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13 Drop-in Farmhouse Sinks for Your Kitchen

The drop in farmhouse sink is making a major comeback. Whether your home is traditional or modern style, the fixtures are pulling a statement. The kitchen sinks add style and functionality to any kitchen. However, choosing a good farmhouse kitchen sink might overwhelm you more so with the many available options. We understand this and that’s why we have these recommendations of the best kitchen sinks.  You will be able to pick what works for you and add it to your kitchen.

Drop-in farmhouse sink Ideas in 2021

drop in farmhouse sinks

Feel good and stylish in your kitchen with Lordear drop-in stainless steel kitchen sink. Constructed with stainless steel, the sink is resistant to dent and superior in strength and longevity. Due to the ledges found on its front and back, you have more space to utilize.

Another striking feature of this sink is its X-shaped water guide that ensures you drain water effortlessly. The top mount bowl comes with a cutting board, mounting clips, roll-up girds, and a colander. For convenience, you can place its accessories across the sink when preparing meals and save on space. Buy Lordear farmhouse sink and elevate the standard of your kitchen.

2. 33 Black Sink for a monochromatic kitchen

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen for a better look, do not miss out on the 33 black drop in farmhouse sink. Style and strength are what defines this apron front sink. Colored with black matte, the stainless steel sink stands out exhibiting its unique finish. You will love it for its strength and durability.

The bowl is made with the NANO-PVD technology and therefore it doesn’t scratch or leave traces of water. The design of the 33 Black farmhouse sink provides tracks on which you can place cutting boards and other items thus saving on space.

3. Sinkology Farmhouse SinkSK101-33

Make your kitchen beautiful and stylish with this farmhouse sink. The bowl is large enough to allow you to clean the largest dishes without spilling. You will effortlessly clean debris thanks it the sink’s base.

The best apron sinks are designed to help you keep all your cleaning items together. Sinkology is no exceptional because it has a sidekick sponge assistant. The traditional like drain of this farmhouse sink is installed to make it look lustrous. You will need to do some waxing and keep the farmhouse sink new.

4. Mensarjor Top Mount Sink

Mensarjor tops the list of the best apron front farmhouse sinks. Constructed with high-grade material, the sink is durable and sturdy.

You will not have to worry about scratches or cleaning difficulties. The sink has a tilted bottom which ensures water doesn’t fill the bowl. Additionally, this farmhouse sink is designed with an X groove design to make draining easy. Make a kitchen remodel with the Mensarjor sink and see how well it pairs with cabinets and countertops.

5. Sinkology Fireclay Farmhouse Sink Anna Quick

With its Crisp white color, the Sinkology fireclay farmhouse sink adds style and glamour. Durability is one of its best features as it has been processed in high temperatures to give it a perfect finish keeping it all shiny for long. To maintain this fireclay sink, clean it with soap and water and it will remain new.

The sink also allows you to maximize your cabinets and countertops. Sinkology is the best option if you want to remodel your kitchen and the installation is DIY thus saving you money. The fireclay farmhouse sink is available with a warranty in case of any damages.

6. Kingo HOME 33-Inch Farmhouse Sink.

You can be sure to love your kitchen with Kingo Home stainless steel sink. Noise will be absent during your cleaning time thanks to its extra thick dampening coat. The coating covers the whole sink with cushioning pads. You will not have to worry about the loss of water temperatures. Additionally, this sink for a farmhouse has front and back racks which create more space.

7. Golden Vantage Top Mount Stainless Steel Sink

Elevate your kitchen with an apron front sink that doesn’t make any noise when cleaning. Golden Vantage is strongly built with stainless steel making it durable. Though single, it has enough space to accommodate all your dishes. The installation method of Golden vantage is drop-in and will not take you long to put it up. Cleaning your utensils will be much fun with this brushed sink.

