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5 Pergola Lighting Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

Pergola lighting is an excellent way to light-up your outdoors and enjoy quiet evenings while reading a good book or chatting with friends. So, which lights add some warmth, beauty to your backyard structure? Which lights are durable? 

There are many types of lighting, most popular, string lights, lanterns, and chandeliers. Have you considered lighting your pergola? This article will give you the best recommendation.  They are affordable and will give you exactly what you are looking for.

Best Pergola Lighting Ideas 

1. Hometown Evolution Lights

Create your haven with the 100 Foot G50. These pergola lights are what your need. They are made of SPT-1W wire and UL sockets. You can enjoy the glow and warmth for a maximum of 45,000 hrs that is over 15 years of use. They are ideal for both outdoor and indoor.

They are tough to elements, and you don’t need to worry about rain, sun, heat, or snow. Their watertight sockets and SPT-1W wire makes them withstand all weather. Unlike many outdoor bulbs, the Hometown Evolution don’t fade, neither do they discolor. The longevity of these lights will keep you smiling, knowing that you got value for your money. With these your evening in your pergola will be warm and comfy.


  • Durable and stylish design
  • They create a glowing ambiance 
  • Convenient and versatile 


  • Glass is fragile

2. Brightown Led G40 Outdoor String Lights

Add glamour, romance, warmth, and beauty to your yard with these lights from Brightown company. The LED G40 have a warm white color, and they are 100 in number, with each outdoor pergola light having 1 watt. The dimension of each bulb is 1.56 inches and a bulb lifespan of 2000 hrs. In case one light goes off, the others will remain working; thus, your party can still go on.

You will also love its durability and design. They are made of plastic, unlike other standard glass bulbs. The feature makes them shatterproof and water-resistant. Also because of their build, they can withstand hot temperatures, windy and rainy climates. Do you have a wedding or a birthday party coming up? Then have the LED G40 lights and let the glow keep the party rocking.


  • Weatherproof and shatterproof
  • They boast a long life span
  • 100 feet long which fits most sizes perfectly


  • Fuses are not long-lasting
  • They are too bright

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3. NOMA 2-Pack Outdoor Wall Lantern

Pergola lighting kits should be waterproof because they are for outdoor use. That’s why the Noma 2-pack Wall lanterns are the best you can have. These waterproof pergola lanterns are made of a glass material with a dimension of 6.5 x 5.5 x 10.5 inches. This material makes them strong enough to withstand harsh weather.

The Noma 2-pack wall lantern will define your structure with style and beauty. The exterior light, which faces downwards, gives a realistic seeded glass shade. On the other hand, its glamorous black finishing comes in handy in adding elegance and warmth to your yard. Moreover, they are easy and quick to install. Make your nights memorable with this pergola lantern.


  • Package includes two units
  • They have a stylish design
  • Easy to mount and offers bright lighting


  • Bulbs are bought separately.

4. Westinghouse Lighting 6339000

Transform your patio, deck with this stunning Westinghouse outdoor chandelier for pergola. The Westinghouse is made of durable metal with elegant glass bulb. Installation and mounting is easy and straight forward. Your package will include an instruction menu to guide you.

This pergola chandelier measures 27 by 24 inches and will look spectacular in your gazebo. The Westinghouse includes 6 candelabra 40 watts bulbs that provide an eye-catching illumination. Also, if your structure is smaller, you can opt for the 3 bulb chandelier .

 To save on power, this pergola lighting product is made using LED technology.  The technology allows you to also save on costs. The Westinghouse outdoor chandelier will accentuate any structure.


  • Weather resistant and perfect for outdoor use
  • Installation is easy; has instructions
  • Quality craftsmanship and gorgeous design


  • Narrow glass light covers
  • The glass coverings are fragile

5. Brightever LED RGB String Lights

If you love pop and color, the Brightever is the best pick. Boasting of over 11 colors, these will bring the party into your yard. The colors include all colors of the rainbow plus more. These lights measures 96 feet and can be strung around perfectly. Another feature that makes this lights unique is the lighting system.

 It comes with two remotes that allow you to control the lights from your seat or pergola hot tub. These dimmable option bring the best lighting for a patio, deck, or garden. You can adjust the lights to 23 different dynamic settings and leave your guests smiling. Additionally, you have the power to determine the speed or intervals for changing the colors.

The right pergola lighting should not only provide the right ambiance but also be versatile against the elements. Boasting of commercial grade wires, the Brightever can hold its grounds against rain, snow, heat and more. They can last up to 25000 hours.


