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29 Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets Ideas for Rustic Charm

Do you want to add a rustic country touch to your kitchen? Farmhouse style  is now a popular decor style embraced by top interior designers and modern home owners.

The good thing about farmhouse décor style is that most of the items are repurposed items so it’s inexpensive. You can use reclaimed wood, old antiques and pretty much anything with a country touch to amp your farmhouse kitchen.

The kitchen is where all the delicacies are made and for that reason, you have to make sure that this space of your home is magnificent because it is the center of concern.

Anyone who comes to your home might want to take a glimpse of your cooking space and thus you have to make sure that the space has an incredible look.

Kitchen cabinets are easily noticeable and thus you might want to do a flawless job when it comes to choosing the type of cabinets to put up in your kitchen. If you’re just renovating the kitchen, you might want to ensure that the kitchen cabinets become the center of attraction.

Kitchen cabinets are used for storage and display and that is why we say they are the center of attraction because in one way or the other when someone goes into your kitchen.

So how do you ensure that you get the best looking kitchen cabinets without going overboard? You will need to be a bit creative to get an admirable and functional kitchen cabinet.

With different kinds of hardware and paints, and wood options, you can get a little bit overwhelmed on what to choose.

Luckily, we combined some inspirational ideas that can help you renovate your kitchen cabinets. These farmhouse kitchen ideas are cheap and they blend in well with both modern and farmhouse style.

Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for Modern Home

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1. Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen With Wall Mounted Wine Rack And An Island

rustic farmhouse kitchen cabinets

If you’re aiming for an all rustic style in your kitchen then this idea is probably something you’d love. From the rustic kitchen cabinets to a rustic wall mounted wine rack everything in this farmhouse kitchen space looks superb.

The rustic island with a small sink can be a great point to wash and chop your vegetables. You can add a simple flower vase on top of the island or put up a basket of faux fruits to spruce up the space.

2. Modern Farmhouse Cream Cabinets With Rustic Stools

gray modern farmhouse kitchen

Farmhouse  cabinets are not only meant for country homes. Based on this idea, you can see that a combination of modern and farmhouse style kitchen easily grabs anyone’s attention. Be a little bit creative and add some signs and curtains that blend in with your colors and style.

You can add two or more rustic stools around the farmhouse kitchen island where your loved ones can sit and have some snacks when you’re busy in the kitchen.

3. Farmhouse Luxury Cabinets With Wagon Wheel Five Light Chandelier

farm style kitchen cabinets

If you’re aiming for a luxurious style for your kitchen design then you can derive some inspiration from this luxurious kitchen with farmhouse kitchen cabinets with marble countertops. Generally, marble countertops usually bring out some kind of elegance in kitchen spaces.

Get a round wagon wheel kitchen chandelier that will add an ancient look on your ceiling while illuminating the kitchen.

The two rugs placed on the different points on the island add a touch of luxury to the floors. You can get some bohemian area rugs and place them in different points like beside the counter and beside the kitchen island.

4. Rustic Cabinets With A Round Rustic Dining Table

country style kitchen cabinet

An elegant and beautiful kitchen space with ceramic countertops. One thing we love about this idea is how seamless and natural everything looks.

If you’re looking to add a dining area in your kitchen, the small round rustic dining table with four chairs can be ideal. What about a kitchen island with an open cabinet on the side to help with the storage of your mason jars with cereal? Of course it’s a brilliant idea.

The floating pan storage on the shelves takes the kitchen space to a whole new level with the copper pans displayed.

5. Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets With Glass Pendant Lights

farmhouse kitchen with white cabinets

A lovely open kitchen with white farmhouse cabinets with dark marble kitchen countertops make this kitchen look so beautiful.

They say black is another color that speaks volumes when it comes to interior décor. The small island with cream cabinets and black marble acts as a center of attraction. There’s no doubt this kitchen will give your guests something to talk about for a long time after visiting you.

Add an antique farmhouse piece of lighting like these cylindrical glass pendant lights with three pieces dangling from the ceiling. The pendant glass lights illuminate the kitchen space and act as a piece of kitchen decor too.

6. Farmhouse Cabinets and Shiplap Walls

white farmhouse cabinets

There’s so much love and harmony in this kitchen space and it can easily be felt with the combination of the white colored kitchen cabinets combined with the blue upholstered kitchen chairs with wooden legs.

The marble top on the kitchen island also adds a spark of elegance and you can sum up everything with some small plants on the island to bring some life to the kitchen space.

What we really love is the cylindrical glass lights hanging separately on the white ceiling. This idea is amazing especially for those people who want a little touch of farmhouse style on their modern homes.

7. Farmhouse Wooden Kitchen Cabinets With L-Shaped Marble Top Island

farmhouse cabinet doors

How about this glossy planks kitchen cabinets with wooden tiles and some flowers on top of the cabinets? This is a lovely farmhouse style kitchen idea for any type of house decor style.

The vaulted ceiling with a small farmhouse kitchen chandelier makes everything smooth in the kitchen space with the upholstered chairs besides the kitchen island.

