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7 Round Fire Pit Ideas for Your Backyard in 2022

When choosing a round fire pit for your outdoor space there are three things you need to consider, the pit’s durability, performance, and portability.

The units below will help keep you warm as you enjoy quiet evenings reading a book or with company. These tables are not only versatile but also use different types of fuel including propane and wood.

And, to help you shop for the right unit, we’ve included a guide at the end of the review. In a rush? The Tiki fire pit is the perfect option for most gardens. It’s easy to light, smokeless and portable.

Best Round Fire Pits

1. Tiki Brand Round Fire Pit

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Whenever you are choosing a fire pit for your backyard, always go for trusted brands. The Tiki Brand is an industry leader and their 25 inch pit is unique and stylish.

And if you love the natural ambiance of a wood fire pit but hate the smell it leaves on clothes, you’ll love the Tiki round fire unit. Here is what we love about this garden fire pit.

One; This pit is one of the strongest on the market. Made of stainless steel, this pit can last for years. The metal is powder coated with scratch resistant and waterproof black paint to protect it against rust.

Another reason why the Tiki round pit  is a popular choice is its patented design that makes it easy to light the pit and ensures heat is distributed evenly. Also, this technology ensures there is little to no smoke and very little ash.

The manufacturer has also included a removable ash tray that collects all the ash, making cleanup easy and fast.

The Tiki uses wood but the manufacturer recommends you use Tiki wood pellets that last up to 30 minutes per bag. If you are looking for a patio fire pit that is affordable and smokeless, the Tike is the best pick.

2. Femor Gas Fire Pit

Fire pit tables are the go-to fire pits for most homeowners with wood decks. And, the Femor gas fire pit is a particularly popular choice because of its performance and stylish design. The Femor round patio fire pit costs slightly more than our top pick.

But, it has more to offer. It’s constructed using stainless steel with a sleek black finish that ensures it blends with its background.

The Femor offers a 42 inch round table top and has wide edges where you can place your drink or plate. Its fire bowl is large and has a stainless steel fire ring. To add to the pit’s beauty, this fireplace comes with blue fire glass.

The femor has a 50,000 BTU. Now, another reason why this fire table will be a great addition to your garden or patio is its dual design. When not in use, you can cover the fire bowl with its lid and transform the pit into a coffee or cocktail table.

This gas round fire place uses propane and beneath the tabletop you’ll find a hidden storage compartment for your tank.

For the ignition, this patio fire table uses an electric ignition system. This means there is no wait time. Simply turn the knob to turn it on and use it to control the flame. With the Femor outdoor propane fire pit, you’ll enjoy nights in your backyard.

3. Global Outdoors Round Wood Burning Fire Pit

Nothing beats the sound of crackling wood and a hypnotic flame dance. The Global wood fire pit allows you to experience this and more. Constructed using metal, this pit will create a welcoming ambiance in your backyard.

The inner bowl is 8 inches deep, allowing you to arrange logs per your needs. Its exterior features an exquisite bronze copper finish that gives it an classic antique look. Honestly, this outdoor round pit looks like an 1800s antique.

Also, the Global metal fire pit comes with a pit screen and poker to protect you from sparks and keep the fire going.

4. Peaktop Fire Pit Bowl

One of the best round fire pits on the market is the Peaktop fire pit bowl. Unlike traditional fire pits, the Peaktop features an ultra-modern design that will compliment your patio. To ensure its durability, the manufacturer uses lightweight concrete to construct this wood fire bowl. On the outside, the Peaktop looks like a traditional stone bowl. Its base is strong enough to support the pit with logs and is stable to keep it from tipping.

Also, this outdoor fire bowl comes with a bbq grill that allows you to roast your food while you warm yourself. This stylish round shape pit also comes with a pit screen to protect against sparks. The Peaktop concrete fire bowl takes up little space and is ideal for a patio or garden.

5. Esright Stove Bonfire

If you like the Solo Stove, you’ll love the Esright stove. This stainless steel round fire pit promises a warm and smoke-free experience.

The Esright stove is constructed using stainless steel and will require some assembling upon delivery. Assembling is easy, all you need to do is find the perfect space for your patio fire pit and use the instruction manual to assemble it.

The Esright round wood pit features a unique design. Like the Solo Stove, this pit’s combustion system includes 35 vent holes at the top and 4 vents at the bottom. These vents ensure the wood burns more efficiently and will have little to no smoke. This means you can still smell nice even after spending the evening by your fire pit.

Also, unlike a traditional metal fire pit bowl, the Esright sides consists of two walls with a vacuum in between the walls. This design makes certain the side walls does not heat up, so you are safe in case you touch the pit accidentally.

This, also, ensures the safety of your kids. So, if you are on a budget and need a one of the best smokeless and portable round fire pits, the Esright Stove is perfect for outdoor living.

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6. Christopher Knight Rodgers Pit

Christopher knight is one of the best brands for outdoor living products. This round pit has a unique stone look and is constructed using steel.

This home fire pit stands tall, 24 inches, and has wide edges so you can place your drink. The Rodgers uses propane fuel and has a 40,000 BTU output which is enough to keep up to 8 people warm.

Like the other propane round fire pits, the Rodgers has a hidden compartment for the gas tank and uses an electric ignition system so you can start and control the flames easily. With the Rodgers fire table, you can create the perfect outdoor living space.

7. Peaktop Propane Fire Pit

Another Peaktop pit to consider is the round propane fire pit. This model has a similar shape to the other model we looked at above. It is also made of concrete and weighs about 70 pounds. Its base is also wide for stability.

The main difference between this model and the previous one is the fuel type, this round fire table uses gas. A regular gas tank is enough and has a long hose. The Peaktop propane fire pit uses an electric ignition system.

This means unlike the other firewood model there is no wait time. Simply start the fire and enjoy the warmth. Also, no worrying about smoke. This gas fire pit comes with lava rocks to add that natural look and a PVC cover to protect it against rain. We also recommend you get a hideaway table for your gas tank.

Final Thoughts

How do you choose a good fire bowl? You need to consider the space in your back, brand, price, and material used.

If you prefer a round metal fire pit, ensure it comes with a screen for sparks and a poker to keep the fire going. For propane pits or round fire tables, check the round pit’s height, material used, choose between glass or lava rocks for the natural ambiance, and if the pit has a storage compartment.

The round pits above check all the boxes. We’ve looked at both gas and firewood options that light fast and pick up heat fast. You can’t go wrong with any of these options.

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