  • You can sync the lights to music
  • Made to withstand all weather
  • Elevates party mood


  • Challenging to work with the remote

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6. TomCare Solar lights

If you are looking to save on costs, the Tomcare solar lights will come in handy. Solar lighting not only saves costs but it also helps in protecting the environment, reducing water wastage, allows you to get tax breaks and more. The Tomcare solar lightings consist of two units.The quality workmanship is one of the reasons these brand is popular.

The Tomcare frames are constructed from sturdy metal that is coated with rust proof paint. The finish ranges from black to bronze to white, colors that will blend with the background perfectly. Its four sides are made of polyplastic with a touch of glass effect. With these features, you can be sure to have these hanging lights on a pergola for a long time.

The flickering flame is quite eye catching. It resembles a real flame. Your yard will have a good ambiance with the warm yellow glow. Also this lighting will serve as a good alternative for candles during your romantic nights. You will not have to worry about the rains and snow. The lights are waterproof and therefore can withstand any type of weather


  • Have a unique design with flickering flames
  • Solar lighting saves on costs


  • Their batteries require frequent charging.

7. Laluz Pendant

The Laluz are the best hanging lights you can have for your outdoor space. The Laluz have an antique design and a weight of 3.5 pounds. The light can go well with all types of ceilings, and their globes have bubbles in the glass, giving it an elegant, antique look.

Installing these will not be a hustle. The package includes everything you need to assemble and install. Remember to adjust the lights to your preferred height. The end link of the lights has an easy to open screw cap that you can open and hook up to any part of the chain, thus adjusting the length. This pendant light for pergola is made of durable material and is dimmable, which enables you to adjust it according to the occasion.


  • Easy to install and height adjustable
  • Compatible with all ceiling types
  • Rustic design blends perfectly with most home themes
  • Enclosed so birds won’t get stuck


  • Lights not too bright

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8. BHCLIGHT 2 Pack Solar String Lights

Give life to your yard with these lights from Seatop lighting. The lights are perfect for both outdoor and indoor, adding a decorative touch. They can serve you for 10 to 12 hours once you charge them fully. These copper lights for pergola are easy to untangle. Additionally, you can get creative with the light and fix them in any design you desire. They look great when wrapped around posts or across the canopy or draping down your sheer curtains.

Your romantic dinners and parties will be something to look forward to thanks to the control buttons . The buttons helps you select up to 8 different modes to meet your lighting needs. Also, this option has a built-in memory chip that saves your lighting mode so you don’t have to set the mode again the next time you switch them on.


  • They are solar-powered hence no elec bill
  • Integrated with quick charging technology
  • Great party and romantic dinner lights
  • Available in blue, white, purple and multi-color


  • They don’t have a remote

9. Leonlite Hardscape Paver Light

Leonite Hardscape Paver outdoor pergola light is the best pergola lighting ideas to complete your deck, patio, gazebo. They are ETL listed and boast a modern stylish look. The lights are made of aluminum material with a rust resistant finish. They are waterproof so you can use them without any issues. You can have your yard lit even when it is raining. With a lifespan of 40,000 hrs, you are guaranteed to get value for your money.

The Leonlite are versatile. You can use them to light barbecue fire pits, flowerbeds, retaining walls, and decks. The lights have a cuttable stainless steel plate, which allows you to adjust the width to your preference. Additionally, they are easy to install and come in three different colors so you can choose what best suits your home décor.


  • Corrosion and IP65 water-resistant 
  • Ideal for temperatures up to 104 degrees F
  • 40000 hours life span


  • Expensive lighting kits

10. Sumaote Wifi Deck Lights Kit

The Sumaote wifi lights for outdoor are one of the best options on this list. This lighting kit option stands out for various reasons. One, you have 6 options to choose from. You can choose a package with one light, 6 lights, 10 pieces, 20, 30 and 50 pieces. Two, these are wifi enabled and compatible with most smart devices. You can also voice control them via Alexa.

Three, the Sumaote are available in different colors; you can choose your favorite color. Also are IP67 waterproof and can be synced music, transforming your home into a dance floor.


  • Respond to voice command via Alexa
  • Energy-saving and wifi enabled to control via smartphone
  • Timer controlled


  • Require more extension wires

The above options are the best pergola lighting ideas. These hanging lights well-built, easy to install and control and save on energy. Some of them are solar-powered, and others are made using the LED technology. These pergola lighting kits provide quality lighting. Having any of these options on yard or garden is a sure way of enhancing the look of your outdoor living space. We hope you’ll find right lights for your home here.

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