folding and unfolding it easy.

15. RHF 6 Panels Screen

Available in black, brown, white wash, and coconut, this large option is one of the best wood room dividers. These 6 panels are made of durable wood and are freestanding. The flawless slat design ensures your privacy and also makes the screen attractive front and back. Perfect way to accent your decor.

16. ORE Traditional Style Shoji Room Partition

Create privacy with this Asian-inspired room divider. Standing at over 6 feet, this rice paper panel comes with a wood frame with a stylish checkered design. The translucent rice paper used ensures there is enough light in the room without compromising one’s privacy.

How to choose Shoji Room Dividers

  • Material used

Most of us consider style first then quality. But, with a shoji screen it should be the other way. You want something that will last. These panels are made of different materials. The traditional Japanese inspired screen is made of mulberry paper but modern versions are mostly made of rice paper. When choosing, consider the setting. For busy areas or with young kids, consider a wood screen and for places with minimal foot traffic you can go for a traditional style paper panel.

  • Style

Next consider the design of the panels. You can go for a stylish option with art on the paper or simple design. Just ensure your choice compliments your decor.

  • Size

How tall and how wide do you need your divider to be? These screens come in different sizes. Most common are 3 panels to 6 panels. Measure the area before you make your purchase. Also check on the height of the room.

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