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12 Best Man Cave Coffee Tables Ideas in 2021

Looking for a manly table for your private space? When we moved there was a shed at the back that I decided to make it my own.

You know a place I could have the guys over and enjoy a cold beer over a good game without any interruptions! Getting the right furniture was somewhat challenging. I wanted something simple but masculine. Not like all those living room coffee tables stuff.

A friend recommended the gaming coffee table below. I did a little digging and liked the reviews and went for it. Long story short, if you are looking for something solid, this is it. But, If its not for you, there are other great options below including a bear shaped man cave coffee table that my buddy has.

Stunning Man Cave Coffee Table Ideas

1. Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table

Foosball has been one of the staple games in many clubs and hangout joints. You can bring in the fun straight to your man cave with the dual-purpose foosball coffee table. When your friends come over, you will just lip open the cover and enjoy some fun together.

The elegant piece of furniture is a made from matured, rich sold hardwood construction. Care has been taken to give the table some rich accents. The detailing is made possible through the hand-carving skills of the expert woodcarvers.

In addition, the foosball playfield is furniture grade and comes with inlaid veneers that are painted by hand. There is also a functional shelf at the bottom of the table where you can store your media items such as the CDs and books.

True Foosball Gaming Experience. The game has enough space to support both the blue and red team. There are three wooden handles on each side, which handle both teams in all ways. Besides, there is a stainless steel ballreturn mechanism that returns the ball to play from either side of the table.

To keep a record of the scoring for each side, here are wooden scoring beads on either end of the table. You do not need to open the glass cover to play the game. Your friends can even place drinks on the table and continue with the game.

Besides, the table has telescopic rods, adjustable leg levelers, and octagonal handles for a comfortable gaming experience.


  • The table doubles up as foosball game and coffee table
  • Solid hardwood construction that comes with hand-carved detailing
  • Elegant accents with a tapered design
  • A functional shelf along with a tempered glass top

2. Haring Square Rotating Wood Coffee Table

Ordinary coffee tables are boring. That is why some innovation, like the rotating wood coffee table, would look great in your man cave. This feature will come in handy when passing on drinks to the lazy friend on the other end of the table.

It gives your man cave an awesome 60s vibe and a unique feel that becomes the focus of your room. In addition to this feature, the table has a solid construction in the whole structure. You have a choice of various color choices such as black, grey, and stained varieties.

This table requires assembly. However, there is minor assembly required. Instructions for doing the same will be included in your shipment.

If you find the table too low, you may purchase some risers to give it some clearance above the ground. The rotating mechanism does not require any oiling to keep it working right.


  • A contemporary design that connects the 60s vibe with modern designs
  • A functional and unique rotating mechanism
  • Solid construction from oak
  • Black oak that matches with most of your man cave décor
  • Maintenance-free rotating mechanism


  • It is quite low and may require risers
  • It is quite heavy and requires utmost care when carrying it

Overall, this table offers bot the style and functionality you need in your man cave. You can even have two if you have a larger space in the living room. Some men also use the table as a centerpiece or part of décor in other parts of the mancave.

3. Merihill Rustic Man Cave Coffee Table

Your man cave requires a table that is both functional and stylish table, especially in cases where you have limited space. The Merihill coffee table is a two-piece coffee table set that combines style with sophistication and luxury.

The first piece is a faux leather upholstered storage ottoman that you can slide neatly under your coffee table. This ottoman comes with casters to aid in movement and storage compartments where you can store your stuff with ease. The other piece is a faux marble tabletop with space underneath to slide the storage ottoman.

The table and ottoman are made from a combination of natural hardwood, veneers, and engineered wood. The table has a polyurethane finish that gives a glossy look. The sides are applied with a warm wood finish to give the paneling a luxurious feel. Polyurethane finish gives the table a granite-like look while the upholstered ottoman has a leathery feel to it.

The rich dark brown color gives the coffee table a luxurious look. Its detailing leaks with sophistication. The warm finish finishes of with cute looks. It is a perfect coffee table-cum-game table for your guests at the man cave.

You would need to assemble the coffee table. However, it does not require any technical knowledge or several tools to accomplish. The instructions on the assembly are included in the delivery box.


  • The easy-to-store to piece design
  • Double functionality as the table and ottoman
  • A classic luxurious look for the tabletop and ottoman cover
  • Quality finish with the use of warm wood finish and plank-style side paneling
  • This is the table for any man who would like to show off class, prestige and has an eye for quality, and style.

