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31 Gold Coffee Table Ideas for Styling Your Home

In olden days, most palace furniture was made of gold. And, this tone has never lost its grandeur. One of the best ways to add a touch of elegance and royalty to your home is placing a gold coffee table in your living room.

Apart from style, these coffee tables are roomy enough so you can stack your magazines, latest reads, place your laptop and more. Below we’ve rounded up over 30 options that will look great in your living room.

Gold Coffee Tables Design and Ideas for Your Home

No table matches the beauty of a rose gold coffee table. Inspired by a modern minimalist design, the Kate and Laurel Celia table add a simple and luxurious feel to any room.

Its mirrored tabletop tray design ensures your essentials stay in place especially if you have young ones around. This rose gold table has a solid X-frame base that makes it perfect for a contemporary living space.

Another round coffee table to consider is this beautiful option by Best Choice. It’s a breeze to put together, 15 minutes and you’ll be done.

The 36 inches tempered glass is water resistant and offers enough room to place different items. Its legs have foot glides to protect your floor against scratches. This gold glass coffee table will look great with a statement rug.

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If a round coffee table won’t do, try this gold geometric coffee table. Geometric furniture adds glam and a hint of intrigue to any room. Made of premium materials, this table is durable and easy to clean.

Its unique design makes it perfect for a modern farmhouse. It’ll work well with lighter colored decor.

The Henn&Hart chic two tier table is a nice alternative for anyone looking for a gold square coffee table. It’s square base highlights the beauty of this glass tabletop, making it the perfect statement piece.

And, if you would love to try out other colors, this design is also available in black and silver.

Perhaps one of the most sophisticated gold coffee tables in the market, the Dorelle will be the perfect centerpiece for your home.

This table is a wonderful find. Its sleek curved X-frame base ensures this table stands out from the rest while smoked mirror table top adds a touch of sophistication to a room. Its small size makes it perfect for small living rooms.

This tempered glass tabletop with a gold frame will not only complement the rest of your furniture, but add functionality to your space.

We like that it has a bottom shelf, also made of tempered glass, where you can stash away your reading material and if you like a clutter free space, a decor bowl. Its size is perfect for 2 people and 3 max.

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Sometimes our eyes need to ‘rest’, meaning you are looking for furniture that is not distracting and this marble and gold coffee table fits the bill.

Perched upon a gold square frame, the marble top is a minimalist treat with the simple coloring and design.

The table is lightweight so you can move it during vacuuming and the lower shelf offers plenty of space for organization.

If you prefer a bold, vivid look, this hammered gold table is the perfect option. And, because its smaller than most of the tables we’ve looked at, it is a great option for people working with small spaces.

Also, because of its unique patterned exterior, this table is bound to catch people’s attention, making it the right focal point for a minimalist space.

Infuse your home with charm with this gold and white coffee table. This mid-century modern table has a gorgeous faux marble top and a y-leg base that adds style to the overall design. This transitional piece will elevate any living space

Want a gold rectangle coffee table that will bring out the beauty of any table decor you use? This Vasangle rectangular table has a way of adding charm to any decor designs and adding flair to the decor on top.

Its build combined with the tempered glass top and open bottom shelf will take the spotlight. This gold table will anchor your space in style.

And, if you want a table with a mid-century modern feel and look, this wood and gold coffee table should be a front runner.

Because of its size, it is perfect for an intimate setting. Its eye-catching gold frame brings out the beauty of the walnut table top. This small gold table is perfect for maximalist and minimalist spaces.

The open geometric base gives this Solvay small gold coffee table an extra boost of glam.

With its round top and geometric base, this coffee table fits right between geometric and round coffee tables. And it looks awesome. We are not complaining.

It’s large size allows you to sit around with your friends and enjoy a glass of wine. When not in use, you can put it besides your farmhouse couch and use it as a side table. A few succulent plants or a gorgeous lamp places on it and your mid-modern farmhouse living room will look fabulous.

Nesting coffee tables are a unique solution for anyone that likes style but is working with minimal space. This modern rectangular gold nesting coffee table is a modern gem.

With the gold frame and tempered glass, these gold tables harmonize well with different farmhouse style decor. Their simplistic elegance will make the room look ultra-stylish.

This gold marble coffee table has a subtle way of bringing out the best out of your living room furniture. Unlike other tables, this option features a U-shaped frame with a circular gold-coated base for stability.

Its glossy marble is overflowing with simplicity and charm. With this cute gold leg coffee table, you can be assured your room will stand out.

Looking for a functional option? This 24KF table provides more than style. It has drawers where you can stash away your clutter. These drawers also come in handy for people with kids.

You can easily remove them during play and tuck them away afterwards. Its soft white table top is spacious enough so pile a few books and a vase. Pair with a light colored rug and create a warmer space.

Many double tiered coffee tables for different brands have a similar top and shelf, but not this coffee table with metal gold legs.

This minimalist table has a tempered glass table top and marble open shelf. Other than providing storage space for your books and magazines, this shelf adds charm and contemporary style to your Scandinavian living room.

Geometric gold nesting tables are always trendy. And, without a doubt this dynamic duo holds its own. This set can be used together or separately, as coffee table or end tables.

The geometric base create a warm and inviting visuals without being too loud. Its chic table top is easy to clean and durable, the perfect spot for a planter.

Can style and affordable mix? Absolutely! This budget steal coffee table by Unie is proof. It’s also a mix of marble, gold and glamour.