8. Spice It Up With Patterned Subway and Industrial Pendant Lights

kitchen cupboards

There’s a lot you can do in a farmhouse style kitchen and this idea is just one of them. You can go a little bit electric by putting up two industrial pendant lights and add a blue subway with cute patterns.

The modern farmhouse style kitchen with white wood flooring and white walls makes this place so classy. Add a glass flower vase on the kitchen island to add some life to the space.

You can also have some open shelving cabinets on one side of the wall and use it to display your cups or  store other things.

9. Illuminate The Kitchen Island With Sphere Glass Pendant Light

Turn your dated kitchen into a custom spacious farmhouse kitchen design with this idea of white and gold crisp kitchen. If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen space into an elegant space, playing around with white colors and a touch of gold will work just great.

The kitchen island with a white planter and a basket of fruits makes the kitchen look beautiful. The sphere glass pendant style light with gold painted light fixture offers beautiful illumination on the kitchen island.

You can use the sphere glass light to create a diffused illumination in any part of your house too. Add another multi-plane design light on the foyer or entry and create a funky modern kitchen style.

Open shelving might be useful for extra storage and display. Place your mason jars on the open shelves and two planters with some faux plants.

The light wood floors, white cabinets and the quartz countertop and white subway bring out a modern country feel to this kitchen and it can be the best inspiration if you’re trying to redo your urban kitchen to attain a farmhouse accent in your space. Add a gorgeous undermount kitchen sink to complete the look.

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10. Shaker Style Kitchen With White Cabinets and Wood Flooring

traditional farmhouse kitchen

Sometimes its easier to work with huge kitchen spaces than small kitchen spaces. And like in other beautiful kitchen designs we have come across, this beach house kitchen has white custom made cabinetry.

The natural wood flooring brings out a bit of country accent. If you’re looking for a minimalist kitchen design then this shaker style kitchen idea is amazing.

The pendant glass lights with an extended light fixture brings a beautiful contrast on the kitchen island. One or two small planters on the countertop and a sink add some life in this huge shaker kitchen.

11. Go White And Bright

farm style cabinets

White and black colors are great for those people who want nothing less of elegance. Farmhouse kitchen cabinets with white doors a black subway takes the kitchen to a whole new level.

Have you considered adding a piece of art on your kitchen walls yet? What about adding a gray elephant wall art on one of your kitchen walls?

We love how everything in the kitchen blends so well with the huge silver fridge in the kitchen. A white island with two wooden stools can offer you and your loved one a cool spot for having snacks.

12. Cherry Wood Cabinets With Backsplash Kitchen Tiles

country farm kitchens

Cherry wood is a closed grain type of wood which is a perfect choice for kitchen cabinets because it is durable. It is hard to spot a decay on your cherry wood kitchen cabinets.

You can never go wrong with backsplash tiles. The tiles blend in so well with the open shelving. You might need extra storage and a cabinet above the fridge might be ideal.

13. Modern Country Kitchen Cabinets

farmhouse kitchen designs

It’s easy for anyone to fall in love with this modern country kitchen. It’s minimalist design makes it elegant and cute. Most people tend to fall in love easily with white kitchen designs.  To couple it up, the kitchen island comes with an apron sink.

A white and blue striped rug is ideal besides the kitchen island. Illuminate the kitchen island with ball shaped pendant lights. You can add two stylish black kitchen seats with metallic legs to the kitchen island.

14. Luxurious Farmhouse Style Kitchen With Open-Faced Cabinets And Glass Backsplash

country white cabinets

Make the kitchen backsplash tiling absolute by adding a premium glass backsplash on the counter and above the stove.  You might need extra storage or decorative floating shelves on the other side of the wall.

Luxury is a dream of everyone and adding two seats and a coffee table to your kitchen space brings the luxury you need.

Sparkle up the kitchen by adding a small planter with a faux succulent on the table and a big palm tree behind one seat.

15. Contemporary White Farmhouse Cabinets

kitchen open face cabinets

You don’t need a lot of decorations to have a beautiful and elegant kitchen. This contemporary kitchen style just explains that statement. White is a color that sparkles and brightens up any space effortlessly.

With the white kitchen cabinets, you only need a few or no decorative items at all. A wooden island with a white top and an accent piece on top of the island brings a country feel to your modern kitchen space.

16. Play With Brown And Beige

green kitchen cabinets

We have seen a lot of farmhouse style kitchen ideas with white, gray or black colors. This farmhouse style kitchen has broken the norm. You can go for brown and beige colors and you’ll be amazed how stunning your kitchen will look.

Add three beige seats besides the kitchen island with marble top. A planter with a palm tree spruces up the space.

17. Open-Faced Kitchen Cabinets With Hexagon Backsplash Tiles

white country kitchen

You don’t want a busy looking kitchen? You can pick white hexagon shaped backsplash tiles. This kitchen is without a doubt eye catching.

The combination of the white colors and the bits of wood make it stunning. Open-faced kitchen cabinets are a good choice especially if you want to display some of your utensils.

18. Wooden Chest of Drawers

country kitchen cupboards

You might need additional storage space but you can’t add more kitchen cabinets. In this case, a kitchen chest of drawers might be the best option.

