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12 Best Chairs for Man Cave Ideas in 2022

Are you looking for the best chairs for man cave? Growing up, I loved watching my dad relax in his favorite chair; an old leather recliner. When we left the nest, he turned one of the rooms to a man cave and he upgraded his chair. 

My two brothers and I followed his example by building a secret layer in our homes. We believe each man should have a man cave. A place of silence and relaxation.  

In the guide below we review 10 chairs ideal for a man cave. We considered a number of features that are important to the usability and comfort of the chairs. Here are some contemporary choices that will leave you smiling ear to ear. You will find your man cave chairs here.

Top 10 Man Cave Chairs Reviewed

1. Oslo Collection Mac Motion Hamar Recliner


  • Size: 31 x 30 x 45 inches
  • Weight: 87 pounds

The first man cave chair on our list is the Mac Motion Hamar. This chair is designed for any guy who wants to reward his back for all the hustle he puts it through all year round. It is also ideal for anyone who suffers from back spasms. Let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer.

The Hamar is designed by Mac Motion. This company has been in existence for over 35 years and has continually designed high-end furniture that offer awesome features such as lumbar support. The Hamar is no exception.

One of the features that you will love about this man cave seat is its generous cushioning. This ensures you stay comfy regardless of the amount of time you spend seated. The memory foam cushioning is built to last.

The second feature that makes the Hamar standout from its counterparts is the easy recline function.  This allows you to lean all the way back. This way you can watch your favorite team, or take a nap, or zone off, or read a book in a relaxed position.

And yes, there is a handle to help you adjust the angle of recline. The other feature that users get to enjoy is the 360-degree swivel. This means you can access your remote, coffee, or anything else around you with ease. What more could you ask for?

But wait, there is more.  Ealier on we stated that one common feature in Mac Motion chairs is lumbar support. The Hamar also has lumbar support which helps support your lower back, protecting it against back pain. Also, if you suffer from back pain, the lumbar prevents you back from jerking.

The Hamar comes with an angled Ottoman where you can rest your feet after a hard day at work. There is no denying this is one of the best chairs for man cave.


  • Stylish and attractive design
  • Great lumbar support
  • Ideal for big, tall people
  • Back material breathable to keep you cool during warm days


  • Price a bit high

2. Ace Bayou X Rocker Man Lounge Chair


Size: 22.6 x 30.7 x 37.6 inches 

Weight: 47.8 pounds

Any serious gamer needs the best gaming chair for his man cave. Our top recommendation is the Ace Bayou X Rocker Pedestal Video Gaming Chair. So, what does this chair offer?

What caught our attention was the chairs design. simple yet stylish. This X Rocker Pedestal gaming chair has a lot to offer. For comfort, this X Rocker man cave chair features an ergonomic design. this means that the back is slightly curved to provide support to your back while the armrests are padded for your arms’ comfort.

Also included in the design is a padded headrest for your head and neck. Other comfort features include the swivel and tilt functions that allow you to relax while using the chair.

For sound, the 5127401 gaming chair is designed to impress. It comes with 2 built-in speakers that provide powerful, clear sound. You can play a game or watch a movie and become part of it through the speakers.

You will find the volume panel on the right side of the chair. It allows you to adjust the volume, input/output jacks, and bass control. Also, there is a jack for headphones for when you don’t want to use the speakers.

For power, you can use batteries or electricity. We recommend you just get a power cord. Well, unless you would love to pause your game to change batteries.


  • Offers full back support
  • Compatible with most gaming consoles
  • Easy to assemble – just like an office chair
  • Ideal for tall people


  • Sits a bit low

3. Christopher Knight Macedonia Man Cave Recliners


Size: 34.25″D x 27.25″W x 38.00″H

Weight: 69 pounds

Capacity: 250 lbs

As we did our research on the best chairs for man cave, we discovered not all chairs are designed with a modern look. Some, like the Christopher Knight Home 3000594, feature the traditional mid-century look. This stylish look makes it perfect center piece for your man cave.

This chair’s appearance is plain and simple. You would mistake it for a lounge chair. Putting it together will take a few minutes of your time. The first thing you will notice is its compact size. This is perfect if your man cave is small.

Unfortunately because of its small size this man cave chair is not ideal for taller individuals. The backrest of the chair won’t support the neck of a tall individual.

The upholstery is made out of polyester. This fabric is breathable and easy to clean.  The seat and backrest are firm and well-padded to provide comfort and the support needed by your back and tailbone.

Its footrest is sturdy. You will be pleased by how easy it is to transition from a seated position to a reclined position. This chair is what every man needs in his man cave.  


