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21 Gazebo Lighting Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

Installing gazebo lighting is the best way to keep the party going even after dark. Wondering which lights to install? I was you a few months back. I installed this beautiful structure in my backyard but when night came, I had to abandon my plans and go back indoors.

Then  I started researching the type of lighting to install in my structure. You know something that provides enough lighting and blends with the background. And, I narrowed down to the Honeywell ceiling light. It’s easy to install, multifunctional and affordable. Below I’ll write a detailed review on it plus a few other gazebo lights that are equally good.

Best lighting ideas for your outdoor space

1. Palm Valley Outdoor Gazebo Lighting

Summers can get really hot where I live, so I was looking for a multi-functional option. Honeywell is one of the best brands around and their light fixtures are both stylish and durable. The Palm Valley features a gazebo fan with built-in fan.

Measuring about 52 inches, the fan features 5 large blades and the four bulb holders. It comes with the bulbs needed and most people have found that they provide enough light. Available in three different colors to match different decor styles.

2. Hmvpl Farmhouse Pendant Light for Outdoor

Looking for something unique? If you want to add industrial flair to your gazebo, we recommend this gazebo lighting idea.

Easy to install, plug-in, the Hmvpl gazebo light fixture comes with a long cord and a metal cage to protect the glass and bulb. Gorgeous, dimmable, perfect for any outdoor setting with canopy.

3. Grand Patio Solar Floor Lamp

Classic and romantic. This gazebo lighting fixture is the best focal point for any backyard. Standing at 31 inches, this light for gazebo is made of wicker and features a gorgeous drum design. The material used is heat resistant and blends in perfectly with other backyard furniture.

It uses solar to recharge the built-in battery and the 25 small bulbs provide enough lighting for your family to enjoy the outdoors at night. A switch has been added to switch it on/off. Make your gazebo simply irresistible with this outdoor floor light.

4. Vigdur Lantern Outdoor String Lights

One of the most popular gazebo lighting ideas is the string lights. This option by Vigdur has the dramatic effect most homeowners crave for.

These classy lights have a traditional feel with a modern look. Instead of tiny bulbs there are multiple multicolored asian style lanterns. These string lights are solar powered, waterproof, sunproof, windproof and snowproof, making them ideal for use in different seasons.

These led lights are also dimmable and last up to 8 hours. Perfect use during holidays, weddings and more.

5. Hunter Gazebo Fan With Light Fixture

Hunter Fan has some excellent gazebo lighting ideas. We really love this unit that is multifunctional like our top pick. Sophisticated, chic and unique. This gazebo lighting idea is easy to install on the roof of your pergola or gazebo.

It comes with 3 light fixtures with frosted glass. Manufacturer states that the bulbs last longer than traditional bulbs. Add warmth to your gazebo with this flash mount light with fan.

6. Ladiqi Outdoor Chandelier

Add intrigue and vintage charm to your garden gazebo landscape with the Ladiqi hanging chandelier. There are three reasons why we recommend this gazebos light fixture. One, its rustic look and feel.

Two, it comes with 4 lantern style lamps that offer soft ambiance. Three, they are easy to install. This modern gazebo chandelier comes with a long chain that allows you to adjust it. Hang it above your outdoor table for a fine dining experience.

7. Saishuo Pendant Lighting for Gazebo

On a budget? The Saishuo are the perfect gazebo lighting ideas for anyone on a budget. And just because it’s cheaper than most lights, it doesn’t mean that you’ll get something boring and easily breakable. On the contrary.

These versatile  pendant lights will turn heads and have your friends talking. It features a gorgeous geometric shape allowing you to add dimensions to your outdoor space.

The gold painted lamp shade provides an inviting warm glow to any space. Adjustable in height, this pendant can be installed over your patio table. Elegant and unique, ideal for any garden setting.

8. Enido Led Candles for a Romantic Night

Create a beautiful space with these gazebo lighting ideas. Outdoor candles are unique. They turn a dull-looking gazebo into a romance haven.

Your pack includes 12 ivory white candles that are waterproof. This pack also comes with a remote with a timer to control the flames. Add glam to your gazebo space with the Enido.

9. Pearl Solar Hanging Lantern

Looking for something portable? Rattan fixtures make a space functional while adding a decorative touch.

The Pearl has a natural look and feel. Constructed from durable material, this beauty can be hang on posts or the ceiling. Takes about 8 hours to charge and lasts for up to 10 hours. Beautiful design, best way to illuminate your patio.

10. Brison Mason Jar for Patio

Your outdoor structure could benefit from the Brison outdoor gazebo lighting ideas. Mason jar lighting provides a unique way to light the garden space. The Brison jars come in a pack of 6 with a switch for on/off.

Installation is easy and waterproof design makes them ideal for use in the backyard. Also, the lighting sensor is quite nifty for when you are traveling. Hang them on the ceiling or place them on the floor of your gazebos to illuminate your space.

11. Led Gazebo String Lights

It is no surprise that this light fixture is highly rated. This fabulous gazebo string lights by lighting Ever is perfect for the holidays. Measuring 118 inches, each string consists of small led lights that are waterproof and snow-proof.

