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7 Farmhouse Entryway Decor Ideas for A Great First Impression

Warm and welcoming. A farmhouse entryway is one of the most important areas in your home. It’s not only a place for your keys and coats, it provides guests with a preview of what to expect from the rest of the house. So, how do you make this space  unique and inviting?

In this post we’ll discuss some decor ideas that you can use to style your space. We’ll start from the top (ceiling) to the bottom (floor). Whether you want to create a rustic space or a mix and match of modern and vintage, you are in the right place. So, let’s start creating a harmonious and appealing foyer.

Farmhouse Foyer ideas

Farmhouse Entryway Decor Ideas

1. Door

Farmhouse doors are pretty simple to decorate. And no, you don’t have to use a wreath like most people. Here are a few vintage and modern ideas you can implement.

  • Flower basket: Flowers are a sure win. They add warmth to an entryway and make a good first impression.
  • Chalkboard sign: Best way to express your thoughts. You can write a simple “welcome”, an inspiring message, or something naughty depending on your mood for the day.
  • Planters: A vine plant or small tree will add intrigue to your door
  • You can also jazz up the door by adding a vintage mail slot at the bottom and your address on the top part of the door.

2. Entry Lighting Fixtures

Farmhouse entry lighting fixtures

The ceiling is often overlooked when decorating the home. And, to make sure you get it right the first time, start with your modern farmhouse ceiling. To add charm to this area, you need to install the right farmhouse lighting fixture. For a room with a high ceiling we recommend you go for a chandelier and flush mount lighting fixtures for low ceilings. You’ll also have to choose between rustic and industrial lighting options.

3. Window

Is there a window on your farmhouse entryway? Instead of a plain looking white or gray, use any of these farmhouse window treatment ideas for privacy and security.

White sheer curtains: Best for small entryways. Allows maximum natural light and makes the room feel airy.

Window Film: One of the best ways to make your interior more beautiful while blocking nosy neighbors is by using a film on your farmhouse entryway window.  Some options block UV rays too. B06XT1JQDK

Blinds: You’ll need only one window blind for each side. Farmhouse entryway blinds are affordable, easy-to-install and clean. They also come in different shades so you can choose what suits your decor style.

Roller shade: Another excellent decorative item you can have in your entryway is a roller shade. This multifunctional decor idea helps in not only blocking nosy eyes, it prevents warmth from escaping during winter months and is noise reducing.

4. Wall decor ideas

  • Wall paneling
hallway shiplap

Which is the best paneling for your entry space? I have a soft spot for shiplap walls. I think this type of paneling adds character and soul to a foyer. So, if you are looking to add warmth and texture to your home, I highly recommend you go for shiplap. But, if this is not your thing, there are other types of wooden paneling for home entryways.  You can go with tongue and groove paneling which is very similar to shiplap, V-groove or beadboard. . Painted white, gray or a color of your liking, good paneling will make your interior more inviting. Also here are some wall decor ideas for your entry way. 

  • Mirror

A good farmhouse mirror has multiple functions. One, it gives the illusion of a bigger room by maximizing on the lighting. Two, a rustic mirror is a statement piece. Three, for those of us who don’t get our make up right the first time, you can have one last chance to make it right before you head out.

Pretty cool, right? Choose a mirror that’ll meet your needs. Quick tip, if you have young kids, opt for distressed wall mount mirrors and with older kids or without kids, a go for a rustic mirror that can be placed on top of your entryway console.

  • Wreath

Decorative and welcoming, wreaths have been part and parcel of our lives from childhood to adulthood. Though optional, I like the greenery that comes with my eucalyptus wreath. Consider adding one in your entrance to boost positive vibes. You can also place it behind your front door.

  • Hooks

Another important farmhouse decor item is the hook. Available in different designs, farmhouse hooks for walls are a great way to organize your coats, scarfs, hats and more. And there are two ways you can go about adding hooks to your farmhouse entryway. One, you can screw in single pieces into the wall or screw in wooden racks with hooks mounted on them. Opt for double hook design to maximize on space.

  • Sign

Are farmhouse signs out of style? No, every year there are plenty of new chic and trendy signs that will go well with a modern farmhouse. From simple ‘welcome’ signs to cute options ‘home sweet home’ to inspiration signs, there are plenty of signs suited for a country style home.

  • Clock

In the age of smartphones, there are those of us who still prefer the traditional way of checking time; a good farmhouse clock. Your hallway will look awesome with a vintage  wall clock. For a big white entryway, opt for a large farmhouse wall clock (20 inches plus). A small farmhouse entryway can benefit from a small farmhouse clock (12 inches and below)

5. Modern Farmhouse Entryway Table Ideas

Next, you need to consider the type of table you need for your country entrance. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Simple yet stylish. This 46-inch table adds charm to any entryway. Made of durable wood and a gorgeous X-frame metal side, this design combines modern and vintage styles. I like that it has a shelf for extra storage.

Need something stylish without compromising on storage space, how about a table with plenty of drawers and shelves. Antique blue color ideal for a variety of decor styles.

