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Outdoor kitchen pergola Ideas in 2022

An outdoor kitchen pergola turns out to be most people’s favorite joint in a home. Having an outdoor kitchen within your pergola would be the best idea because it brings the joy of eating outside. An outdoor kitchen serves more than a cooking place. It gives you a backyard of fun where your family gets to bond as they await the meat in the grill to cook.

Having your kitchen outside will also save you from smoke as the wind blows it away. There are many pergola kitchen designs to choose from for your outdoor room. In this article, we shall share with you some amazing outdoor kitchen designs and pergola ideas. You will learn different ways of how your pergola outdoor kitchen can add up as an enhancement of outdoor living.

Whether you have a big or small pergola, the ideas will give you a kitchen island within your home. Also, the ideas will make it easy for you to host visitors in your outdoor space. The ideas are mainly what you need to have to complete your outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor kitchen pergola Ideas in 2022

Outdoor kitchens Must-Haves

1. Storage drawers

pergola kitchen drawers

Every pergola kitchen needs drawers for storage, most of which are in cabinet form. However, drawers come in handy in storing kitchen essentials, especially the smaller ones. They also save your time and energy since you don’t have to run to the house whenever you need a measuring can. 

Additionally, drawers bring out the best outdoor kitchen designs for an outdoor patio. If you like doing food outside, adding a set of dishes in your drawers or cabinets will be a plus to your Al fresco dining room.

2. Pizza oven

pizza oven

A pizza oven is among the best outdoor kitchen ideas to consider. Your family will always look forward to a pizza night and get under the bright stars. Pizza ovens can be portable or fixed. If you have a small outdoor space, then the later will be best for you.

If you like stylish stuff, you can consider having a wood-fired pizza oven because it is impressive and will enhance your patio kitchen’s look. The good thing with pergola pizza ovens is that they are versatile, and therefore, you can use them to roast meat in your pergola as you enjoy the summer holiday.

3. Double grill

outdoors double grill (1)

Grilled food is best enjoyed in an outdoor living space, and having one will be a plus for your outdoor pergola kitchen. Some grills are built to use both charcoal and gas; thus, you can enjoy their versatility.

Considering a double grill means you can grill meat on one side and bread on the other side. It is best if you have a vegetarian in your family or you are hosting a vegetarian. Most people who don’t eat meat dread anything cooked on surfaces that had meat. This grill will ensure that nobody is left out in the backyard party. Double grills are designed to make your cooking easy.

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4. Bar

A bar in your outdoor kitchen is critical, especially if you love enjoying some drinks in an outdoors room. It is among the most crucial outdoor kitchen ideas because it enhances your comfort. An outdoor bar will conveniently hold your liquor bottles and save you from holding them in your hands.

You can have a bar with an installed bottle opener and a catcher for bottle tops. This will ensure that your pergola outdoor kitchen is tidy since the bottle tops won’t be scattered. Additionally, it will be easier for you to make cocktails for your family, with everyone being entertained with an outdoors bar.

5. Smoker

backyard grill smoker
backyard grill smoker

Having a smoker in your outdoor kitchen will jump-start your cooking. You will agree with me if you are a chef. Smokers are used for cooking various foods, not only meat.

Having a smoker in your pergola will provide your visitors with a chance to enjoy some finger-licking foods. It is one of the appliances that you should not miss in your outdoor kitchen for pergolas. Smokers are available in different sizes, but the design of your kitchen matters also.

6. Refrigerator

patio refrigerator
patio refrigerator

A refrigerator is among the must-have appliances for many people with outdoor kitchens. If you have enough pergola space, it is important to have a fridge. You can use it to store salads, fruits or vegetables in your pergola. This will save you from going to the house and returning as you have everything within your reach.

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7. Beer dispenser

outdoor kitchen beer dispenser
outdoor kitchen beer dispenser

You can’t afford to miss a beer dispenser or wine cooler in your outdoor kitchen; however, how you intend to use your pergola matters. Beer dispensers for pergolas are designed to enable you to serve beer easily and beat the scorching summer sun in your garden.

It is also a classic way of saving on the amount of beer being taken as it serves small amounts of drinks. Beer dispensers are also perfect for adding a touch of style to your pergola or deck and making it an oasis of fun.

8. Outdoor Sink

outdoor sink

Having a sink in your outdoor kitchen pergola is incredible. It provides you with easy access to running water. On the other hand, a sink serves as a cleaning area for utensils as you continue entertaining your guests. The convenience that comes with an outdoor kitchen sink is unbeatable.


dining chairs for deck
dining chairs for deck

Lastly, it’s important to included furniture such as a classic patio dining set, a beautiful roof to cover your structure, and a modern entertaining system.

Materials to be used in an outdoor space

The material you choose for your outdoor kitchen should withstand tear and wear. Plywood or polymer sheets would be a perfect choice for your outdoor kitchen cabinets, more so if it is not covered.

These two are beautiful, waterproof and durable and will give your pergola or patio a unique look. Polymer will also make your outdoor kitchen pergola look more modern. Both plywood and polymer don’t swell or rot even when exposed to damp environments. They also look impressive to your guests.

Stainless steel serves well in making outdoor kitchen appliances and countertops. This material is perfect, especially for an open pergola, because it can withstand many elements, including a scorching sun and rain Stainless steel can also be used on a  kitchen sink. Outdoor kitchens whose countertops are made of stainless steel are also eye-catching.

Don’t use any porous tiles on the floor. This is risky, especially when they become wet due to water and cooking oil, making them greasy. You can easily fall and hurt yourself. Concrete, natural stone and ceramics are the best materials for an outdoor kitchen floor. All of them are slip-resistant and easy to clean.


The above discussed are the best ideas for an outdoor kitchen pergola. Having all the accessories and appliances will transform your backyard and make it everyone’s favorite joint at home. A good outdoor kitchen should give convenience and be impressive. Enhance your outdoor kitchen pergola with these ideas and make your home a haven.

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