Together, the strings form a curtain that can be hung from the gazebo roof. Also, this gazebo string lights has 8 different lighting modes/effects so you can light it per the occasion. Modern, charming, a great addition to your garden.

12. Twinkle Fireworks Ceiling Light Fixtures

For a dramatic effect, the Twinkle outdoor space lights are recommended by most designers. Featuring a unique fireworks design, these gazebo lighting ideas provide soft, warm light to light up your space.

Hang it in the middle of your gazebo to create a cozy space in your yard. Easy to hang and long lasting, transform your outdoor  living space with these dramatic gazebo lights.

13. Vintage Metal Chandelier for Backyard

If your gazebo roof needs some extra flair, this vintage chandelier is the ideal choice. Gorgeous industrial black metal frame provides protection to the 4 bulbs. Strong rods allow you to hang it on the ceiling. Don’t like black? You can choose between bronze and chrome. Perfect for the minimalist heart.

14. GiveU Candle Chandelier for the Romantic at Heart

Instead of lamps, lanterns or traditional  chandeliers, you could use this classic gazebo lighting idea. The Giveu gazebo light is charming as it is stylish. It features a beautiful antique design, delicate metal detailing that makes it the ideal centerpiece.

For the light, you get 4 led candles with a remote so you can turn them on/off or dim the light depending on the occasion. 8 pieces of hanging jewelry adds a decorative touch to its design.

15. Moroccan Gazebos Lighting Fixture

Add vintage charm and Moroccan vibe to your outdoor space with this 3 piece outdoor chandelier. Easy to install, each light comes with an adjustable cable for different ceiling heights.

This modern gazebo light is built using seeded glass for durability. This star pendant light is an awesome way to light your outdoor landscape.

16. Sunthin String Lights

Shatterproof and Waterproof, the Sunthin gazebo string lights are another great way to light your backyard. This 48 ft string light offers up to 30,000 hours and is energy saving, so you don’t have to worry about the power bill. These string lights for the backyard will look awesome in your house.

17. Xmcozy String Lights for a Pop of Color

The Xmcozy is not  just another outdoor lights option. Ideal for the holiday season or when having a party with your friends, these 48 patio lights are color changing to suit the mood.

Also, these garden string lights have different lighting effects, fade, blink or strobe, to create the ideal ambiance for the occasion. Another feature that makes this outdoor lighting unique is you can pair it with Alexa for easy control.

18. Osimir Pendant Fixtures

Effortlessly light up your gazebo or pergola with this gorgeous pendant lighting fixture. Black metal frame encases the delicate bubble glass lamp shade. The shade protects the bulb from water and other weather elements. Easy to mount, you can hang it on the gazebo roof or on a post.

19. Flyhoom Rechargeable Light Bulb

Small gazebo? Two of these rechargeable bulb are ideal for lighting your space. The Flyhoom is a portable option that is easy to hang on a post or roof of the gazebo.

It comes with a remote control and offers four lighting modes, lasting up to 15 hours. Can be charged using any USB cable.

20. Hisvision Solar Powered Lantern

Another great portable option for your gazebo is the Hisvision lantern. Ideal for any outdoor space, this small lantern is easily chargeable using a USB cable or solar.

Weighing 0.35 lb, it’s ideal for anyone who does not want to install permanent lighting on their gazebo. It also offers four lighting modes and is weather resistant.

21. Fadimikoo Barn Style Plug In Pendant

Illuminate your cozy yard with this gorgeous rustic pendant light. It comes with a 7.5 inch cord making it easy to install. Matte black color blends in with other decor pieces while the large retro lamp holder protects it against weather elements.

Outdoor Space Lighting Ideas: How to put everything together

  • Spider web design for gazebo
gazebo lighting ideas

Source: the_coopers_life

Instead of hanging your lights in a straight line, opt for these flush mount gazebo lights that make a beautiful web pattern. Also, a great way to decorate your gazebo.

  • String lights gazebo lighting ideas
gazebo string lights

Source: Sunnyswede

Sunnyswede has used string lights to illuminate this gorgeous space. Measuring the same size as most gazebos, it only needs a 48 ft to brighten the structure. Add some outdoor furniture for a cozy space. Beautiful, classic, best place to spend hot summer days.

  • Lanterns lighting for your garden

Source: thesparkleshed1

Remember the Asian lanterns gazebo lighting ideas we spoke about earlier, here is an example of how you can install this type of outdoor light fixtures. Add a few artificial sunflower climbing plants for a cheery space.

  • Combo lights idea
gazebo chandelier

Source: jolizainternational

Create a cozy and bright space with a combo of outdoor lights. A floor lamp, chandeliers, string lights, candles. Remember to strike a balance to create a beautiful environment.

  • Colored lights for the holidays 
gazebo light fixtures

Lastly, here is an inspiration for the holidays. Go for colored gazebo string lights to lighten up the mood. Also, add a few decorative pieces to complete the look.

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