A black and narrow farmhouse hall table for those with small spaces. Plenty of storage space on its tabletop and bottom shelf.

This half entryway table is a gem. Built for small foyers, it is available in white and black and will accent your interior.

As you shop for your farmhouse table, you should consider the size of the room, for larger rooms you can  go for large entryway tables while for smaller entryways opt for a long table to give the illusion of a bigger space.

Also, if you need space for your pillow, clutch bags and other small items, opt for an entryway table with drawers.

Next, let’s look at decorative ideas for your entryway table.

  • Lamp

I know you already installed a gorgeous chandelier but you need a farmhouse lamp on your table. A cottage style lamp will add glam and light to your space.

  • Vase

A beautiful floral arrangement adds warmth and natural beauty to a farmhouse. From rustic galvanized vases to ceramic options, there are a variety of styles to go with.

  • Books

Floral arrangement not your thing? How about you place a stack of books you’ve read. When I see a stack of books in someone’s home, I often think, “This is an open-minded person.” And I’m sure to enjoy my conversation with them.

  • Baskets

Most country style entryway tables come with a bottom shelf. And, the best way to maximize this space is by adding storage baskets. Add at least two woven baskets to make the space functional.

  • Potted Plants

Farmhouses and greenery go hand in hand. Your tabletop needs at least one potted plant. Need some entryway potted plants ideas? Aloe vera are hardy plants and do not require a lot of natural light. A money tree is another farmhouse entryway decor idea to consider. Place it next to your window and the plant will flourish. Also, potted succulent plants do not need a lot of light and will do well in your home.

  • Photo frames

Simple picture frames also add rustic charm to a farmhouse foyer. Have one or two pictures of your family or pet framed placed next to the lamp.

6. Bench Ideas

If you’d prefer a farmhouse decor bench, here are a few inspirations to get you started.

Elegant and multifunctional. This tall farmhouse bench is perfect for compact spaces. It has everything you need to make your room functional; hooks for your coats, shelves for your potted plants and baskets and  table for floral arrangement and lamp. Supports up to 250 pounds

A solid and practical choice for shoe lovers. Made of natural wood, this small farmhouse bench can support up to 550 lbs. It’s a practical solution for a narrow country hallway.

Affordable and chic. This bench constructed from reclaimed wood is as inviting as it is beautiful. Place a succulent on its top and you are good to go.

Another uniquely designed bench for farmhouse to consider. I like its distressed white look that adds a touch of sophistication to any farmhouse entryway. This design is also available in dark brown, beige, and blue.

Why choose a bench as opposed to an entry table? Farmhouse benches are shorter than entryways tables; you can sit while taking off your shoes. But, if you have a large entry room, you can have a table on one side and the hallway bench on the other.

Here are a few tips on how to style a hall bench

  • Pillow

Make your space cozy with a few farmhouse pillows. Are there rustic themed pillows? Yup, check these chic ideas.

A unique set of 4, each pillow featuring a unique style that is ideal for a cottage style entry. Soft and comfy, adding rustic elegance and warmth to your home.

Button pillows are a common feature in most farmhouse living rooms. Cover your pillows with these buttoned pillow covers to add a touch of vintage charm to your home. The material used is durable and cozy.

  • Try some blankets

Farmhouse throw blankets make your front entry look inviting and welcoming. For a white space, don’t be afraid to add a soft black blanket

7. Floor

How should you style your entryway floor? Here are some floor decor ideas you can consider

  • Area Rug

The main benefits of using a rug in your farmhouse entryway include.

  • Use it a statement piece
  • Ensures the area is warm
  • Helps in noise reduction
  • Comfortable compared to tiles
  • Brightens a room
  • Ties the entryway together

Farmhouse rugs come in different styles and sizes. Here are a few ideas

Available in three stunning colors, this buffalo plaid rug will add a pop of color to your space. Comfortable to touch and durable.

Handwoven for a country style home, this 3D tufted entry rug will elevate your farmhouse entryway.  I like its Moroccan design that is sure to turn heads. Perfect for a mid-size entryway.

For a large farmhouse entryway, we recommend this 7′ x 10′ rug. Distressed look adds vintage allure to your entry.


1. How do you decorate an entryway farmhouse style?

You want to keep your interior simple yet elegant. To make your entry welcoming, you can add a bench with a few pillows, a mirror, table with shelf and lamp, and a few baskets for storage.

2. What is the difference between farmhouse and modern farmhouse?

The main difference between the two is location. Traditional farmhouses are found in suburban or rural settings while modern farmhouses can be found in urban (city) settings. Also modern farmhouses have toned down on white interiors opting for colorful spaces with distressed look and feel.

3. What is the difference between rustic and farmhouse?

While both styles share some elements, there are a few key differences. Rustic decor is more rough-looking and is characterized by simple designs compared to farmhouse decor. Also, rustic furniture has a ‘bulky’ look with the joints exposed. Farmhouse style furniture designs are more complex and have a smooth sleek finish.

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