4. Lift-top Coffee Table in Cherry Finish

The Lift-top table is another piece that furniture that provides practical benefits to your mancave. It has a stylish cherry finish that works well with dark or neutral style in many rooms.

The top is made of a combination of hardwood and cherry veers. This man cave end table is sturdy and will handle regular use without damage. The top is also not susceptible to scratches with correct use.

Besides, it comes with a lift top mechanism that extends the top of your table, such as in the aces where you need to do some work standing or as a cocktail table. It is a perfect complement for sofa and Logan tables. This feature is operated by a set of metal gears and does not need any oiling to work right.

The table also has a bottom shelf where you can store your magazines and those novels that you love reading. It has a big space should fit your CDs and other media items that you could be having.

The casual design coupled with brown finish gives the table an appealing luxurious look that enhances the overall style of your man cave.

What we like

  • Luxurious, warm finish that gives the table a dark appealing glow
  • Casualstyling that works well with a variety of sofa designs
  • Large storage at the bottom of the table
  • The list mechanism that offers convenience when you need to use a higher platform
  • Ease of assembling the table

5. Tucson Espresso Leather Tufted Top Coffee Table with Drawer

Tucson Espresso coffee table combines the allure of the simple Tucson dark table with the appeal of leather to provide some rustic beauty for your man cave.

This mens coffee table is upholstered with high quality espresso bonded leather with tufts that give it an ottoman look. There are no buttons used on the tufts. However, do not use it as a seat as it is not strong enough to handle the body weight.

In addition, it has a hidden side drawer where you can keep your remotes, magazines, or books and hide them from sight. Its sleek modern design gives you room a contemporary touch, especially in the case where you have a bright-colored theme for your man cave.

The table is also a great centerpiece that you can use to arrange your vases and decorate items if you are not using it as a coffee table. It comes assembled and rugged enough for regular use without scratching its top surface.


  • It has a simple yet appealing sleek design
  • The Tuscon black color works with the various décor styles
  • The upholstered top gives it an ottoman look that is different from the standard coffee tables
  • The bonded leather gives the table a luxurious, rustic look
  • The hidden drawer helps you manage your items without looking cluttered
  • Its solid construction ensures its durability

6. Sonoma Rustic Natural Cube Masculine Coffee Table

One of the styles you can go for your man cave is natural rustic styles. You can achieve this by purchasing authentic rustic furniture that brings the natural feel that is absent in glossy surfaces.

The Sonoma Rustic cube brings you the true rustic look of unpolished wood in a simple yet very functional table design.

The table is made from solid wood, which is a mix of reclaimed and new wood. The legs are metallic to give the table a stable structure. The bottom can be used as a shelf to store your living room items such as the remotes books and magazines.

Alternatively, you can use the shelf to display your beautiful portraits or other pieces of art. It is also a good platform for enhancing your room decor as it matches well with dark pieces of art such as sculptures and flower vases. Each piece is handmade and may look different from other pieces.

Unfortunately, the table has dimensions of only 27 inches by 27 inches. This is quite small. Therefore, if you would like to use it as a coffee table, you would need to purchase two of them and place them side by side so that you have enough space.

There are three sizes of the table, but none is big enough for use on its own as a coffee table unless you have a squeezed room.


  • The unique rustic look gives the table a warm appeal
  • The solid build along with metallic legs ensures that the table is durable and stable
  • The shelf addition has functional uses such as displays and storage
  • The use-reclaimed wood adds to your environmental protection points.

7. Modway Gridiron Stainless Steel Coffee Table with Tempered Glass Top

Minimalist styles do not need to look bland. The minimalist yet versatile look of the Modway Gridiron stainless steel table show this. The grey, shiny stainless steel legs make a bold addition to our room décor.

This is topped up by a tempered glass top. You can use this masculine coffee table for displaying photos or a vase of flowers or hosting a cup of tea.  The edges of the tubular sides are smoothened out and attached to a stainless steel column to prevent any damage to your carpet and individual tubes.

You will be required to assemble the parts. However, the instructions are included in the shipping box.

The contemporary style combines both the mid-century design of the 60s with the modern appeal. The grate-inspired details and the tubular design make a good blend of yesteryears with the modern home. You can use the table in either dark or bright colored man cave décor.

The table is 35.9 inches long on both sides with a height of 17 inches. This should be enough for a standard man cave living room. However, you could buy two or more depending on the size and usage of the table.


