farmhouse kitchen island

17 Farmhouse Kitchen Island Ideas for a Rustic Look

A farmhouse kitchen island is a must-have in any kitchen. This essential feature can make or break your space. Depending on the size of your kitchen, you could go for a small compact option or a broad option with a kitchen sink.

Below we’ll explore some ideas to inspire your choice of design, size, shape and finish. Some ideas are ideal for small spaces while other kitchen islands are perfect for large spaces. Ready to get the farmhouse island of your dream? Let’s get started.

Farmhouse Islands Ideas for a Modern Home

farmhouse kitchen island ideas

1. Rustic Breakfast Bar with Seating

farmhouse kitchen island ideas

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This island is the perfect centerpiece for any country home. Long and slim design offers extra counter space for meal prepping, eating hearty meals, holding conversations or doing homework. The rich dark brown base complements the white countertop. We love the open bottom that provides enough leg space.

On the background, the gorgeous farmhouse shelves that hug the ceiling offer plenty of space for your kitchen items. For the island decor, you can decorate it using an artificial sunflower arrangement with vase.

2. Stylish Weathered Look with Extra Counter Space

Source: shenandoahkitchenandhome

Versatile and functional. This farmhouse kitchen island has enough space for your farmhouse sink and faucet. With a gorgeous weathered look and black marble surface, you can create the kitchen of your dream.

The designer has added an outlet on one side so you can charge your devices or plugin your gadgets. For comfortable seating, you can add a few farmhouse bar stools. Pendant lights will help light the entire kitchen. Best antique focal point for a modern cottage kitchen.

3. Keep it sophisticated with white farmhouse kitchen islands

Farmhouse home decor is known for its white color and rich textures. If you love a classic look, try this idea. Made of durable wood, this white kitchen island has more to offer compared to the options above. Can you put a stove in a kitchen island?

Yes a four burner stove and an oven can fit perfectly. And for extra storage, the above design has drawers with metal handles to add an industrial to the rustic look. Place a large farmhouse rug and add industrial chandelier to light the entire kitchen.

4. Small wood Kitchen Island for Small Room


For a small space, you need a small wood kitchen island. Made of solid hardwood material, it serves as a work table to prepare your meals and also provides storage space for small kitchen items. White paint base will blend seamlessly with other home decor. Bunn legs ensure its stability and add intrigue to its overall look. Bottom shelf can hold a potted plant to add some color. Perfect piece for small kitchens.


On a budget? You can still transform your farmhouse kitchen into a functional space using this small farmhouse kitchen island. Beautiful ivory exterior contrasts the natural wood surface. You’ll love the size of this wooden farmhouse kitchen cart. Shelves for extra storage for pots and pans and small side shelves to keep your spices close. You can use this kitchen island in your small kitchen or in your outdoor kitchen.

5. Opt for Portable Island

Don’t like white? Add warmth to your room with this small country style island. Weighing about 64 pounds, it can hold up to 200 lbs with built-in wheels for easy portability. Open shelf design provides plenty of space of cookware while 45-inch smooth surface is enough for meal prepping. Comes with drawers with metal cup pull handles so you can open and close them easily. Also available in chestnut.

6. Farm style kitchen island for a fresh look

Another small sophisticated and practical farmhouse kitchen island. Rustic top and shelf to show off your sense of style. The Aurora farmhouse island table features a gorgeous sizable top for meal prepping and a white bottom. Comes with towel bars to hang your towels and drawers for small kitchen hardware. Create a functional and stylish space indoors or outdoor using this cottage kitchen island.

7. Weathered look with chic countertop

Love glossy surfaces? Beautiful weathered look, wide white top, space for up to 4 barstools with back, there is plenty to borrow from this inspiration. Rustic cabinet background and laminate flooring match beautifully to complete the traditional look.

Gorgeous modern kitchen lighting adds a touch of modernity. Constructed from durable materials, this rustic breakfast bar is suitable for minimalist and maximalist spaces. Brick wall finish brings everything together.

8. Simple is the new trend

kitchen island

 Don’t have the budget for a large high-end kitchen island? Budget-friendly, simple yet elegant. This inspiration is also ideal for anyone who likes portable kitchen islands that they can use anywhere in their home.

Gorgeous gold metal base complements the glossy top. The two glass shelves create enough space for kitchen items. The center shelf is perfect for a small potted plant, I prefer a cacti. Plenty of space for two stools and when not in use you can nestle them under the table.

