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10 Farmhouse Shower Curtain Ideas that You’ll Love

Most of us look forward to a hot soothing shower after a long day. And a relaxing shower space should have a good farmhouse shower curtain, anti-skid mat and the best towels. 

The right shower curtain adds privacy, softens the space, and creates the illusion of a larger space. To help you decide on what best suits your bathroom décor, we’ve rounded up these farmhouse bathroom shower curtain ideas for you.

 Whether you are looking for a colorful option with a summery feel or a plain sophisticated option, you’ll get inspired here. And, use these tips to narrow down the list further.

  • Fabric type 

Country shower curtains are made of different fabrics. And, the material you choose has a great on the design of the bathroom. The most commonly used materials are cotton or vinyl. The type you choose depends on your décor and budget. 

Cotton shower curtains cost more but have a rich texture and elegant look. On the other hand, vinyl is cheaper and easier to clean. They are also available in various colors and prints.

 If you are looking for a spa-like feel and look, cotton shower curtains are the best options for you and if you want something that dries quickly and is low budget, vinyl curtains are the perfect choice. And, a quick tip, if you opt for cotton bathroom curtains also buy a liner since most options are not waterproof. 

  • Size

What is the right size for a farmhouse shower curtain? There are three common sizes: 

  • 70 x 70 – inches 
  • 70 x 72 – inches 
  • 72 x 72 – inches

So, which size is right for your bathroom? According to experts, are ideas for the standard bathtub (60 inches). If you, like me, prefer a fuller appearance, go for the 72 x 72-inch curtains.

 If you have a larger farmhouse bathtub, add about 10 – 12  inches to the standard curtain length. Also, before you choose a curtain below, make sure to measure the length between the rod and floor, then decide which size is best for your country style bathroom. 

  • Choosing color 

Bold vs neutral? Honestly this depends on your taste. Some people prefer neutral shower curtain colors while others prefer a bright, fun space and opt for bright colored options. Now, so that no one is left out we’ve included both neutral and colored farmhouse bathroom curtains. Also, when choosing, decide if you want prints or plain design.

  • Hookless  vs Rings
Curtain with rings
Curtain with rings
hookless curtain
Hookless Curtain

Another important thing to keep in mind is whether you need shower curtains with grommets or hookless options that glides across a shower rod. Mmmh… again this depends on personal preferences … and my favorites are the bathroom grommet curtains since they add a touch of sophistication to any space.

1. Volens Farmhouse Bathroom Shower Curtain With beautiful Ruffles

With thousands of 5-star reviews, the Volens is no ordinary curtain. It is made of 100% polyester, a material that is machine washable and durable. The interior of the curtain is lined with waterproof material that ensures the curtain remains dry and keeps the ground dry. 

And, what really sets the Volens country bathroom apart from others on the market is its gorgeous grey tone and ruffles. I fell in love with those stylish ruffles. 

The gray tone blends perfectly with most bathroom décor and I like that it’s not too distracting. Also the tone has a way of calming one’s mind. For the ruffles they give the space a sophisticated touch. Also this gray shower curtain comes with 12 hooks for easy installation.

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2. Lush Décor Boho Shower Curtain for a pop of color

There is something about bohemian décor that lifts the spirit. The splash of vibrant colors can turn a dull room into a vibrant space. Lush Décor has some awesome farmhouse shower curtains and their boho option has lots of awesome reviews. 

This boho option is made of polyester and has a soft stylish look and feel. Also, this 72 x 72 curtain comes in other colors such as turquoise so you have the option to pick one that matches your bathroom best.

3. Jawo Curtain with a Modern Touch

Skip the prints, set aside the stripes and go for this Jawo Modern farmhouse curtain. What makes it better than the other options on this list? One, this curtain is perfect for a scandi-inspired farmhouse.

 Also, it stands out because of its written print and floral top and bottom. The Jawo is made from machine washable fabric and is lined with PVS to keep water from spilling on the floor.

 Another praise the Jawo has is its available in 6 sizes with the smallest dimensions being 36 x 70 inches and the largest being 69 x 84 inches. This cute modern curtain will be a great addition to your bathroom.