  • A sturdy stainless steel frame construction
  • Tempered glass top that can handle hot food and reasonable weight
  • Easy to clean
  • Rugged, durable construction makes it suitable for use indoors or outdoors
  • A cool-looking addition to your man cave decor

8. Leick French Countryside Round Storage Manly this Coffee Table

Leick French Countryside round table brings the warms of the countryside environment to your contemporary man cave. It has a solid round build that takes a little space, especially if you have no space in your room.

Leick French is a renowned furniture company that manufactures quality furniture pieces.The table is made from solid hardwood and has no fibreboard materials The hardwood materials is then polished with warm cherry brown color to give it the rustic appeal.

The finish is hand-rubbed with multiple layers giving it a consistent finish that is smooth and even. A nitrocellulose lacquer topcoat provides it with a lasting durable finish even with regular cleaning.

The unique design of the round table has functional benefits too, in addition to its aesthetic value. The characteristic French cabriole legs are sturdy and hold a bottom shelf where you can place your displays and other items in your room. 

The sides of the table have a large, dovetailed shelf with a handle where you can keep the small items such as the remote, books, and other personal stuff. The shelf is also made of solid wood that is intricately accented to give your table a luxurious edge.

This coffee table for men can also be used as centerpiece got displaying the beautiful family portraits of flowers as it stands at an incredible 19 inches high and a diameter of 30 inches


  • The unique round construction along with French cabriole legs and dovetail joints
  • Warm brown cherry finish
  • Artistic table design with an eye on intricate details
  • Hardwood construction all through

9. Sauder Carson Forge Lift-Top Coffee Table with Storage

The Carson Forge lift-top coffee table combines aesthetics with functionality to give your room a modern feel and look. It has a solid slim lift top and a natural rustic allure that will transform your man cave to a wonderful living space. It comes with a coffee oak finish on the engineered wood construction.

To add to stability and its stylistic look, it has wrought iron style accents.Also, the table is finished on all sides by a durable laminate finish, which gives it a versatile look and feel.

Its lift mechanism lifts the top so that you can use the table as a workstation or a cocktail table when your friends are standing.

Underneath the top is a storage space where you can store remotes, game consoles blankets, and any other item that you use in your mancave.  This multipurpose table also helps you save on space you would have used for an extra workstation or storage space.

Its 43.15 inches by 19.45 inches top is large enough for a coffee table in a standard living room. It is also large enough for a workstation when you lift the top. You will need to assemble the table using the instructions sent with your shipment.


  • The top-lift mechanism that changes the function of your table
  • The rustic oak finish along with the durable laminate finish
  • The expansive storage space underneath the top
  • A medium-sized table that can be used for various purposes

10. ioHOMES Celio Square Coffee Table

Give your mancave a futuristic look by going for the ioHomesCelio Square coffee table. This is a two-leveled table design that comes with a center-hidden drawer.

A thick solid box pillar connects the two levels and is used as the drawer. The interior is spacious and can fit many of the items you use in the living room, such as table linen, books, and other media.

It hides all that clutter you do not want to show every guest that comes to your home.

This manly table is made of medium fiber and with a cocoa finish. Fiber is easy to clean and very durable as it is not easily scratched.

The top table is your platform to place your coffee and other items while the lower level table can be a good platform to display those cute family portraits. Besides, it has a flat, elevated, sturdy base that raises your table and allows you to use the first level platform

The table takes up little space on your room and is ideal for a small room. You will be required to assemble the table. However, you would need to get assistance to assemble the table effectively. This is because it is a little complicated.


  • The painted durable laminate finish
  • A spacious hidden drawer
  • The two-level table design that looks futuristic and is functional
  • The little space the table takes
  • Solid top construction that adds to its durability

11. Design Toscano Black Forest Bear Pedestal Table

The Black Forest bear pedestal table combines the décor with functionality. It is designed like a forest bear full with eyes, snout and less with the platform curved on its head to act as a table.

This rustic piece of man cave décor looks so realistic and will definitely add some adventure into your room. It shows you love for the outdoors.

You can use it in your room on the yard to hold your beer or the as try as you have a conversation with your guests or enjoying a cool breeze during summer. Otherwise, you may use it strictly as part of your man cave décor and use the surface to hold your décor and other collectibles.

The Black Forest Bear pedestal table is made of real crushed stone that is then bonded strongly by a designer resin. Then, it is topped up with a UV-resistant finish. It is a little heavy but durable piece of art. The diameter of the top is 11 inches.

