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18 Stylish Navy Kitchen Cabinets Ideas and Images

Blue is a calming color. And, after the hustle and bustle of the day, I prefer to rest my eyes on this gorgeous color. If you are looking to remodel your kitchen, consider installing navy kitchen cabinets.

To help you choose the right style, size, and more, we’ll explore some blue cabinetry ideas below. So whether you are looking for traditional ideas or modern options, you’ll definitely find an idea for your home here.

Best Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets in 2022

1. Combine Blue Cabinets with Grey Countertops for a Modern Kitchen

Create a space brimming with personality with navy cabinetry highlighted by grey countertops. Gorgeous white cabinets also brighten this space. Tile backsplash and white tiles set the tone for this modern kitchen space. An undermount sink is perfect for this space.

2. Draw attention to the backsplash

navy cabinetry

Over the last few years, most homeowners have opted to install base cabinets only for smaller kitchens. These louvered cabinets feature a beautiful blue finish paired with the rustic floor do an excellent job of adding farmhouse charm to this space. Gorgeous kitchen lighting pendants to light the space.

3. Mix and Match Rustic and Navy


traditional kitchen cabinets

Blue and Brown might not be your first choice when remodeling your kitchen. But, this creator did an excellent job combining the two. Cabinet plus drawers offer enough storage space while the brown top adds rustic look and feel.

4. Navy Blue cabinets on Brick Wall

blue paint for kitchen cabinets

Source: Fredrickgeorgekitchens

If you are looking for a bold color and design, you can’t go wrong with this dark blue color. This gorgeous finish has been teamed up with brown and white to create a gorgeous family space. Large cabinets with glass doors are a great way to showcase your favorite stemware

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5. Open Cabinets for a Light-filled Kitchen

blue cabinet colors

Source: Studioblackinteriors

This modern looking kitchen design is ideal for those with high ceilings. Whilst most people would opt not to have the dining table, we like that the creator included it because it beautifully complements the wood shelf and barstools. Floral backsplash teams up with the kitchen plants above, giving life and soul to the space. Best way to decorate a modern navy kitchen.

6. Navy Kitchen Island with Cabinets

dark blue cabinets

Source: runcis_at_no9

The light walls help brighten the room. And the designer has used a darker shade of paint on the kitchen island compared to the kitchen cabinets. Open shelves at the back add country charm and allow you to add a few planters to the room. Industrial counter stools add functionality to the room.

7. Blue and White

best blues for kitchen cabinets

When designing this kitchen, theharveyhome said that they were hesitant about the dark navy color. But, after the job was done, they loved the results and so do we. And to contrast the dark color, he added bright tops that ensure light is spread evenly across the room. Grey hardware adds industrial charm to the room.

8. Modern Farmhouse Kitchen with Navy Cabinets

sherwin williams naval cabinets

Source: devinicholestanley

From the gorgeous geometric kitchen lighting hanging above to the farmhouse sink to the kitchen rug, there are easy ideas to borrow from this space. But, we were keen on navy cabinetry. Clean cut lines, beautiful dark color makes this design standout. White countertop complements the navy color. Perfect for an open plan house.

9. Farmhouse White with Navy Blue

best benjamin moore blue for kitchen cabinets

Source: mc_Carthy_kitchens

Farmhouse decor style has made a strong come back. And, to create a more chic space, we recommend you combine country vibes with navy color. Gold cabinet drawer pulls add color and charm to the dark cabinets. Brown countertops lend traditional rustic charm to this beautiful space. 

10. Add a Classic Clean Look to Your Kitchen

Source: _studiogemma_

Contemporary cabinets are plain looking. But, this inspiration by Studiogemma shows how you can style this type of cabinet. To brighten the navy color, add white tops and shelves. For the dining table or island, a large table with a drawer is a great option. Silver knobs are a great way to add color and make it easy to close and open the cabinets.

11.  Small Navy Kitchen Ideas

sw naval kitchen cabinets

Source: selfbuild_northernireland

Sometimes your open plan home needs color without being too extreme. Navy color is a great way to show off your personality and boldness. For a small kitchen, borrow this awesome idea. Marble counter allows for a seamless transition between the top and bottom cabinets. Counter Height barstools complement this style.

12. Dark Blue Cabinetry for a Classically Decorated Home

Source: doingup_ourhouse

Navy stained cabinetry combined white tops gives this cooking space a modern vibe. Sarah, the designer of this gorgeous space, has ensured the space feels cozy and airy with the white backsplash. Built in liquor cabinet is the perfect place for your favorites.

13. Stylish Navy Kitchen with Industrial Vibes

blue paint for kitchen

Source: homebasekitchenscraigav

Want to make your early mornings enjoyable? Making coffee in this Navy blue kitchen will be a treat. The two toned cabinets offer enough space to organize your cooking area. You can personalize your navy blue cabinets with different color hardware

14. Antique Style White and Navy Kitchen

Source: godesignauthority

Navy blue color gives this all sophisticated kitchen visual interest. The cabinetry give this home a traditional country vibe and to break the monotony of the white color, the designer has painted some cabinets navy. Gold door pulls give them a million-dollar look.

15. Add Depth and Height with Dark Cabinets

dark navy paint

Source: keslighting

This gorgeous cooking space by Keslighting combines navy blue cabinetry with bright tops. Silver knobs and barn style lights overhead add a brightening contrast.  Kitchen plant enhanced the kitchen’s vibe.

16. Small Kitchen with Forest vibes

naval paint color

Source: mo.and.the.jungle.shelf

Here is a great way to add soul and life to your kitchen. After installing the navy cabinets, mo.and.the.jungle.shelf added a few potted plants on the open shelves above. Great way to draw people’s attention upward

17. Dark Blue Cabinets in an L-shaped Kitchen

navy gray paint

Source: renovatingat_24

Dark blue cabinetry adds beauty to this l-shaped cooking area. Rounded edges ensure your little ones are safe when in this space while the large windows provide enough light to the kitchen. Drawers plus cupboards provide enough storage space.

18. Navy Kitchen Cabinets for a Rectangular Kitchen

hale blue

Source: our_houseymchousehouse

For a stylish and chic cooking space, consider this design by our_houseymchousehous. We love how the cabinets are large, providing enough space. Another stylish element you can borrow from this space is the gorgeous herringbone flooring design.

How to care for your Navy Kitchen Cabinets

Lastly, here are a few ways to keep your navy blue cabinets clean:

  • Use vinegar and warm water to clean extremely greasy surfaces
  • For deep cleaning you can use a combo of baking soda and vinegar solution to clean your navy blue kitchen decor.
  • Have a specific soft towel for cleaning your cabinets
  • Avoid excessive moisture in your cooking area
  • Always polish the metal cabinet hardware

Final Thoughts

What color countertop goes with navy cabinets?

White, sky blue, or rustic countertops look great in a navy kitchen. If you want a dark kitchen, you can always go for black tops.

Will navy cabinets go out of style?

No, navy blue cabinets will always be in style as long home owners go for bolder colors.

Is Hale Navy too dark for kitchen cabinets?

For the perfect look, interior designers recommend you pair this bold navy color with glossy or matte countertops to brighten your cooking space. 

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