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13 Ghost Chairs for a Charming and Sophisticated Home

The sophistication that comes with ghost chairs is irresistible. Their beauty and transparent look make them blend with any theme thus making your space stylish and unique.

These chairs are light in weight, easy to assemble or move around. You will love them for the comfort they bring and how their transparent nature illuminates your living room thus making your guests feel warm and welcomed.

However, choosing the best chair might be difficult because they come in many types. Fortunately, we understand that and that’s why we have come up with this review. It will discuss the best recommendations for ghost chairs in the market and why you should go for them.

Ghost Chairs for Modern Home

1. 2xhome Set of 2 Clear Modern Contemporary Ghost Chairs

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The 2xhme ghost chair has been designed to complete your dining room. Made from contemporary heavy-duty polycarbonate plastic, the furniture is fit for either outdoor or indoor use. You will not struggle to store it since it’s stackable.

Boasting a glossy finish, this polycarbonate product illuminates a blue and purple hue thus elevating its appeal. In addition, it is injection molded and therefore you will notice some molding line and injection point on it. Add a 2xhome ghost chair to any room within your home and enjoy utmost comfort.

2. 1Inchhome Stackable Chair for Small Kitchen

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Made of polycarbonate, this set of four is weather, shock, and wear-resistant thus making it the best for outdoor use. The set boasts a  simple style yet looks extraordinary thanks to the smooth surface and user-friendly design which provides you with comfort.

You can store them with ease because they are stable and stackable and therefore you won’t have to worry about them getting damaged. These ghost chairs are versatile and you can use them in any room.

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3. 2xhome Set of 4 Large Size Ghost Chairs

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The 2xhome set of 4 ghost chairs is a perfect choice for your indoor or outdoor kitchen. The crystal clear set of four is suitable for home or office use.

You can also use them for outdoor use. At some spots, you will notice an injection point and molding line because the chairs are injection molded. Since they are made of plastic, these ghost chairs are not heavy and you can move them around easily.

4. GreenForest Acrylic Chairs

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Create a classic look in your dining room with the green forest ghost chairs. The crystal clear seat comes as a set of four and its surfaces are easy to clean and maintain. Another striking feature of these armless chairs is that they are light in weight yet sturdy.

You will also save on space because they are fit for both small and big apartments. In addition, Greenforest acrylic chairs can match any decor. It will take you a short time to assemble these chairs because they come with an installation manual thus saving your time.

5. Flash Furniture 4 Pack Ghost Chair for French country home

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Add this white plastic chair to your space and notice a beautiful transformation.

The Flash furniture is strongly constructed and has rubber for glades so you won’t worry about the floor getting damaged.

In addition, the chairs are versatile and therefore you use them in a restaurant, patio, or home. You can stack the chairs up to a height of seven for easy storage. Get value for your money by buying this chic armless ghost chair.

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6. Acrylic Dining Chairs for Stylish Decor

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The modern dining chairs have a festive and warm design. You will not need to use seat covers on them because their white color makes them suitable for any event or season.

Assembling the chairs is easy since they come with all the installation hardware. In addition, they are easy to clean by wiping.

These Louis ghost chairs feature chrome finished solid stainless steel legs that have floor protectors. You can starck them whenever not in use for easy storage. Complete your birthday party with these iconic ghost chairs and remain with wonderful memories.

7. Flash Furniture Elon Series Ghost Chair

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Add the flash furniture Elon to any space in your home or office and notice an instant transformation. You will love its contemporary style that makes it blend with any room.

You can also use this Louis ghost chair commercially thanks to its adjustable floor glides. The unit boasts a crystal finish that brightens your home. The seat is light and easy to move around.

8. Flash Furniture 2 Pack Flash Elegance

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Your search for a contemporary ghost chair comes to an end with this brand of Flash furniture. With its crystal clear feature, the chair will lighten up your surroundings and therefore it is the best for events.

In addition, this chair is stackable and goes to a height of up to 10. The unit is already assembled; it’s the perfect choice for a ghost chair. You will never note any scratch, rust, or water on the chair since it’s resistant to all these elements.

9. Flash Furniture 4 Pack Chair

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Flash furniture 4 pack ghost chair is a definition of elegance and functionality. The designers of the unit gave it a modern touch and topped it up with a transparent back thus making a statement in whichever space you place it.

Having a polycarbonate molded structure, this Louis ghost plastic chair is light in weight. Another amazing feature of the chair is its plastic glides that ensure the floor is protected. With its contemporary design, this chair is suitable for any outdoor or commercial use.

10. Edgemod Em-103-Clr-X2 Dining Set

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Edgemod Em is specifically made to complete your dining table. The Louis ghost set of two armchairs is transparent. If you are keen on style and taste, then this is your choice because its clear color gives it a modern and sleek touch.

Since the chair is made of strong and durable material, you can stack it conveniently and save on space. Also, its clear color makes it blend well with any decor.

11. Flash Furniture 2 Pack Transparent Side Chair

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Elevate the look of your surroundings with the Flash furniture 2 pack side chair. With its invisibility feature, this chair can single out your furniture or artwork as well as brighten your space.

In addition, it makes a small room appear bigger. You will enjoy comfort fully thanks to its smooth and gently curved arms. The chair has a unique appeal that makes any space modern within an instant.

12. Flash Furniture Nesting Series Transparent Stacking Side Chair

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The Nesting Series from Flash furniture is a  blend of amazing artwork changed into a chair. With its elegant style, this chair will be a centerpiece in any space that you place it. You can also use it at the dining table. In addition, the waterfall seat has integrated arms and a solid structure. The chair is suitable for outdoor use because of its transparent appearance.

13. LeisureMod Menno Modern Acrylic Folding Chair (Set of 4)

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Enjoy your leisure time with the LeisureMod ghost chair. The unfoldable design allows you to store it with ease and convenience.

The chair features plastic caps on each leg for the protection of your floor. In addition, this ghost chair boasts a chrome base making light and doesn’t require any assembling.

14. Original Kartell Louis xvi Ghost Chair

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The original Kartell ghost armchair is a unique seat made with high technology. Engineered with plastic, this armchair has a baroque form and a single injection mold.

You will love it for its playful design by Philippe Starck and translucent appearance. The Louis xvi chair is easy to store because it’s stackable to a height of 6 and it is suitable for both interior and outdoor use.


The above ghost chairs are the best you can have. They come with comfort and an iconic touch of style and class.

They easily blend with any decor and therefore they can be used in any space. Their sleek and clear appearance makes them stand out and lighten up the surroundings. These pieces of furniture are easy to clean, maintain and store because they are stackable.

However, they vary in price, color, and design. Purchase any of them and get value for your money.

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