Chest of drawers are great and can be added to any farmhouse style kitchen. Add a whitewashed chest of drawers to your kitchen with a soft wood top and store extra items in the drawers.

19. White Cabinets With Mosaic Backsplash Tiles

above cabinet decor farmhouse

We love how this kitchen space combines modern with farmhouse style kitchen decor. The mosaic kitchen tiles also blend in perfectly with the big white cabinet doors.

The glass chandelier above the kitchen island looks so beautiful and it compliments the kitchen perfectly.

20. Farmhouse Style Cabinets With Rustic Bar Stools

small farmhouse kitchen layout

Remodel your kitchen space with this farmhouse style kitchen by adding some rustic bar stools. These stainless steel wire stools can give your farmhouse style kitchen an industrial touch immediately you add them to your kitchen counter or kitchen island.

The white farmhouse cabinets and two tire open shelves can give you a great space to display your mason jars and a photo frame.

Everything looks amazing in this farmhouse and of course the plants on the open shelving and another besides the kitchen counter ties everything together

21. Trendy Chick Black Farmhouse Style Kitchen Cabinets

black kitchen cabinets

If you are a minimalist and love flat lay style then this is one of the best kitchen ideas you can gain inspiration from. Most farmhouse kitchens tend to have lots of stuff.

However, it doesn’t mean that all farmhouse kitchens must have all those items. You can add a few pieces of furniture like in this kitchen where we have just two black chairs. 

This open space kitchen is super stylish with a contrast of black and white with a creamy touch. If you’re looking for a farmhouse kitchen idea that combines a modern touch and luxury then here you have it.

The combination of bronze, gold and silver elements makes it hard to ignore the elegance in this modern farmhouse kitchen.

22. White Luxurious Kitchen With Off-White Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

vintage farmhouse kitchen

You don’t have to go all rustic and vintage to have a cute farmhouse kitchen. You can remodel your kitchen space into a modern kitchen space and add some farmhouse elements and you’re good to go.

Take a look at this beautiful modern kitchen with a lot of white and brown wood flooring. This is one of those farmhouse kitchens you’d wish to call yours. The white kitchen cabinets, white walls, the big glass door and the marble countertops makes this kitchen a paradise.

23. White Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets With A Distressed Blue Island

Country backsplash dark cabinets

Want to redesign your kitchen to something that will remind you of the oceans? Paint your island blue and keep some of the special memories you gathered before you retired.

Shiplap kitchen styles will never seize to trend. Give your kitchen space a farmhouse touch by adding the white shiplap. The blue island with extra storage on the side sparks up the kitchen space.

You might want to add a brown rug on the wood floor where the kitchen sink is.

24. Brown Wooden Cabinets With Cute Area Rugs

white country kitchen ideas

We love how effortlessly this kitchen design brings the outside world inside. Farmhouse style cabinets always have simple lines, plain trims and panels. These farmhouse kitchen cabinets have a natural finish making them carry a strong rustic appeal.

Some area rugs on different points in the kitchen can bring in beauty and comfort. Because you just want to create a farmhouse style kitchen, there’s no need to add ornamental elements.

25. Elegant Modern Farmhouse White Cabinets With Black Knobs

cabinet images

A perfect farmhouse kitchen idea especially for those with small kitchen spaces. The white wood cabinets with black accents brings out some class and elegance. Match the tile backlash with a greyish marble countertop.

Your farmhouse kitchen style cabinets now looks cute and bright but you might want to spruce it up by adding a planter on the countertop. Pick a white planter to match your farmhouse kitchen cabinets to create a cozy kitchen space.

26. Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets With Dark Floor

kitchen decor

You can combine modern and farmhouse kitchen styles to create a contemporary kitchen that you’d love. Get some art on your farmhouse kitchen cabinets and some large door knobs unlike the usual small knobs for a unique farmhouse style kitchen.

The grey chairs with dark legs match the dark floor. With lots of white in this kitchen, you definitely need some black to create a contrast.

Some brown open shelving at the corner of your farmhouse kitchen cabinets create an extra storage or a display space for additional items.

27. Cozy Farmhouse Kitchen With Wood Cabinets And Grey Sofa

open cabinets

We love this unique farmhouse kitchen with big wood cabinets and a sofa to create a relaxing mood. If you don’t want to add wood bar stools to your kitchen space, then you can add a cozy sofa instead.

With the natural wood cabinets, a farmhouse kitchen style is achieved. Add some dark colored kitchen cabinet knobs to compliment the look.

28. Aesthetic Minimalist Farmhouse Kitchen With Wood Cabinets

You can make your kitchen look beautiful while remaining minimal. We love how aesthetic this kitchen space looks with laminate flooring and the natural wood cabinets. Add a beautiful lighting system and some modern kitchen appliances for a luxurious modern look.

29. Elegant Contemporary Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

country kitchen

Go overboard and adopt this brilliant farmhouse kitchen idea with elegant dark cabinets. There’s no doubt these kitchen cabinets can turn a basic kitchen to a luxurious one.

We love the LED lighting in the open shelves that brightens up the shelves. Add industrial ceiling lights and illuminate your kitchen space in style.

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