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5 Rectangular Fire Pit Ideas for Your Patio in 2022

For great laughter, good food and keeping your company warm, a rectangular fire pit is a must have. Also referred to as a fire table, a rectangle pit is a great addition to any outdoor space. A good fireplace will not only keep you warm but also add  style and elegance to your patio or backyard.

There are different types of fire pits and these options use different fuel; some use wood while others use natural gas or propane. To help you choose what is right for your yard, we review 5 most popular tables that are durable, easy to use, and affordable.

Rectangle fire pit ideas for your backyard or patio

1. Outland Living 401 Fire Pit

The Outland Living is one of the top brands that constructs top rated fire pits. Their 401 pit is what you need to complete your patio.

This rectangle propane fire unit is made of wicker, a material that is UV resistant and does well in all types of weather. Its frame is made of aluminum.

Your pit will last for years.This rectangular fire pit table is large and perfect for spacious patios. The 401 uses natural gas.

All you need is the standard 20 lb tank, which you can hide in the storage compartment. This pit comes with a spark ignition system, that makes it easy to turn on/off and control the flames.  There is a knob on its side.

Also, this coffee colored unit will blend perfectly with other furniture in your yard. We recommend you get a water resistant and UV cover for your Outdoor Living 401.

2. Umax Rectangle Outdoor fire pit

Enjoy the sunsets around the flickering flames of this Umax model. Made of black PE rattan, this Umax home pit has all the features you need to make your evenings warm and cozy.

Its black woven design makes it the perfect centerpiece. You’ll also enjoy its black tempered glass top that allows you to use it as a coffee table when the fire is off.

Another reason why this option is perfect for homes in windy places is the wind guard. This feature keeps the fire going  no matter the outdoor conditions. And like our top pick above, this unit needs a 20lb tank and has a spacious storage to keep the tank out of sight.

It also has a push ignition spark system to turn flames on/off. Like the Bali fire table, this option has a 50,000 btu output which is enough for most decks.

3. Phi Villa Rectangular Wood Burning Fire Pit

If you love the smell of wood and enjoy a good campfire, you can’t go wrong with the Phi Villa. Made using solid steel, the Phi Villa is a portable option that you can use in your backyard to create a good ambiance and keep warm.

It has a deep seating bowl where you can arrange the logs per your needs and comes with a spark screen to protect against flying embers.

Also, if you enjoy fire pit cooking, this excellent option has a large metal grate that you can use to grill meat and other foods. This retro looking firepit will be a great addition to your outdoors.

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4. Christopher knight Aidan Fire Table

Now if you want to splurge a little and are looking for a classic modern pit, this Christopher Knight model checks all the boxes.

It is  chic and elegant looking. The Aidan is available in light gray and dark gray only, so pick what’ll look awesome on your patio.

This Christopher Knight model comes with a small tank holder that you can keep the standard tanks. On the tank holder you can place a flower vase or use it as a stool. This pit offers 50,000 BTU output and is wide/long enough to keep several people warm.

It has handles that you can use to move it around. You can also add some lava rocks to give it the natural wood burning look.

5. Best Choice Fire Pit kit

If you need a bar height pit, this BestChoice 52 inch pit is the right rectangular fire pit for you. Some of the features that stand out include its design and color.

First, its classic design ensures it complements other outdoor furniture. This pit is available in two colors; gray and brown. We really like the gray colored option. It feels and looks cool.

The pit is pretty tall and large, so make sure you have enough space for it. It has a secret compartment where you can keep the gas tank. The compartment is integrated with rolling wheels that make it easy to pull it out and push it back in.

This Best choice option also includes a wind guard to protect against the winds and fire glass beads  that sparkle to add a touch of elegance. This product is also shipped with a free cover to protect it against rain.

6. Endless Summer Gas Table Outdoor Fire Pit

Endless Summer is one of the most trusted brands in the country. Their fire pits are not only affordable, they are also durable and stylish. This brown fire pit is no exception.

Like the other tables on this list, it is made of wicker, a material that is strong and does not fade. Also, the manufacturer has gone to great lengths to ensure user safety while using this unit. First, this endless Summer model has well-rounded corners and holes to ensure air flows freely to prevent overheating.

This Endless Summer unit will be a great addition to your backyard.

Pros of a Rectangular Fire Table

  • Provides warmth: A good unit will keep you and your company warm during those chilly summer nights. As you choose, consider both the shape and size, you want one that can keep everyone warm.
  • Grilling: If you enjoy roasting marshmallows for s’mores or even meat, go for a wood option. This type, such as the Phi Villa comes with a cooking grate that enables you to roast as you enjoy the evening.
  • Also, an excellent unit will complement your garden, making it the perfect centerpiece
  • Propane vs Wood: We recommend you choose what is right for you. However, It’s worth noting that propane fire pits are environment friendly.
  • Safe to use next to your chairs

Cons of fire tables

  • Most tables require maintenance
  • They are more costly


Want to stay warm during summer evenings? Fire pits are a great way to improve your landscaping, keep your company warm, and up the value of your home. Which is the perfect unit for your home? While shopping for a unit, consider the fire pits above. They are all great options for patio and any outdoor living space.

Each rectangular unit above is made of durable material, steel or rattan wicker, are stylish to complement your patio, and are affordable. Some options are tall enough to be used by a bar. So, if you are looking to transform your house, any of these options will make your day.

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