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18 Farmhouse Wall Decor Ideas for Every Room

Are you a fan of farmhouse decor? So many people are initiated to the farmhouse decor. The good thing about farmhouse decor is that you can decide to take up some DIY projects and come up with incredible wall arts and even furniture for a touch of farmhouse wall decor in your modern home.

Home decor is not enough without some wall arts. You don’t need to live in the countryside for you to have a farmhouse wall decor in your home.

No matter how modern your home decor is, a farmhouse wall decor will help you attain that French country touch.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the rustic and country inspired wall decor ideas that can help you transform your bare walls and turn your home into a perfect place.

Wall Essentials Of Farmhouse Decor

Before we check out the wall decor ideas, it will be great if we just go through some essentials of farmhouse wall décor.

  • Large Wall Clock

A farmhouse wall decor is incomplete without a wall clock. If you can get a large or oversize wall clock then it will act as a focal point of your space.

  • Mesh

You probably think that a mesh has no other use apart from making a chicken coop. If you take enough time and dig in deep in farmhouse decorating ideas from pros like Joanna Gaines you’ll realize that wire bins are incredible for farmhouse wall decor.

  • Photo Frames

Whether it’s modern decor or farmhouse decor, a photo frame with a family photo or other cute quotes is essential.

I find family photo frames a great deal when decorating walls because they hold lots of memories. Family photo frames also bring a sense of a family centered home.

If you want to achieve a country look, a rustic photo frame will be a good choice.

  • Decorative Windmills

Windmills were popular in the countryside in watering farms and pumping water from wells.

If you want to add a farmhouse accent to your modern home wall décor, you can add a decorative windmill to your blank space and achieve that farmhouse accent.

  • Chalk Boards

A chalk board can help you add a personalized touch to your farmhouse interior decor.

You can hang a chalkboard on one of your plain walls and pin some of the tasks you want to do as a family and at the same time add a piece of farmhouse wall decor.

  • Metal Wall Signs

Vintage wall signs made of metal can be used to give guests a warm welcome. The vintage wall signs can be hung on entrance walls.

You can buy labels depending on the rooms you intend to add the vintage wall signs. Luckily, there are so many labels in farmhouse décor shops and thus you can easily get one that fits your home.

  • Wall Sconces or Mason jars

Back in the days, iron wall sconces were used to illuminate homes. Candles were put inside the iron wall sconces and then lined up against the walls for lighting.

Currently, this vintage lighting hack can be used for farmhouse wall décor or in modern homes to attain the farmhouse accent or you can use mason jars lighting.

Farmhouse Wall Art and Wall Décor Ideas

1. Basket Wall Hanging Idea

rustic wall decor

Transform your basic modern wall décor to farmhouse chic decor with this vintage set of two hand woven hangings.

The hangings can be of different patterns and shapes but I love this pair because it gives a blank wall a country touch.

Combined with the two vintage clay pots, the wall hanging straw baskets turn your wall to an elegant space with a farmhouse decor.

2. Woven basket vintage wall decor

antique farmhouse wall

Decorate your kitchen walls with these sisal hand woven baskets. The baskets have some beautiful prints and they come in different sizes allowing you to choose what matches your wall decor in the other rooms.

If you have a big blank wall, you can decorate with more than three baskets.

3. A mix and match of different decor items for your antique wall 

wooden wall decor

Give your blank room a  mix and match wall paintings, arts, signs and blanks in photo frames.

Build your gallery wall at home with your favorite signs in photo frames, blank frames and you can add prints to your collection too.

I love this idea because it gives a boring blank wall a modern vintage look effortlessly.

4. Rustic frames farmhouse wall decor idea

If you have some small plaques in your home, you can them into a farmhouse wall décor and give your home a country look.

Add some black and black photos in rustic photo frames.

A mirror above the photo frames makes the space to brighten up.

This look wouldn’t be complete without a hanging plant in a metallic pl

5. A combo of shabby chic decor for wall

vintage farmhouse wall decorations

If you have some small plaques in your home, you can them into a farmhouse wall décor and give your home a country look.

Add some black and black photos in rustic photo frames.

A mirror above the photo frames makes the space to brighten up.

This look wouldn’t be complete without a hanging plant in a metallic planter.

6. Metal Farmhouse decor combo 

metal farmhouse decor

What about this industrial circular metal that acts as a storage and a piece of farmhouse wall decor at the same time.

Pieces of wood planks that act as shelves help create storage for beautiful antiques like this vintage French ceramic pitcher.

The other beautiful pieces like the white and black ceramic bowl adds some beauty.

