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17 Farmhouse Curtains Ideas for Living Room, Kitchen and Bedroom

The right farmhouse window treatments will add a touch of sophistication and life to any room in your home. Also, good farmhouse curtains should keep the glaring light out, to prevent your furniture and art from fading, without compromising on air quality and light. 

Choosing the right country curtains can be tasking. You have to consider the type, window size, length and more. But, we’ve got your back. The ideas below will help you choose what’s best for your home. 

There are beautiful sheers, heavy-duty full-length curtains, valances, burlaps, shutters and more. So, if you are looking to revamp your home, you can’t go wrong with any of these options.

Elegant Country Curtain Ideas that You’ll Love

1. Lush Décor Rosalie Rustic Farmhouse Curtains

Perfect for large farmhouse windows, the Rosalie rustic farmhouse curtains come in different colors and lengths. This white farmhouse curtain gives your windows a high-end appeal. They are expertly crafted from different materials and exude class and elegance. 

The lacy edge adds a dreamy touch to any space. Also, its thickness is great at keeping dust out but does not compromise on airflow. Also, you can hang these farmhouse curtains in one of two ways; by using the rod pocket or using clip rings. These gorgeous curtains will transform your living room into a cozy, well-lit space.

2. Exclusive Home Catarina Blackout Curtains

If you want curtains that block out lights, the Catarina are the perfect choice. The Catarina has a luxurious and lustrous look. Its layered design allows it to block out light and UV rays that could furniture or floor. 

These gorgeous curtains are available in different colors including black, turquoise, red, and soft grey. This drapey option can blackout your living room in an instant allowing you to take a nap or watch your TV without glare.

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3. Lush Décor Bohemian Curtains for a Pop of Color

Want to make your room look bigger? You need these Bohemian floor-length curtains. Farmhouse Boho curtains add color to any room.

Their colorful patterns create the perfect distraction and their floor-length size gives an illusion of height, making the room look bigger. This window treatment is the best way to add a unique and fun look to your living room or farmhouse bedroom.

4. Elite Home Printed Curtains for a Unique Kitchen

Shield the sun with these printed farmhouse kitchen window treatment ideas. This 3-piece curtain has a playful look and will brighten your kitchen. The rod pocket design makes installation easy and straightforward. This option is also suitable for bathroom windows.

5. Golden Rugs Window Panel Set

Though color plays a big role in elevating a room, the design of the farmhouse window treatment also has a role to play on how amazing and exciting a space looks. For example, this stylish burgundy panel set gives any space a luxurious and timeless look. 

The golden floral prints add a spot of color and allow you to use different colored pillows. Though the curtains are heavy, they are easy to draw and on a sunny day can be closed to darken the room. With these farmhouse curtains you’ll be sure to get compliments from your guests.

6. Arlo Farmhouse Blinds

Skip the sheers and heavy drapes and opt for simple yet elegant blinds. This window treatment idea is not only easy to use but also ideal for any room in your house. Available in 5 shades, this bamboo farmhouse window décor is perfect for anyone who does not want to cover up their beautiful farmhouse window trim. Will accent your farmhouse living room furniture

7. Jinlei Burlaps curtains for a monochrome kitchen

For a monochromatic farmhouse kitchen, these Jinlei Burlaps will look awesome. This country window treatment option is not too distracting and will give you both the illusion and coverage you need. These simple and stylish curtains will be a great addition to your kitchen windows.

8. HLC.Me Sheer Window Treatment

Don’t like heavy drapes? These white sheer farmhouse curtains offer privacy without blocking the light. They go well with different colors and compliment casual furniture. I love that they come in other colors, allowing you to pick what suits your décor.

 Also, their see-through design gives the room a lighter feel. These curtains are not too distracting and will make the perfect addition to your living room space.

9. NiceTown Linen Curtains

Curtains complete a room. And, one of the best ways to modernize your neutral colored living room is by adding neutral colored curtains with some prints. The Nicetown curtains have a breezy and airy look. 

They are semi transparent, offering the perfect balance between privacy and light. These linen panels are ideas for small windows and their silver grommets make installation easy. They are the perfect match for any farmhouse style décor.

10. Central Park Rayon Window Curtains

If you want to add a high-end feel to your home, the Central Park window curtains for the farmhouse are great for any sitting area. These two toned curtains will add a cute vibe into your space. 

The Rayon is made of a blend of materials and the designer ensures the colors blend perfectly. These heavy duty ombre curtains are great at blocking out light and add a touch of sophistication to any space without the hefty cost.

11. Dosly Idees Button Window Curtains

Button curtains are the best option for everyday use in a farmhouse living room. These curtains not only keep light and dust out, but also provide privacy. Dosly farmhouse curtains for the living room are made of a blend of cotton and linen and the end product is a material that is durable, but needs regular cleaning. 

Also, its two toned design adds a touch of elegance to any farmhouse style room. This panel’s stripes add a style statement to your décor. These farmhouse panels mix well with different types of farm accent chairs.

12. Greenland Home Floral Curtains

Floral prints had been missing from most homes for some years. But, thankfully, this design has made a big comeback. I love these gorgeous curtains. These farmhouse style curtains allow you to play with other colors in your space. 

For you can add different colored throw pillows or a multicolored farmhouse rug and your area will look simple and elegant. You can also play around with different textures. This curtain is lined for added privacy and is easy to clean.

13. Nicetown Blinds for Large Window

Another good curtain ideas for your farmhouse is adding this simple and elegant curtain. I’m a sucker for bright colors. Though not ideal for everyday use, these vibrant red curtains create a party mood. You can hang them over the festive period. 

Their silk and royal look add a sophistication to any décor. They are also larger than other panels on this list, making them ideal for large windows or sliding doors. Customer reviews show that these heavy-duty blinds not only reduce the amount of light but are also great at noise reduction.

14. RYB Home Printed Sheers

Don’t be afraid to merge the outdoors and indoors with these woodland printed sheers. If you have a gorgeous leafy background, you can elevate that look with these panels.

 The sheers are length, making a room look bigger and are light enough to allow air in but also block light. They are made of linen-textured fabric which is less susceptible to wrinkling. These two toned sheers give a room an airy and light feel.

15. Farmhouse Blackout Tie-up Vintage Farmhouse Curtains

If you are looking for something simple and stylish that will not block your window trim, this blackout window treatment is the perfect option for you. 

This window treatment is perfect for small windows and provides the coverage you need without compromising on the lighting. It is also noise reducing, allowing you to sleep peacefully or watch a movie without disturbance. It tie-up bow-tie design also adds a touch of style to the overall look. 

16.  Sun Zero Valance Window Shade

Going for a minimalist design? We like this farmhouse style valances because they are easy to install, add style and block out some light. This polyester shade is available in different stunning colors. 

And if you’d like to add a pop of color to your windows, opt for brighter colors such as red, pink, and purple. Also, it can reduce noise, making it perfect for use in the bedroom or farmhouse nursery. Check some sunflower kitchen decor ideas

17. BarnwoodUSA Window Shutters for a Rustic Touch

Why not use window shutters to give a room a rustic touch? These BarnwoodUSA are perfect for kitchen use and other small windows in the house. The shutters are made of recycled wood, so they are environmentally friendly. This beautiful farmhouse window shutters will make a great addition to your home.


The best farmhouse window treatments should allow light in without compromising privacy. The heavy duty options should be easy to draw and blackout light instantly. On the same note, the wrong treatments can make a room dull. The above farmhouse curtain ideas will look splendid in any room.

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