  • Simple stylish design unlike other recliners
  • Available in grey, dark blue, muted blue, muted orange and light grey
  • Legs made out of birch to ensure durability


  • Not ideal for people over 6’

4. Top Performance Kahuna SM 7300 Chair


Size: 48 x 28 x 47 inches

Weight: 236 pounds

Capacity: 320 lbs

Voltage: 110-120V

Seat width: 21 inches

Warranty: 2-year part and labor warranty

Now to the beast of man cave chairs, the one every guy should own whether young or old, athletic or not, blue collar or white collar worker, the Kahuna SM7300 massage chair. This man cave seat is the definition of relaxation and self appreciation. Here is why you need this chair.

Six-roller system. If are familiar with massage chairs, you know that most of them come with a quad roller system. This is not necessarily bad but it can’t compare to the six-roller sytem that is unique to the Kahuna SM7300.  

This unique roller system offers more than the quad roller system. With this stystem you will get a more therapeutic experience that you would with a quad-roller system.

Hybrid S-track/L-track design: This cutting edge design allows the chair to follow your spine’s shape giving you back, glutes, and thighs a satisfying massage.

3D scanning technology: Ever heard of a chair with a 3D scanning ability? Kahuna SM7300 is intergrated with 3D functioning. When you sit on the chair, it scans your body taking note of all your body’s pressure points. After this, it realigns the rollers to work on those spots.

But like any other computerized system, it may miss a spot or two. For this, Kahuna SM7300 comes with a remote control that allows you to manually manipulate the rollers position until you hit that tender spot.

Massage options

Unlike other massage chairs, the Kahuna SM7300 various massage options that will leave you grinning just by reading about them. you get 4 massage modes.

  1. Senior mode– Offers whole body massage.
  2. Office person – Targets your shoulders and
  3. neck
  4. Golfer mode – Targets your lower back, hips, and the legs
  5. Dynamic Sport mode – Designed to get your give you body the push it needs to keep going

If none of these options meets you needs, you can always pick another option through the three intensity level settings.

Apart from the massage modes you also get 5 pre-programmed massage options to choose from

  1. Yoga stretching – Helps stretch and loosen your muscles
  2. Pain relief – Uses different techniques to relieve muscle soreness
  3. Relaxations – Helps your muscles to relax fast
  4. Recovery – Ideal for athletes. Aids in muscle recovery
  5. Refresh – Designed for tense muscles

The type of massage techniques available on the SM7300 include

Kneading and tapping combo

  • Tapping
  • Kneading
  • Shiatsu
  • Knocking

Lastly, with the help of the remote you also get Zonal Massage Mode. This allows the rollers to concentrate on one pressure point for 10-30 minutes.


  •  Ideal for users up to 6’5”
  • Comes with body stretch function that allows you to gently stretch your spine
  • The SM7300 provides Heat Therapy for the lumbar section
  • Offers calf and foot massage
  • LED lighting
  • Space saving design


  • Offers one zero gravity position
  • Has fewer airbags

Here is more on the SM 7300

5. DHP Emily Futon Sofa Bed – Best Man cave futon  


Sitting size: 71 x 34 x 32 inches

Sleeping size: 71 x 43 x 16

Weight: 75 pounds

Capacity: 600 lbs / 275kgs

Seat height: 16 inches

Seat depth: 23 inches

Warranty: 1 year

Next we look at a sofa bed. The beauty of a sofa bed is you can convert it to a chair when hanging out with your friends and turn it into a bed for your overnight guest. So, let’s look into what makes the DHP Emily Futon chair the best man cave chair. ­

One, it is available in several colors. This allows you to pick whatever color best suits your man cave theme. You can choose between black, vanilla, gray and navy.

Two, the split back design. This feature enables you to turn half into a bed while the other half stays as a sofa. You will get the most of this design when you have a friend over. You can lie down on one side while he remains seated on the other side without interfering with each other space.

We also like that you can tilt the backrest a bit to turn the chair into a recliner.  As a couch, Emily Futon is comfortable and offers adequate support to both the neck and back. As a bed, it is cozy and you won’t feel any bumps. Plus it does not let out any noise like most futons.

Three, its cushioning is firm but comfortable. This is what your lower back needs to keep back pain away. The seat depth is also worth noting. At 23 inches, you are guaranteed of comfort. 

Four, its stylish look. a man cave futon must not be ugly. The Emily Futon is elegant in appearance. The tufting on its upholstery is a nice touch. The chrome legs complement the chair. We also like that the fabric is easy to clean.

There you have it. Four reasons why the DHP Emily Futon belongs in your man cave. What more could you ask for?


  • Stylish and functional
  • Ideal for small spaces (man caves)
  • Easy to assemble. Comes with hex driver and screws needed
  • Easy transition from sofa to bed


  • Heavy, not easy to move around.

