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15 Drum Coffee Table Ideas for a Unique Living Room

If you do not like the traditional tabletop design, why  not try a drum coffee table? This unique round shape table will add charm and style to your living room. And to help make your selection process easier, we’ve rounded up over a dozen eye catching ideas.

These tables are made of different materials, are from different brands, and may vary in price. We’ll also include some tips on how to choose the right table for your home at the end of the article, so be sure to check that out. Ready? Let’s get started.

Drum Coffee Tables Ideas in 2022

1. Christopher Knight Rache Hammered Silver Drum Table

Christopher Knight is one of the best brands and designs affordable furniture. This hammered table is a great example of their work. Available in silver and gold, this drum coffee table will complement your decor

It is made of iron with a hammered surface that gives it a gorgeous textured surface. The base is strong so you can place a few things on the tabletop without any issue.

This gorgeous round drum coffee table will look awesome in your family room and you can use it as a side table in your bedroom.

2. Powell Drum Table with Storage

Ever heard of mango wood? Found in Brazil and parts of Asia, this wood is one of the best for making furniture. The top of this drum coffee table is made of Mango wood, giving it a gorgeous brown color. It’s great for those who love rustic furniture

The top is removable so you can access a hidden compartment where you can stash away small items like remotes and some books. Its base is made of hammered metal with a gold finish that is rust resistant. You’ll also love the textured surface that makes it the perfect centerpiece. 

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3. Urban Port Distressed Coffee Table

More mango wood? Yes please! An eye catching gem of the design world. This wood drum coffee table is available in three different shades of brown.

We particularly like the dark brown finish which is artfully applied to give warmth to any space. This elegant table has a wide  top so you can have coffee, snacks and more. It can handle up to 400 pounds. This round coffee table is built to last.

4. Urban Port Diamond Faceted Table

This diamond masterpiece is the perfect way to add a natural feel to your decor. Made of acacia wood, this wood table offers a large top and a stylish base to complement different design styles.

Its rustic material will add glam to any rustic decor. This stunning piece can also be used as a side table.

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5. Ashley Nashbryn Drum Table

Need more storage? The Nashbryn wood and metal coffee table add boho charm to any modern space. The cross-framed metal base provides enough support while the drum wood top adds allure to any room.

Open the top and you get a sizable hidden compartment for your books. This coffee table looks great with a small sofa and can be used outdoors.

6. Dakota Wood Round Coffee Table

Made from reclaimed wood, this round drum coffee table adds a touch of intrigue to a living room. Its distressed look enhances its natural beauty  while the caster wheels make it easy to move it around.

The 34 inch tabletop is large enough to  place a laptop, drinks and other stuff. This simple, yet captivating chunky table will look great in a rustic or modern designed room.

7. Jordan Modern Coffee Table

Looking for a unique table with a retro 60’s look and feel? The Jordan wood coffee table won’t disappoint.

Crafted from coconut shells attached to a wooden frame, this brings freshness to any space. The coconut shells are carved into small chips, giving the table a textured mosaic top.

This table is perfect for small rooms and is available in blue, white, and brown and looks awesome  when placed next to a rustic farmhouse sofa.  

8. Lenox Swivel Coffee Table

In case textured tables are not elegant enough, why not try this sleek wood coffee table? This elegant, stacked piece features three rotating table tops that add a 60’s vibe to a room.

And, its expandable design makes it the perfect choice for anyone that hosts often. This vintage drum table is sure to catch your guests’ eye.

9. Safavieh Copper Coffee Table

While some people go for wood coffee  tables, copper tables offer unmatched beauty and style. Crafted from iron this drum looks glamorous and grand.

Plus, it has a larger table top compared to most options on this list. This gorgeous find will look awesome in your living room.

10. Homary Modern Round Drum Coffee Table

High gloss with a bowl-shaped top, this modern drum style coffee table is a real gem. This charmer has a gorgeous black finish that allows it to blend with different decor styles. Lift up the top and you get a small space to  keep some items. A stunning mix of elegance and simplicity.

11. Nadene Accent Table

Looking for a drum metal table inspiration? This antique pewter table has a charmingly unique design that will match your decor taste. This small cute table is both sophisticated and chic. It’s also available in rose.

12. Patio Sense Table with Storage

Steel and copper finish combine to create this gorgeous small table. In terms of size it is smaller than the traditional coffee table but we’ve included it for people with small rooms or for anyone looking for a small portable drum coffee table for their bedroom, office or outdoor.

The exterior pattern makes the table alluring while the storage compartment offers space to store small items. And, when you want to go for a larger drum table, you can transform this small table into a planter.

13. Dara Silver Table

Showcase your creativity and style with this large drum coffee table. Crafted from durable material, this steel beauty looks best with industrial style living  rooms.

The round shape design and simplistic style makes it the perfect centerpiece for a den, living room, or patio. The table ships fully assembled so no assembly required.

14. Homary Wood Bowl Coffee Table

This bowl coffee table is a great choice for anyone who wants an elegant table without the high price tag.

The gold tabletop and white base blend with most home decor styles. And, if you need storage space for your throw pillows, this Homary table has enough space for a few throws. Will match perfectly with a white farmhouse TV stand. Looks awesome next to gold farmhouse curtains

15. Meridian Furniture Modern Living Room Table

Effortless elegance, bold, and affordable are three words that describe this gold drum table. Handcrafted using stainless steel, this table looks stunning without sacrificing functionality.

It offers a large top where you can place a few decor items and have enough  space for a laptop and coffee mug. An eye-catching solution for any room.

How to choose a coffee table

Here are some tips to help you pick the right tables for your den, outdoor, living room, dining or kitchen.

  • Size

The first thing you ought to consider is the size of the table. These round tables are available in different sizes. When choosing the size, consider the room’s arrangement. You want everyone to reach and set down their drinks with ease. Also, consider the layout of the room before choosing the size. Don’t be afraid to go for a larger table even if you are working with a smaller room. Just ensure there is enough leg room for your guest to sit comfortably and move around.

  • Material

Drum tables are made of different materials. The quality of the table depends on the materials used. Some options are made of wood while others of metal. On this, we recommend you go with what will meet your needs best.

  • Color

What color is best for your home? You can go for two tone tables, a white table that blends with the background or the eye-catching bold gold table that will hold everyone’s attention. If you have other unique pieces of decor, we recommend you go for a simple minimalist style table. But, if you do not have other pieces, opt for a bold table that’ll take the spotlight.

  • Budget

Lastly, you may want to check on the price. Depending on the brand, coffee tables may vary in price. A good table need not break your bank and the options above are stylish and affordable. Some options even offer storage space for a few items and even throw pillows.

What should a drum coffee table offer? A good table should be unique, stylish, sleek and practical. When choosing ensure the table will not only complement your furniture but is also functional; enough space on the table top and maybe storage. The inspiration ideas above will help you style your home.

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