9. Add color to your farmhouse kitchen island

farm island

Don’t like the plain white look? Repaint your island and add color and fun to your country kitchen. This traditional style farmhouse island is not only gorgeous but adds intrigue to any space. Beautiful rustic wood top complements the wooden chairs. Built-in oven so you can bake your goodies. Large blue rug to complement this large rustic farmhouse island table. Large enough to fit several pieces of furniture.

10. Create space for your wine bottles on the farmhouse kitchen island

island with wine cabinet

Don’t have a wine cellar? Instead of purchasing a wine cooler, you can opt to have a built-in wine storage in your kitchen island. This white farmhouse island features a wine storage on the side. It can hold up to 20 bottles. We also love the kitchen’s open plan design that allows you and your guest to access it with ease. Sophisticated, chic, and functional.

11. Consider adding a double sink for convenience

Open kitchens are the new norm. Trendy and classic. Now, because of the space, you’ll have to be creative to create a functional and convenient kitchen. A double sink in your kitchen island is one of the best ideas for making your kitchen more functional.

Prep your meals on one side white cleaning your dishes on the other side or clean dishes without mixing them. Beautiful waterproof marble paper matches with gray tile flooring. Outlet on the side makes it easy to use your gadgets on the kitchen island.

12. Go for hidden lights to add some color

farmhouse island lighting

The are different ways to light your rustic island. You can use a chandelier, using recessed lights, and under-cabinet lighting. To highlight the best features of your island, you can use cove lighting technique to add colored bulbs to background. This pic of kitchen island shows an inviting and ambient space. The purple lighting add warmth to this u-shaped kitchen.

13. Make good use of the sides

kitchen storage

Low ceilings and open plan kitchen has some challenges. One of them being storage. Unlike a closed kitchen with high ceilings, you can have as many cabinets as you want. But,there is a way round this.

With a small farmhouse kitchen island, you can create a multi-purpose space by adding bars on the side for your mitts and towels, and open back for your pans and pots. White countertop and sharp edges adds a touch of elegance to the entire kitchen.

14. Add Kitchen islands to a large space

two style islands

If you have a large kitchen, you can create more working space by building an island between the two counters. Also, instead of the traditional white color, opt for a different shade to make the space eye catching. drawers and shelves provide plenty of space for your cookware and chopping boards and tools. Outlet for convenience.

15. Mix different decor styles

farm kitchen

A mix of antique style and industrial decor can bring your kitchen to life. Rich brown wood kitchen island beautifully matches the wooden flooring and cabinets. barn style pendants and huge spoon and fork wall decor add an industrial touch to the settings. High back chairs ensure your comfort and the base complement the rustic kitchen table. Ideal for large kitchens.

16. Farmhouse kitchen island ideas for Book Lovers

rustic kitchen island with bookshelf

One of the best ways to keep your latest reads close is by including a small bookshelf into your farmhouse kitchen island design. This allows you to read a page or two while cooking delicious meals. Also, you can keep your cook books close. Place unique distressed candle holders to decorate the space.

17. Keep things simple

Lastly, if space is an issue, you can build your island as extension of your other working space. Simple, smooth, and beautiful. Has enough space for three stools.

Country Kitchen Island Decor Ideas

Styling this surface is important. You need to give this surface life and a fresh look. Here are some styling tips for farmhouse kitchen island.

  • Try a fruit bowl

Love fruit? Keep your produce fresh and kitchen island stylish by using a glass bowl. Use different types fruit that are in season. Beautiful and elegant.

  • Use flowers to make a statement
kitchen counter decor

A few flowers in a cute little vase maybe what your kitchen island is craving for. Go for a collection with different colors and a unique vase is a great plus.

  • Colored eggs decor for your kitchen table
country kitchen island

Place a jar of colored eggs on your kitchen island to make it more intriguing. The larger the island the larger the jar.

  • Herbs

Decorate your kitchen island using pot. Depending on the size of the surface, you can get one or two pots and plant herbs of your choice. We recommend you go for those that do well indoors.

  • Farmhouse canisters
farmhouse canisters

Place a few decorative tin jars on your kitchen island. You can go for different colored canisters to add character to the surface. Perfect way to add style and store dry foods.

  • Bowls
cottage kitchen ideas

Stylish green bowls a great decor ideas for farmhouse kitchen island. Add a few potted plants to complete the look.

  • Candles
farmhouse style kitchen island

Lastly, a 5 candle candelabra could be what your kitchen island needs. Beautiful and durable, will ensure your room is well lit.


Farmhouse kitchen islands come in different styles, sizes and designs. Looking for inspiration? The ideas above will help you get started. From long rustic islands for large kitchens to smaller islands for small spaces, there is something for everyone.

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