You have absolute freedom of adding decorations on this circular metal wall decor and give yours too an industrial or rustic wall decor finish.

7. Farm decor idea for large wall

farm decor

You don’t need creative wall art to decorate your farmhouse living space. Sometimes you need to do things differently.

A plain plywood decor can turn your walls a unique look leaving you with nothing less of elegance.

8. Mirror Decor Ideas 

ornate wall decor

Who wouldn’t love this idea of an array of circular mirrors in her living room or dining room?

The mirrors work well in spreading light and expanding your space. This piece wall décor is ideal for a modern decor as well as farmhouse wall decor.

The copper paint on the mirror frames give these mirrors a beautiful look and they also add a mid century chic touch.

9. Metal wall art decor

metal wall art decor

Add a farmhouse touch in your modern home wall decor with these handmade wood stained arrows.

The arrows can be used to decorate any part of the house walls. I love how simple and perfect these arrows make your room look.

The mirrored table below the arrows adds a chic touch to the space.

The arrows are lightweight and thus easy to pin to your walls . You can steal the idea just the way it is and add some elegance to your living space.

10. Rustic Wall signs

rustic wall sign

There’s no way you can go wrong with this farmhouse vintage welcome sign at your door or entryway. This wall sign acts as a piece of wall decor and also welcomes your visitors to your family.

Apart from decorating your home with this country walk sign, it might be a perfect gift for newly weds.

11. Add a wood shelf and a planter

wood farm decor

You can decorate your blank corners using this four tier rustic floating corner shelf and add some plants on it. I love the basket below the floating shelves, it adds a chick look to the corner wall décor setup.

You can also add a rustic one tier floating shelf above your bed to add a country touch to the space.

12. Black wall art to complement a distressed coffee table

antique decorations

Want to do a bold black paint but you aren’t sure if you’d want to paint your wall black? You can try to add a black as a piece of wall décor and turn that plain boring wall into something interesting.

I love this giant black wall art made of wood mounted on the wall. It just breaks the monotony and adds some elegance in the space.

The rustic furniture makes the whole space look so cute too.

13. Mirror farmhouse home decor

farmhouse home decor

Have you thought of adding a piece of mirror or two on your walls? A mirror can act as a focal point to your farmhouse wall decor because they reflect light to other parts of your room.

A mirror also makes a room look bigger than it actually is and many pro interior designers make good use of mirrors. Add a touch of class and elegance to your farmhouse wall decor by adding a contemporary wall mirror like this one.

I love the silver finish of this mirror and the fact that this mirror can match with modern decor as well as farm decor.

Hang another rectangular decorative mirror besides this beautiful piece and have a reflection of your furniture.

Wall decor is not just enough without a piece of contemporary mirror to complement the room.

14. Rustic Motivational Quotes

Source: wearethehiddenfolks

Farmhouse wall decals are amazing when decorating different walls in the house. You can stick up these decals in your bedroom, dining room, or even the nursery.

Decals are adhesive on most walls so you don’t have to worry about them falling off your walls.

The good thing is that you can buy your customized designs. You can choose small stickers to giant sizes.

You can also go for Biblical quotes, motivational quotes or even short lines that speak about love or your family.

These black vinyl decals brightens the wall and also makes the whole space look spectacular. The rustic coffee table adds a farmhouse accent too.

15. Rustic wall mirror 

large rustic mirror

Source: crossworkpicturehangers

Another incredible idea of decorating a blank wall with a large mirror. I love to hang mirrors on my walls, especially the entryway or the living room.

This idea is amazing and I love the design of the mirrors frame, it matches the wood console with a Marble top.

16. Unique wall decor

Source: byhandlimited

Have you thought of adding some tones to your farmhouse wall decor or your modern house decor?

If not, you have a perfect idea here on how you can add pieces of tones to your walls and give your home a spectacular look.

hanging decor

Wall hangings are good for decorating walls and you can use them for a farmhouse wall decor or modern home wall decor.

You can buy a customized wall hanging and hang it on different points of your home. You can also combine wall hangings with other forms of decorations and get a good looking room.

Apart from buying, you can also make some of your wall hangings and hang them on your walls if you’re a DIY fan.

I love this wall hanging and the different tones of colors makes it beautiful and it compliments the wall perfectly.

The planter beneath the wall hanging also adds a French accent.

Bottom Line

It doesn’t take a lot to work on your farmhouse wall decor. Sometimes the simplest things can up your farmhouse wall decor to a great extent. You can change the position of your furniture or change the color of your walls and you’ll notice a great change on your wall decor. Work with what you have and then add some decorations and you’ll love the results.

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