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11 Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas for 2022

Farmhouse style kitchens have made a big come back. And if you are looking to renovate your kitchen, this decor style could be what you need to transform your space into a warm and comfy space for good conversations and wholesome meals.

If you are into rustic, warm and chic decor, you’ll love the ideas below. From distressed tables to shabby chic wall decor, we’ve got something for everyone. To make it easier, we’ll start from the top (lighting) to the floor (rugs). By the end of this post you’ll have some ideas on how to transform your kitchen to a space you and your family will enjoy for years.

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas in 2022

1. Country style Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen lights come in different shapes and designs. From industrial pendant chandeliers to rustic ceiling lights, there is plenty to choose from. Here are a few examples you can choose for your country kitchen.

farmhouse kitchen decor

Source: @hidden_pond_homestead

This mason jar chandelier with a mix of industrial versatility and rustic charm will not only brighten your space but also add some intrigue. Each mason jar can fit a standard size bulb that provides good lighting so you can prepare your food, eat hearty meals, and enjoy good conversations around your kitchen counter.

chandelier for farmhouse

Source: delaney_brothers_contracting

Instead of a chandelier, you can opt for some barn style pendants. Casual simplicity, breathtaking elegance is what this lighting design offers. These round lights are suspended from the top using a strong thick pipe. And because they do not provide enough light, you can add a few recessed ceiling lights. The gorgeous white wooden island top reflects the light, ensuring your kitchen farmhouse is well lit.

2. Wall Decor Ideas for Farmhouse Kitchen

Here are some simple ways to bring life and soul to your kitchen walls.


There are various types of cabinets available. Good cabinets should be functional and stylish. Here are a few inspirations.


Beautiful gray  wall mounted cabinets complement the rich white countertop. Their gold handles match the gold faucet. Sturdy and stylish, they’ll provide enough space to store your herbs and more.

Farmhouse kitchens are famous for their white decor. We love this white cabinetry that hugs the ceiling. To display your glassware, you can opt for one cabinet to have glass doors.

While looking for the perfect wall cabinets, pay attention to the material used. Ready-to-assemble cabinets or RTAs are the perfect option for anyone looking for pre-built cabinets. Also, depending on your decor, you can go for frameless or framed cabinets.

kitchen farmhouse

Source: @willowbloomhome

Love baking? This Mama’s baking sign will look at home in your kitchen. Made of durable, rust resistant metal, the large white letters are easy-to-read and will add soul to your room.

kitchen signs

Source: @leafandknot

Need something clever and kinda naughty? This farmhouse kitchen sign is a good way to display your sense of humor. It’ll also blend seamlessly with other kitchen decor.

Lest they forget why they come into your kitchen! This home decoration will leave a great impression on your guests. This popular sign comes in different sizes so you can pick what best suits your home.

Floating shelves

Built-in open shelves are the ideal place to keep your herbs and other things you need to reach quickly. You can also add some utensil holders. Check these popular styles.

Three tier floating shelves  provide plenty of space for your spice jars and more.

farmhouse shelves

Long floating shelves boasting of natural wood finish and hooks to hang your pans and pots

3. Farmhouse Kitchen Island

Three ways to do this; You can go the DIY way and build a kitchen island from scratch, have experts build for you or buy one. Whatever you decide, ensure the size can fit your kitchen. Here are some inspirations.


A large kitchen could benefit from this beauty.  This traditional rectangular island offers a large space to prepare your meals and place some furniture around it. Wood used in construction is durable. Laminate countertop looks gorgeous.

rustic kitchen island

Handsome and rustic. This wood kitchen island will complement your farmhouse kitchen decor. Large enough to accommodate up to 5 people, it’s perfect for prepping meals or doing homework. Farmhouse lighting complements the island.

cottage kitchen

Source: vvkinteriors

For a small kitchen, opt for a small portable kitchen island with drawers to keep your items. Available in different designs and colors, will be a great addition to your home.

Counter stools

To enjoy your new kitchen island, you need a sturdy set of kitchen stools. Counter top stools come in various designs and materials. Here are a few farmhouse kitchen stools ideas.

counter stools

Create a comfy space with these rustic low back counter stools. Sturdy splayed legs with a metal foot rest for ultimate comfort. Beautiful polyester upholstery feels soft and is easy-to-clean and the foam padding for comfort.

Looking for something unique? These sculpted backless counter chairs will add rustic charm and intrigue to your farmhouse kitchen.

A high back counter stool is more comfortable compared to low or backless options. Wood base ensures the chair’s stability  while the curved back provides ultimate comfort.

4. Furniture

Depending on the size of your kitchen, you may or may not need a dining table. Here are a few ideas to make your search for the ideal dining table easier.

farmhouse table

A small round white table could be what your kitchen is craving for. Can sit two people with enough space for a food tray and more.

country dining seating

Ideal for large kitchens, this farmhouse table can sit up to 10 people. You’ll love its rich brown color and with the barn style lights above you’ll create a breathtaking space.

Scandinavian inspired chairs and a large round table to create an inviting space. Large rug makes the space even more appealing. A white pitcher with artificial flowers is a great way to decorate this farmhouse furniture piece.

Some decorations you can use on your farmhouse kitchen table include potted plants, ceramic vases, table run, candles and more.

5. Floor

Your floor needs a good farmhouse rug. From small washable mats to large rugs for your dining table, there are plenty of ways to keep your feet warm while working around your country kitchen. Here are some rug ideas.

Mid-sized rug to add bohemian charm to your room. Allows you to work barefoot around your cooking and cleaning area.

Add Moroccan vibe to your kitchen with a long rug.

farmhouse mat

Looking for a way to tone down your decor? A large earth tone fluffy mat is a great way to add some color to your home.

Here are a few more farmhouse kitchen decor ideas

6. Kitchen window blinds

kitchen blinds

If you love DIY projects, this clever window blind will not only provide privacy but add style to your farmhouse style decor.

Don’t like blinds? You can opt for a kitchen curtain or valance. There are different designs to choose from.

7. Greenery for some color

Two ways to add some greenery to your kitchen. One, you can grow herbs in containers in your kitchen.

kitchen plants

Two, through artificial plants.

artificial home decor

7. Others Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Items

farmhouse kitchen decorations

There are plenty of decor items to pick from this image. A white pitcher for your artificial flowers, car collectibles and more.

8. Beautiful way to welcome your guests. Include a potted plant for a pop of color and some souvenirs that’ll be great conversation starters. 

9. If you don’t have young kids around you can place ceramic decorative plates on your wall. It’ll give character to your walls.

home flowers

10. Flowers are the best way to add life to your farmhouse kitchen decor

11. Place a rustic fruit stand on your countertop to keep fruits and veggies fresh.

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