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13 Oversized Floor Mirror Ideas in 2022

Looking for an oversized floor mirror to decorate your space? Wall mirrors and paints are great decor pieces. But, if you want something that is multifunctional, go for an oversized leaning floor mirror.

Interior designers recommend this type of decorative mirror because it not only helps fill empty spaces but also allows you to take a quick look at yourself before heading out. Sounds like a win win.

Wondering which mirror to choose? We’ve got your back. Below we explore over a dozen mirrors that will help you maximize natural lighting in any room. Here are the best oversized floor mirrors for a unique living space.

Extra large floor mirror ideas in 2022

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1. Upland Oaks Oversized Floor Length Mirror

You can’t go wrong with this Upland Oaks mirror. Standing at 65 inches and 21 inches wide, this large mirror features a chic modern design. It comes with an iron frame for durability and is made of shatter resistant glass.

Another reason why you should consider this full length silver mirror is its easy to install. Weighing just 40 pounds, you can place it next to the console table or hang it horizontally on your wall. The Upland Oaks is strong and offers crystal clear reflection.

2. NeuType Leaning Floor Mirrors

Another easy way you can style your modern living room is setting up this black mirror. Depending on the size of the room, you can choose from the various sizes this brand offers. If you are looking for a piece that is larger than our top pick, we recommend you go for the 71 by 34 inches offered by this brand.

From silver to black, it comes in aluminum alloy frames of different colors. I really like the black option, which goes well with different decor styles. Lean this large full length mirror on a wall next to your rustic tv stand to complete the country look.

3. Openuye Oversized Leaner Mirror

The Openuye leaning floor mirrors are a truly versatile option for copper free decorative mirror. With a height of 70 inches, this floor mirror offers realistic images so you can apply makeup and adjust your outfit with ease. And unlike cheap leaning floor mirrors, it is made of strong multi-layer glass so you dont have to worry about its durability.

This oversized standing mirror is coated with anti-rust treatment and has a thick frame. These gorgeous leaning floor mirrors can be used in the bathroom, living room and bedroom.

4. NeuType Full Length Mirror with Lights

If you are looking for something truly unique, you can’t go wrong with this leaning floor mirror with lights. NeuType is one of the leading brands on the market and their floor mirrors are worth every penny. Standing at 65 inches, there are three reasons why it is the perfect choice for you.

One, it comes with a strong aluminum frame so durability is guaranteed. Two, it’s made of shatter-proof glass coated with silver nitrate material.

Three, unlike our other leaning floor mirrors, this unit by NeuType is enclosed in a light trough. The led lights have a lifespan of up to 3 years and are dimmable. Easily lean it next to your nightstand or next to your bathroom door.

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5. Twing Full Length Mirror with Jewelry Storage

Twing, one of leading brands in jewelry storage solutions today, has designed this oversized mirror with stand. What’s unique with this option is its a mirror on the front with a jewelry armoire on the back.  Talk of a space saving design. The floor mirror allows for head to toe view and is made of high quality material.

For the jewelry armoire it’s spacious. I really love what it offers. The twing leaning floor mirrors offer spaces for up to 90 earrings, 32 necklaces, 48 studs, eyeliners, and more.

And most importantly, it has an internal mirror  so you don’t have to use the external mirror while changing your earrings. Also, the Twing can rotate 360 degrees for easy usage. This large oversized mirror comes in white and brown.

6. Vingli Gold Oversized Leaning Floor Mirror

Add a touch of sophistication to your room with this wide oversized leaning floor mirror. The Vingli measures 65 by 20 inches. I like that I can see myself from head to toe in one go.

The large  rectangle frame is made of rust-resistant metal coated with gold paint. Its rounded edges add a touch of elegance to its design.

This large mirror also features a foldable bracket. The stand allows you to place it anywhere in the room or remove it and hang the mirror on the wall. Large, explosion proof, and beautiful, this oversized leaning floor mirror will look awesome in your home.

7. Naomi Home Vintage Leaning Floor Mirrors

Looking for a large rustic mirror? Your farmhouse decor could benefit from the Naomi Home vintage stand up mirror. The thick wood frame (barn style look) is a statement piece, not to mention it complements different decorative themes.

The 66 x 32 mirror is covered with a thin membrane of explosion proof material. Ideal for any room, this large mirror will add style to your home.

8. Naomi Home White Floor Mirror

White leaning floor mirrors are the perfect way to add a flair of sophistication to your room. Standing at a height of 63 inches, these mirrors by Naomi Home come with a unique faux frame that is thick to protect this oversized mirror from chipping.

We love the tufted design on the frame that adds Hollywood glam to its overall look. This 32 pounds large mirror is easy to incorporate into any room. Super affordable, nice size, and a unique piece of art.

9.  Mayeerty Wood Leaning Floor Mirrors

If you are looking for an antique floor mirror with thick frame, we recommend the Mayeerty decorative wall mirror. Exuding vintage charm, this oversized leaning floor mirror comes in various sizes allowing you to pick one that is ideal for your room.

Weighing just 20 pounds, it’s one of the lightest full body mirrors in this reviews list. This farmhouse mirror will look awesome in your bedroom.

10. Ogcau Arched Oversized Floor Mirror

This Ogcau arched mirror screams style with its unique arched design. With hundreds of positive reviews, you can’t go wrong with this glass piece. Instead of using copper, the manufacturer uses silver and covers it with a shatter-proof membrane.

The adjustable back brackets make installation easy and makes it easy to put this oversized leaning floor mirror in any room.  

11. Onxo Oversized Leaning Floor Mirror with Stand

To spice up a black wall, use the Onxo large silver mirror. With its thin frame and stand at the back, it is ideal for the living room, bathroom, cloak room or bathroom.

The full body Mirror is made of 5 different layers for durability while the aluminum frame has polished edges to protect against chipping. You can install it in three different ways, one, lean it against the wall, two use the stand or hang it horizontally on the wall.

12. Umbra Hub Mirror for the Modern Home

For something simple yet classic, this silver mirror by Umbra is the perfect piece. Coming in bold black color, its oval frame is unique and intriguing.

Creatively designed, this oversized leaner mirror features a rubber frame to protect your floors with a wood ladder stand on its back. If you plan to keep it in your living room, the ladder is a great place to hang your quilts.  This extra large floor mirror will look awesome in your house.

13. Lvsomt Full Length Mirror With Storage for Clothes

Our last pick is something most men will appreciate, a floor mirror with storage! Made of high quality wood, the Lvsomt freestanding mirror has beautiful rounded corners and measures 65 inches high. Other features you’ll love included the clothes rack for your coats, shirts and more, multifunctional base, and built-in wheels.

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