6. Modway Prospect Armchair


Size: 27.5 x 30 x 29 inches

Weight: 37 pounds

Capacity: 285 lbs

Seat height: 15 inches

One word that could be used to describe the Modway Prospect Armchair is chic. It looks like it is straight out of a movie scene. Armchairs are as a result of blending together old designs and modern design. you will notice armchairs some great movies. Let’s see what the Modway Prospect Armchair has to offer.

Just like the Emily Futon in several colors. So you get to choose the color you that best blends with your other man cave décor. The upholstery is made of smooth faux leather. This vinly material gives the chair a glossy shine. Kind of like the chair on The Matrix movie.

Buttons are added to the fabric to give the chair a beautiful diamond-tufted design, giving it that chesterfield finish. Chesterfield chairs have been around for centuries and are renowned for their classic, luxurious look.

Its rounded back is well padded and comfy. It will hold your arms and back and still leave enough room for you to move about. The cushion measures 4.5 inches. This thick cushion ensures you butt will be well rested.

a zipper has been added to the cushion’s back. This zipper makes it easy to change the cushion when it flattens from wear.


  • Elegant stylish design
  • Well  padded for comfort


  • No adjustable features

7. Ashley Yandel Power Lift Recliner


Size: 40 x 35 x 42.5 inches

Weight: 121 pounds

Capacity: 350 pounds

Reclined footrest: 19.5-inch height

Warranty: 5 years

If you are looking for a lift chair, consider the Ashley Yandel Power Lift Recliner. These type of chairs use technology to ease getting in and out of a chair. Lift chairs are especially helpful to anyone who suffers from mobility issues, chronic back pain, or arthritis.

 The first thing that draws people to this chair is the manly design; large, comfy, and  black or brown upholstery.  Let’s look at other features that make the Yandel recliner one of the best chairs for man cave.

One of the reasons we included this chair in the guide is its affordability.  It is relatively cheaper compared to other chairs with similar features. The Yandel ships mostly assembled. What is required of you is finding the right position for it in your man cave, connect the wired remote, and put in place the backup battery system.

The Yandel lift chair comes with two powerful motors. One motor controls the lift function and the other motor for the recline motion. Its fully reclined length measures 69 inches while the reclined footrest is 19.5 inches. Well, it does not lie completely flat but this position is perfect for most people to lie on the chair comfortably. You can take a nap for up to 3 hours comfortably.  

A wired remote has been attached to the chair to help you control both the lift and recline functions. The only downside is there are no preset positions. But most users have said this is just a minor short coming. Nothing to worry about.

The Ashley Yandel’s exterior is upholstered with thick saddle brown poly fiber (bonded leather). Bonded leather gives you the same look and feel as cowhide leather without driving up the cost. However, it is worth noting bonded leather does not last as long as cowhide leather.  You have to care of it to ensure its durability.

For storage, you get two pockets; one on each side. The pockets are roomy enough to hold your magazines, snacks, tablet, or other small items.

The last feature worth mentioning is the battery backup system we talked about earlier. This system is made up of a pair of 9-volt batteries that will keep you chair powered in case there is a power outage. Yes, the Yandel Powel Lift Recliner does have some short comings, but we think what it offers outweighs its drawbacks. No doubt this chair is worth every cent you will spend on it.


  • Footrest and backrest recline independently
  • Fits through standard doorways


  • Needs assembling
  • Bonded leather not breathable.

8. Octane Seating Charger XS300


Size: 61 x 39 x 42 inches

Weight: 179 pounds

Seat height: 21 inches

Warranty: 1 year on leather, 2 years on foam and padding, 5 years on frame, recline mechanism, and springs

Octane Seating is renowned for designing furniture that is comfortable and stylish. The Octane Seating collection is designed to give you the best theater experience without the hustle of leaving your man cave. The Charger XS300 is one of their best home theater seating options.

This chair for man cave is constructed using metal and hardwood on its frame for durability and 1.8-inch foam padding and coils for seat comfort.  The Charger XS300 uphostery is made of Octane Seating’s Ultra Series leather offering. According to Octane Seating, the Ultra Series has the highest leather contents on the market today.

The Ultra Series offers rich textures and tones and is kid and pet friendly. You can rest assured that it is durable and will age beautifully.

Another feature that we like is the great lumbar support that the chair offers. With proper lower lumbar support, you can sit for hours watching movies or chatting with your friends.

The Charger XS300 comes with an Octane accessory dock. This steel dock allows you to add other accessories that make you life much easier. You can add a wine glass holder, a swivel table, tablet/phone holder, or an LED light. Each armrest includes a cup holder for the drinks.