8. Rovogo Drop-in Stainless Steel Single Bowl Farmhouse Sink

A good single kitchen bowl sink is none other but this brand from Rovogo. The 18 gauge basin boasts maximum durability and is rust and stain-resistant. The outer side is padded with a sound dampening rubber making it the most noise-free sink.

This feature will filter any sound of water and reduce vibration. Designed in a friendly way the unit has a small radius and rounded corners which makes cleaning and maintenance easy. Moreover, the Rovogo sink has a sloping base and an X-shaped channel groove for draining.

Being a top-mount sink, you can use any method to install it depending on what works with the style of your countertops. You can also remove it comfortably if you notice any sign of a blockage.

9. Kraus Farmhouse Sink

Good kitchen drop in front sinks should be repellent to germs and Krause KGD is not short of that. The natural material that makes it is blended with silver ions that repel germs ensuring it remains clean. Maintaining the surfaces is easy and doesn’t hold germs or grime.

However, you should avoid using any abrasive items like steel wire or brush when cleaning the  Kraus sink. Sometimes the kitchen can be noisy as you scrub the pots on the sink. You will not experience any noise with the Kraus product. The thick stone-like material that makes it is crafted to absorb vibrations and noise when you are using the unit. Another incredible feature of Krause is its non-fading color effect.

There will be no discoloration thanks to the UV protection that boasts a rich and flowing hue keeping the sink all-new for as long as you have it. The dual mount design makes the installation flexible for the drop-in or under-mount installation with already predrilled holes.

10. 28 inch Drop-in Sink

Sometimes we’ve got so much in our minds and we might do the pots in a hurry leaving the faucet on. With the 28 inch sink, your house will not flood because it features an automatic flow in case the water levels rise. The makers of this sink had your convenience in mind and designed it as a complete workstation.

With a single-tier track and overhanging lips on the front and back, sliding the sink’s accessories becomes easy. The accessories include a chopping board, fold rack, and a colander. Generally, this sink will create an exclusive workstation. Additionally, the sink is heavily undercoated and padded to reduce noise and condensation. The bottom is sloped with drain grooves to drain completely.

Cleaning the sink is hustle-free because it has rounded corners. Buying this sink gives you value for your money especially because of its free accessories.

11. Sarlai 33 Inch Sink

Resistance to dent makes this sink durable and strong. There is enough space under the sink for garbage disposal. With its curved corners, you can clean this sink with ease without changing its look. Moreover, this Sarlai sink has ledges that provide you with a large space and you can turn the sink into a chopping board. There is no loss in buying the Sarlai sink because it comes with accessories and necessary hardware to install. The unit also comes with a  functional warranty.

12. Friho Topmount Single Bowl Sink

Whether you choose to install Friho the top-mount or drop-in way, it will serve its intended purpose. The padding on this unit takes care of any noise produced when you are cleaning giving it an incredible noise elimination feature. Friho beats other farmhouse apron front sinks with its stainless steel construction. The quality of this sink is worth your trust and you will not notice any sign of scratch on it for long. You will also get free accessories that compliment this apron sink.

13. US1022T 20-Double Equal Bowl Kitchen Sink

Uplift and remodel your kitchen with the US1022T unit. The four pre-drilled holes work well with the faucet. The sink is well padded with sound-dampening pads to absorb noise. The unit has a strong gauge of 18 inches with a brushed finish. Most farmhouse sinks are easy to maintain and so is US1022T. 

The manufacturers of this farmhouse sink have made a warranty available to cover the sink. Complete your kitchen remodel project with this top mount double equal bowl farmhouse kitchen sink and be satisfied. You will love its uncompromising quality.


Drop-in sinks are not complicated and installing them is easy. They come in different colors, styles, and materials. These farmhouse sinks are available to match any kitchen theme. Most of the sinks have an apron front design.

The above are the best drop in farmhouse sinks. Most of them come with free accessories and leave enough space for garbage disposal at the base. Most manufacturers of the farmhouse sinks offer delivery services to your mentioned address. Add any of them to your kitchen and be a happy customer.

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