We like that the larger table has an open base design so you can easily stack them when you need to create more room. This power duo will be at home in your living room.

The Dagonhil coffee table is a gorgeous blue coffee table with a gold base. This beauty ships fully assembled, so out of the box and you are good to go.

It’s smaller than most round tables on this list, making it easy to tuck it into a corner. A great way to add an intimate look to your living room. You can use it for a game of cards and more. Also available in black and white, and pink.

Good things come in small sizes and this cute set of three is ideal for any room. These gold nesting tables have a beautiful finish that adds elegance to a space.

They are built using high quality wood with metal legs for durability. These nesting tables will add an unexpected flair to your room.

This Cosmoliving table is what Moroccan style rooms crave. Its rectangle shape gives the illusion of a larger room while the patterned side infuses charm to your home.

The tabletop offers a classy timeless look and enough space for cocktails and more. This gold table will elevate any contemporary space.

Give your home an upgrade with this unique nestling set. This gold set is a combo of function and luxury.

The leaf pattern sides bring out the beauty of the table while the mirror tabletop adds glam and charm to a space. A fantastic option for anyone looking for an option that emanates luxury and elegance. These tables will look awesome next to your rustic tv stand

Want a bold table that will make a great centerpiece? This black and gold table will take the spotlight making it perfect for rooms with minimal furniture.

The simple yet commanding black top and bottom will draw the attention of anyone in the room. Also, the beautiful gold sides create a stunning effect.

We also like the open bottom that acts like a shelf, giving you space to keep a few magazines or remotes.

This gold mirrored coffee table is for those looking for an artful design that adds a blend of contemporary and modern to their home.

The rectangle shape makes it perfect for small homes. Its unique mirrored tabletop is durable and easy to maintain while the gold and mirrored sides compliment any modern home decor.

Looking for a gold and wood coffee table? This option by Cotton Craft won’t disappoint. It has a subtle Moroccan vibe with its intricately carved sides and hand-drawn top.

This small coffee table is made using mango wood which is durable. This antique gold table is perfect for cocktails and the sides are collapsible for easy storage.

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A set of three gold and white marble coffee table is what you need in a narrow living space. Made of durable materials, this gold nestling set includes 3 tables of different sizes.

Combined, you get a sizable coffee table and apart you can use as a side table or a nightstand. This popular set is ideas for a home with kids.

If you love marble top coffee tables, you’ll love this round Mecor option. With its gold X-frame base and a smooth marble tabletop, this table will not only add glam to your space but also functionality.

The top is large enough to place a small tray with coffee mugs, a laptop, stack of books and decorate with plants. This table will need some assembly after delivery; 20 minutes and you’ll be done.

Tempered glass tabletop perched upon splayed gold legs makes this gold oval coffee table perfect for your basement, kitchen, living room and more.

The oval table top is simple and draws attention to the geometric base. So, if you are looking for a mid-century inspired oval coffee table, this option is the best choice.

The Homary white round coffee table is perhaps the most unique nestling table on this list. Unlike the other options the set includes 2 tables. One, a large table with a marble veneer top and stainless steel gold base and the second smaller table made of plywood with a matte white top.

Rotatable drawers are included in the smaller table, giving you space to stash away small items. These striking beauties will be a great addition to your home.

Good things come in small sizes and this cute set of three is ideal for any room. These gold nesting tables have a beautiful finish that adds elegance to a space.

They are built using high quality wood with metal legs for durability. These nesting tables will add an unexpected flair to your room.

Convenience meets style, that is what this rectangle gold table offers. With the unique tray top and X-frame sides this table is anything but ordinary. The table top includes two black trays made from mdf.

They are removable so you can easily clean. The frame is coated with gold paint to prevent rusting. This option is perfect for homes with younger kids.

If a tray top table is not your thing, then Ashley option could be what you need. This coffee table is for anyone who like a simple and sleek mid-century option.

Drawers are included on its sides to offer a storage solution. The X-frame gold base is strong and will support anything you place on the top and drawers.

Looking for a minimalist gold and white coffee table? This Vingli mid-century table is the epitome of style and charm.

A Y-leg base will complement your modern decor while the thick MDF table top provides enough space to place a few things. The table is on the smaller side so its perfect for small spaces.

Hand made for the modern home, this gold frame coffee table will add style and beauty to your lounge. A white marble top is durable and easy to clean, making it perfect for anyone with kids. This small table has a weight limit of 300 lbs.

How to choose a coffee table

There are four key questions you need to answer before picking out a coffee table. Also, use these as tips to choose the right option for your home.

  • Needs

How will you use the table? As a centerpiece or you need something you can stow in a vacant corner after your cup of coffee? Do you need a table with a storage shelf or drawer or would you prefer one without? The answer to these questions will help you narrow down the list above.

  • Materials

Once you’ve determined your needs, choose the type of material best suited for your home. For example, if you have younger children, opt for a marble top table. These options are easy to clean and there is no risk of cracking or breaking and hurting little fingers.

  • Proportions

Next, you need to strike the right balance between the table and other furniture. To do this you need to check the size and shape of the table plus the style. What you need to keep in mind is, oval and rectangle tables are great for smaller rooms while round and square tables compliment larger rooms. Also your table should be lower or the same height with your love seat, accent chair or sofa.

  • Budget

Lastly, check on your budget. How much are you willing to spend on the item you like? The tables above are carefully selected for every budget.

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