This is the perfect size for a man cave end table, which you can use to hold your morning coffee.  There is no assembly required. It only requires a little wiping regularly to keep it clean.


  • A rusting piece of animal art
  • A wide round top that can be used for diverse applications
  • Durable rushed stone construction
  • Black and UV resistant finish that allows it to be used outdoors

12. Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Coffee Table

Do not let the simple construction deceive you. The Imperial NFL Furniture is both durable and functional table that you can use in your mancave. It is made from select hardwood panels for durability. The legs are also made from solid hardwood to enhance the stability of the table.

If you love NFL, you will immediately recognize the team logo that is printed at the center of the top. It definitely, one of the best ways to show your love for the game.

You have a choice of several teams from which you pick the team you support. The table will have the logo of the team. When you are not watching the NFL you can flip the underside so that the logo disappears giving the table a uniform leek look. The flip is enabled by a push on the center of the panel.

In addition, the table has a shelf at the bottom. This shelf is large enough to store some of the stuff that you use in your living room, such as paper towels, remotes, and magazines.

The surface is finished with a dark coat that resists both marring and scratching. This table is easy to clean and can be used on your deck as it does not face away when exposed to the sun. However, you may want to keep it away when it gets wet as the wood is not treated against lots of water.


  • The flip feature that allows you to determine when to show your team’s logo
  • The scratch-resistant finish on the top
  • Solid wood construction that enhances its durability
  • A large bottom shelf that acts as a storage space

Mens Coffee Table Buying Guide

A man cave should ooze with personality and preferences of the occupant. This is why you should be selective on the furniture and fittings that you bring into the house. One of such important furniture pieces is a coffee table. Its central position in a living room always makes it the focus of everyone that gets into the room. This guide takes you through some of the important features and considerations that you should make when purchasing the next coffee table.

1. Suitability for its main purpose

If you are looking for a coffee table and not just any other table, you should consider its suitability to hold your food and drink as well as other items. It should be a relatively good height such that your visitors will not have to overextend themselves when lifting items from the table. 

An ideal height deal height should be similar to your sofa or slightly taller. In the same breath, the surface should be flat to allow you to place items without wobbling to prevent accidental spillages.

2. Solid Construction and Stability

The main purpose of the table will be to hold items, whether food or other items. Choose a table that has solid construction, is resistant to scratches, and is stable. Some materials may get damaged by water due to regular cleaning while tables with uneven bases may be dropping your items repeatedly. 

Solid construction also ensures that your table lasts long without the need for regular repairs or replacement. If buying online, check the finishing at the base as well as customer reviews on construction and stability.

3. Size

Before you make an order or set foot in any store, check and measure the size of your living room. Then determine the proportion that you want to be occupied by the table. If you are not sure of the best size, go with a table that is half of the length of your couch.

 If you go for trending oversize tables, ensure that there is at least two to three feet around the table so that people can move around the table without knocking things over. On the other hand, for the round, go for one with a diameter not exceeding 36 inches It may also be the best choice for a tightly squeezed room as people move with ease around round sides.

4. Added Functionality

You may also purchase a coffee table that does more than just holding your drinks. Some designs add functionality to the coffee table such as storage shelves and lift top mechanism. Check if you need the extra function with the table as the enhancements come at a price. However, some could save on space and cost. 

For example, a lift top table can work as a workspace on top of being a coffee table. Tables with concealed storage are great for decluttering your living room and hiding the small items you do not want to show every visitor.

5. Aesthetics

Remember, the coffee table is usually the centerpiece of your room. You definitely want guests to focus their eyes on a piece of furniture that looks stylish and matches with the rest of the room décor. Check on the finish, accents, and embellishments added to the table to improve its appeal. 

You also go for natural, rustic feel if it matches with your décor or the high gloss warm paints for a sleek look. Besides, check the shapes and paneling too as they count towards the general appeal of the item in question. Unfinished edges and unsealed wood are a no-no unless you want a driftwood or natural-looking table. You may also consider unconventional shapes like some that we have mentioned above.

6. Cost and Assembly

Your budget is most likely going to determine the types of coffee tables that you will pick. Since you are not going to replace the table in the near future, consider saving up to purchase a reasonably good quality table. There are several reasonably priced table brands in the market with nice features, shop around until you get the best for your price.

You should also determine if you need the table that is already assembled or you are okay assembling one. The tables that require assembly come with instructions on how to go about it. However, if that is too much for you, consider picking one that is assembled. Unfortunately, most assembled tables lack added features found in their counterparts.

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