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10 Rattan Bed Frame and Headboard Ideas

Looking to spruce up your bedroom? A few months back I wanted to make a few changes in my bedroom. Add a natural look and feel to the space. I found that you can’t go wrong with a rattan bed or headboards.

If you want to make a few changes to your room, the ideas below are a great place to start. First, we’ll explore rattan panels you can get online then show you how to pull everything together to create a calming and gorgeous space. Ready to get inspired? Let’s get started.

Rattan Beds Ideas for Different Decor Styles

1. Kouboo Rattan Headboard

Measuring 60 by 58 inches, this Kouboo woven headboard is the perfect way to add boho flair to your home decor. Its size is ideal for a queen size bed.

This beautiful bed headboard is made of durable wood covered with gorgeous rattan material. This headboard is lightweight and you can easily wedge it between the frame and wall to create a classic look.

2. Nadine Natural Wood Caned Bedroom Furniture

A blast from the past, this gorgeous winged bed headboard will add a flair of the 80s to your bedroom. It has a wood frame covered with gorgeous woven material. The Nadine is lightweight and can fit queen size beds. Effortless elegance, great way to add boho style to the bedroom.

3. South Shore Lilak Queen Headboard

Looking for something to complement your farmhouse bedroom decor? This handmade headboard is perfect for country style bedrooms. Measuring 63.5 x 56.5 inches, the South Shore is made of durable wood with a beautiful basket woven pattern. Easy to install, it is a great way to add a rustic look and feel to your bedroom.

4. Creative Co-op King-size Headboard

Another rustic stunner and it has a cheery look and feel to it with its sunrise design. Available in two sizes, queen and king, this woven rattan is ligtweight and easy to sandwich between the wall and your bed frame. This board will add boho style flair to your home decor.

5. Driftwood Low Profile Rattan Bed Frames

Elegant design and affordable. This Panama Jack wicker furniture includes a headboard and footboard, and center supports. The basket woven design adds warmth to any space. Box spring is required. Round turned feet add beauty to its overall look.

6. Cypress Point Wicker Rattan Beds

Available in 3 sizes, this rattan bed is made of natural materials for durability. This wicker rattan bed needs assembling and will take you around an hour or so to put it together. You’ll love the large headboard and the gorgeous woven design that blends to the background perfectly.

Exposed wood feet elevate the bed, leaving a 4-inch underbed clearance. This rattan bed can hold up to 500 lbs. Place a gray rug underneath it to complete the look. Beautiful and affordable, perfect for the modern bedroom. 

7. Island Estate Rattan Bed Frame

An elegant space needs an elegant bed. You can’t go wrong with these rattan beds by Tommy Bahama. This bed features a wood platform with intricate woven patterns on the headboard and footboard.

Also, the wood feet feature gorgeous Roman column like carvings, making this beauty standout. This wicker rattan bed comes with 4 slats and can support up to 500 lbs. Perfect way to add rustic charm to your bedroom.

8. Madore Low Profile Wicker Bed Frames

Quality craftsmanship, beautiful design. This modern wicker bed frame is sturdy and it comes with 4 slats. Brown shade matches different decor shades perfectly while the woven patterns add intrigue to your bedroom. Large enough to fit two adults, you’ll only need a foam mattress to complete the set up. Ideal for a contemporary bedroom.

9. Tanguka Rattan Daybeds

Looking for something for your living room or patio? This wicker rattan daybed is one of the best ways to add style and functionality to your outdoors.

Ideal for both kids and adults, this rattan canopy bed is easy to assemble and comes with a retractable canopy. This multifunctional rattan bed for outdoor use will be a great addition to your home.

10. Kouboo Rattan Headboard Full

Or perhaps you’d prefer a bold dark colored option. Perfect for black and white bedrooms or a gothic bedroom, this rattan headboard has gorgeous peacock patterns.

The intricate design will make an impression on your guests if you choose to place it in your guest room. Lightweight and beautiful, this black cane headboard will match your industrial decor.

11. Halcyon Cane Headboard

The mid-century full cane headboard is a great way to add a neutral background to bold colored bedding. Crafted with breathable rattan and sturdy wood, this cane bed frame adds timeless beauty to the bedroom. This modern cane headboard is easy to install.

How to put together your wicker furniture

  • Rattan and Farmhouse for a Country Lifestyle
cane bed frame

Source: Bexinwonderland7

There is plenty to borrow from this charming bedroom. The traditional headboard made of rattan adds a gorgeous natural color to the room. I really like the buffalo plaid pillows that contrast the headboard. Place a potted plant on the small side table and beautiful wall decor to  complete the look.

  • Rattan beds to add boho charm

Source: crystal_palace_living

This curved headboard does not only add beauty to your room but also provides a place to rest your back as you watch TV or read a book. Add cream and brown bedding  and a few pillows to make your space more cozy. A great choice for anyone looking for something simple and pocket friendly.

  • Headboard idea for a farmhouse bedroom

Source: mytruthstory

If you, like me, enjoy simple white beds, you’ll love what @mytruthstory bedroom. A simple, yet beautiful wicker frame complemented by a gorgeous farmhouse floor decor. Shabby chic bedding and amazing pillows to complete the look.

  • Japandi style with wicker headboard
urban outfitters twin bed

Love a combo of japanese style bedroom and Scandinavian charm? Soft edges and low profile design give this modern cane bed an extra infusion of sophistication and luxury. If you are looking for a simple idea, be sure to borrow a few things from Scandicsofa.

Final Thoughts

Rattan bed frames or headboards are a great way to add vintage charm to your bedroom. Also, the headboards provide a place to rest your back as you read or watch TV. The ideas above will help you choose the right bed frame for your home and a few decor ideas to make your bedroom more stylish and cozy.

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