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13 Farmhouse Sink to Add Charm to Your Kitchen

If you own a farmhouse style home, chances are you’ll want to redo the decor once in a while. How about you start in the kitchen with any gorgeous farmhouse sink below? 

 A good sink should be durable,stain-resistant, and great in saving space. This in-depth review will discuss the best sinks for a farmhouse kitchen. They come in various styles and they are plenty in the market. Ready to add glam to your kitchen? Here are the best farmhouse sink brands on the market and different farm sink sizes.  

Best Farmhouse Sink for Reviews Your Rustic Kitchen

The Kraus 33 inch farmhouse kitchen sink brings your search to an end. It has a white single bowl with a bottom grid. This white farm house sink boasts an apron front style and it’s made of fireclay material. 

The Italian makers of this farmhouse kitchen sink structured it with the right products and made sure that you will never worry about cracking. It is colored to prevent fading and maintain its glamour. This 33 farm sink for a farmhouse has a large non-porous countertop and dampens noise as you use it, unlike other farmhouse sinks.

2. Ruvati Gunmetal Apron-front Farm Sink For a Color block Kitchen

Give your countryside kitchen a new look with this 30 inch black apron front-styled sink. It is made of black stainless steel giving it a good look. This top mount farmhouse sink is tough enough to resist tearing and peeling. The beauty of the Ruvati sink is enhanced by its matte texture finish. This stainless steel farmhouse sink is well fixed with a marching strainer drain and sound padding which makes it noise-proof. Save on time and space and buy this durable bowl.

3. Kohler Apron Front Sink For Country Home

You will love the functionality and style of this 33 inch farm sink. Kohler farmhouse sink is crafted from cast iron which does not break, burn, or stain. You will not see the basin chip, crack or break because of its strong build. This white farm style sink bowl is deep seating, offering enough space for its users. 

The surface of this apron front sink is non-porous and glossy. It is suitable for a contemporary or traditional country home kitchen. You will have an easy time doing the dishes or washing your vegetables on this Kohler cast iron farmhouse sink.

4. Round Apron Front Farmhouse Sink For A Contemporary Kitchen

Get the perfect kitchen centerpiece of your house in this 33 inch rounded farmhouse Apron Front Sink. Its bowl is made of Mexican copper and a traditional style making it a gem in your country home. This farm house sink rectangular in shape and has a large interior dimension. Additionally, this copper farmhouse sink has a big drain hole to filter and drain water easily. This double basin farm sink installed using the farmhouse apron front method which makes it the best for your farmhouse. Add the Rounded basin to your home and create a new look in your kitchen.

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5.Signature Hardware Undermount Sink For An Exotic Kitchen

The Signature undermount farmhouse sink is among the best farmhouse sinks available for your kitchen. It features a farmhouse style and copper construction. 

It has a height of 10” and its single basin measures 27″ L x 17″ W x 9-5/8″ which is large enough for the dishes. However, you will require some cabinets with an open front. This copper farmhouse sink tops the list of the best farmhouse sinks and brings inspiration to your kitchen.

6. Sarlai Double Basin Farmhouse Sink For Rustic Kitchens

This double farmhouse sink is made of porcelain, ceramic, and fireclay. And because of these materials it is durable, resistant to heat and stain resistant. This double sink for farmhouse is among the best apron front sinks and you will not need a countertop or a cart. 

It has a white color and boasts a farmhouse design. This white farm kitchen sink stain-resistant and you can coordinate it with any color in your kitchen. Its extra deep bowl has enough space and round corners making it generous enough to hold extra dishes. Also, it doesn’t vibrate and you will enjoy a quiet use. This white farmhouse sink features a reversible design and you can fix it from the back or front.

7. Whitehaus Collection Farmhouse Sink That Brightens Your Kitchen

Save on space by making an order of Whitehaus Collection for a farmhouse. It is made of fireclay material and features a glossy style and size. This rectangular-shaped sink is stain and fade resistant making it one of the best options in terms of hygiene. 

However, you must embrace the responsibility of taking care of it. You will not need to create extra space by buying a cart. The only lower side of this fireclay farmhouse sink is that you will order its grid separately but that doesn’t beat the look it brings to your room.

8. Kraus Drop In Farm Style Sink Black

Create a new and classic look with one of the best Kraus farmhouse sinks. It is made of stainless steel materials with a farmhouse workstation style. You can easily prepare your meal and wash the dishes thanks to its integrated ledge. Unlike most sinks, Kraus has a dish drying rack that protects your countertop from moisture. 

It comes with a strainer, drain cover, and a dish grid. It has an offset drainage system on a sloped bottom. Moreover, it has an undercoating for absorption of noise and vibration. Your work will be easy while using this black farmhouse sink’s steel bottom grid. This Kraus sink is one of the best farmhouse sink for the money.

9. Signature Hardware Farm House Sinks For A Tranquil Kitchen

Give your kitchen some charm and beauty with the Signature Hardware farmhouse sink. It is made of copper and baked through a french process. You can fill the bowl with plenty of water and clean your utensils well. However, you might be required to install some cabinets with an open front sink lip before fixing this apron front modern sink. Its bowl is pressed and doesn’t have welds on the interior. You will install the sink easily because it comes with mounting tools. Redefine your cooking room and keep it modern with the Signature classic sink.

10.Vintage Tub Iron Farmhouse Sink For Vintage Kitchens

This is one of the best vintage farmhouse sink and if you prefer something that brings your kitchen to life, this is the perfect piece. The sink is durable thanks to its layer of hard porcelain enamel and cast iron farmhouse sinks which makes it strong and sturdy. It is available in many colors and will brighten your room. Add this beauty to your home and elevate its interior.

11. Koozzo 30 Inch Farmhouse sink Made For A Ceramic Kitchen

The Koozzo sink for the farmhouse has a reversible single bowl and a strainer. It is made of ceramic porcelain and fireclay materials that make it strong and durable. This fireclay farmhouse sink will filter any debris as you drain water through it. This sink for ceramic kitchens doesn’t hold stains making it the best choice.

12. Sarlai 30 Inch Farm Kitchen Sink To Pop Up Modern Kitchens

This American classic sink for a farmhouse is popular and will create the much-needed space without the need for a cart. It boasts a 16 gauge of stainless steel material making it strong and rust-resistant. Sinks for kitchens should save on space and this is the reason you may consider it. This stainless steel farmhouse sink is versatile and you can turn it into a cutting board.

13. HXHN Inset Square Sink For A Simple Farmhouse Kitchen

Durability is a factor in any kitchen sink for a farmhouse and that’s what HXHN boasts. It is strong to serve you for long. You can use it for any kitchen style because it features a contemporary design. It will take a few minutes to have it mounted. You will love your kitchen once you buy this sink because it is well polished and has high performance.


Farmhouse sinks are popular but available in different styles. Your choice should be based on the standard you want and the site of the house. Each sink discussed above has its standard and is available through shipping or physical purchase. Make a statement for your kitchen by purchasing any of the sinks.

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