4. Lagute Hookless Shower Curtain

Remember I mentioned about hookless or no hook shower curtains? Well, the Lagute is one of such. All you need is a good farmhouse curtain rod and you are good to go. 

This blue curtain is one of the best shower curtains on the market with a beautiful color appearance. What else? The shower curtain’s features a beautiful outer design that gives it a coastal look and feel.

 Also it has a sheer window that allows in enough light without compromising on privacy and a snap-in liner that repels water. This gorgeous coastal curtain will brighten up your space. 

5. Barossa Design Buffalo Checked Rustic Curtain

Checked print is always in fashion. It’s a timeless classic look. And, if your preference is checked shower curtains, this Barossa Design Buffalo option is the perfect addition for your bathroom.

 This curtain is available in 6 colors to match your aesthetic. It is made of a blend of premium materials that give it a more expensive look than what you’ll actually pay. The materials are wrinkle free and  do not shrink. They are also waterproof.

 Its top header comes with 12 grommets so you can hang this shower curtain easily. So, if you are looking for a black and white shower curtain for your French country style bathroom, this checked curtain is the perfect fit.

6. NYMB Vintage Bathroom Curtain

Looking for the perfect work of art? This vintage shower curtain will make the perfect centerpiece for any bathroom. The NYMB has a unique barn door print that makes it stand out from other country shower curtains.

 Also, this curtain is pretty large, 69 x 70 inches and will offer you the privacy you need. Its size is ideal for the standard bathtub.

Apart from the unique design, it features 12 hooks that make it easy to install and glide across a farmhouse shower curtain rod. If the vintage style is your thing, this barn door curtain  is a great choice.

7. AmazerBath White Curtain for an Elegant Bathroom

There is something about the color white. Most white products are great at adding not only a touch of style but also elegance. If you are looking to elevate your bathroom, why not try this white shower curtain.

 Here are some reasons why this option should be on your top 3 list. One, its heavier , by about a pound, than other options on this list. A heavy shower curtain does not blow around and lasts longer. 

Also, this white curtain has a beautiful waffle weave pattern that gives it a soft appearance. It has 12 metal grommets for easy hanging and that are rust resistant. This pure white shower curtain will transform your bathroom into a luxurious space. 

8. Batori Black Shower Curtain

If you are looking for a not so common curtain … you know those unique and kind of naughty shower curtains for your farmhouse master bedroom, this black shower curtain is a nice pick. 

This machine washable vinyl curtain is simple and great at showing your fun side. “get naked” two bold words that will leave you giggling and help distress you. This gorgeous black option is perfect for the bathroom of your dreams.

9. Barossa Green Curtain with Fabric Liner

Fill your shower space with texture and color with the Barossa Green Curtain. This solid shower curtain promises a pop of color ensuring your space is not boring. The green color also adds a touch of the outdoors and if you love nature walks, this curtain is a must-have. 

The curtain is available in other colors but we love the green due to its uniqueness. And, it already has a snap-in fabric liner that repels water. This cotton show curtain will look great with a colorful mat.

10. WestWeir Pink Shower Curtain for Modern Farmhouse

Pink shower curtains are what most interior designers recommend for people looking who want a soft and feminine look in their bathroom. This cute curtain is made of microfiber, a material that is soft to the touch and easy on the eyes. 

Its unique ruffle design adds charm to your bathroom décor. And there is more, this warm pink shower curtain measures 72 x 72 inches and will wrap around your bathtub to prevent spillage. It’s also easy to care for, you can machine wash or hand wash it. This elegant pink curtain is a great option for a modern farmhouse.


A shower curtain is vital in your farmhouse bathroom décor. And choosing the right one can be tasking. Whether you are going for a coastal look or a sophisticated feel, the ideas above will help you pull the bathroom of your dreams. 

We’ve rounded up country style shower curtains that are brightly colored and some neutral colored for monochrome bathrooms. Also, use the tips at the beginning to help you choose the right one for you.

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