The last feature worth mentioning is the use of space saving technology. This tech allows you to position your man cave sofa just 4 inches from the wall. When you want to recline, the seat will move forward, taking up the space in front.

Charger XS300 is an excellent option, so if you are looking for a man cave sofa, this chair should be on top of your short list.


  • Comes with a pocket coil seat base that offers more support than traditional foam seat base
  • Includes full chaise footrest
  • Strong warranty
  • Power or manual recline options

9. Jaxx 7 Ft Giant Bean Bag Sofa


Size: 86 x 47 x 36 inches

Weight: 86 pounds

Warranty: 1 year

As you were listing down your man cave décor, did you think you consider a bean bag? Bean bag chairs are always a great option to traditional chairs.

The Jaxx giant bean bag sofa will look great in your man cave. It is 7 ft long which makes it ideal for both short and taller people. It’s big enough for you to sit with your friends or cuddle with your loved one.

 This man cave bean bag chair is available in plenty of fashionable colors such as charcoal, dark denim, and navy. You get to choose a color that blends well with your other man cave décor.

Jaxx Giant bean bag is stuffed with soft shredded polyurethane foam. This material is comfortable to sit on and is highly durable. Your bean bag chair will not lose its shape even after years of use.

The denim cover is double stitched to ensure the longevity of the sofa.  Also, the cover is removable and machine washable. To clean it, simply use cold water and tumble dry (low heat).


  • Plenty of sleeping/sitting area
  • Fits up to 3 people
  • Made in USA
  • Accentuated with brass zippers


  • You need to assemble (stuff) the bag

10. Coaster Home Furnishing Dilleston Upholstered Chaise Brown


Size: 30.5 x 68.5 x 32 inches

Weight: 59.4 pounds

Color: Brown

The popularity of chaise chairs grow by the day, and that is why we decided to include one of the best options on the market in this guide; the Dilleston chaise brown.

A chaise chair is as a result of marrying a chair and a daybed. We like the Dilleston chaise because of its affordability, flair, and quality.

Its chrome legs also add to its stylish look. it is upholstered using bonded leather for comfort and durability. It comes with two pillows for lumbar support and headrest.


  • Robust legs
  • Minimal assembly required
  • Double stitched fabric to ensure longevity


  • Not ideal for people over 6’

11. CCTRO Hanging Hammock Chair


Size: 51x 39 inches

Weight: 6.5 pounds

Capacity: 260 pounds

Another great man cave décor you should consider is a hammock chair. Yup, hammock chair. This types of chairs have around for years.

Unlike rigid traditional chairs, a hammock chair can sway and does not have pressure points. Another reason you should consider a hammock is it takes up very little space, creating more space for your pool table.

The CCTRO Hammock Chair is comfortable and will look really good in your man cave. It comes with two seat cushions that are comfy and soft.

The fabric used is a combo of polyester and cotton. This material is breathable, easy to clean, and comfy.


  • Can hold up to 260 lbs
  • Well made and sturdy


  • Does not come with hanging hardware

12. Relaxzen Rocker Recliner


Size: 38.5 x 36 x 39.5 inches

Weight: 81 pounds

Capacity: 300 pounds

Colors: Gray, brown, beige

The last chair on this best chairs for man cave review is the Relaxzen Massage Rocker Recliner. If you are looking for a practical choice that is easy on the wallet, this is it. Let’s look at what this man  cave seat has to offer.

The first thing you will notice is its shape and size. It’s a big attractive chair that just invites you to sit on it. And it sure does feel good to sit on it. The Relaxzen is designed for comfort. Its seat and back and extra cushioned for comfort.

Its armrests are big and cushy for comfort. They are also at the right height to offer support to your arms and shoulders.

Users also get to enjoy its rocking and reclining mechanism. It rocks gently, soothing you to sleep. The Relaxzen reclines fully, allowing you to stretch your spine.

Oh, wait, there is more. Relaxzen Rocker Recline has 8 vibration massage motor. They are designed to work on your whole back in one go or work on your legs, bag, thighs, and glutes individually. There are 9 massage modes and 5 intensity levels to choose from.

You get a remote to help you to control the levels. Also, the Relaxzen offers mild lumbar heat that you can turn on and off per your needs. if you suffer from back pain, you understand how useful this feature is. For safety purposes, an auto timer has been included to regulate the lumbar heat. 


  • Dual USB charges allows you to charge two devices at a go
  • Convenient side pocket for keeping chair remote and other small items
  • Plush microfiber upholstery for comfort.


  • No cup holder

Final Thought

And there you have it guys. The list of the 12 best chairs for man cave. We have some big names on there and some that are not so common. But, every chair in this list will give you the comfort and relaxation you are looking for. This modern man cave furniture is all you need to spruce up your man cave.

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