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5 Best Vinyl Pergola Shade Kits in 2022

There are two ways you can spend your hot summer afternoons; One, indoors fanning yourself or under the shade of a vinyl pergola in your backyard, patio, or deck. Made of sturdy material, this type of outdoor pergola is affordable, does not rot is, easy to assemble and maintenance free.

In this article we review 5 vinyl kits that will transform your backyard into a relaxation haven. In a rush? Our top recommendation is the Venetian 10 x 10 pergola. It’s perfect for yards of all sizes and is popular among home owners. Here are the top three picks.

Best Vinyl Pergola Kits Reviewed 

1. Vita Venetian 10′ x 10′ Vinyl Pergola

Change the look of your outdoor space with the Venetian 10 by 10 vinyl pergola. This is an easy to assemble and install a pergola, and you will get a warranty of 20 years for it. It is manufactured by Vita, a trusted brand and makes the perfect site for entertainment and relaxation. This vinyl pergola measures 145.5 by 110 by 107.6 inches and weighs about 45 pounds. This is lighter than most aluminum pergolas.

The Venetian pergola is made of vinyl compound. With this material you don’t have to worry about rotting, scratches and chipping, re-staining and all that stuff. Its poles are strong and you can add some color by adding climbing plants such as vines and some curtains for privacy.

You will love the craftsmanship of this pergola. It is sturdy and built to last. No better way to add charm and glamour to your yard than with the Venetian vinyl pergola.


  • It is maintenance-free
  • Easy to assemble and classic elegant design
  • It has a long warranty


  • You’ll need some extra tools to assemble it

2. New England Arbor Valencia Pergola

If you often play host and have a large yard, the Valencia 12 x 16-foot vinyl pergola. This backyard structure by New England Arbors is made of vinyl material and boasts of 216.5 x 144 x 192 inches dimensions. It weighs 333 pounds, which is heavier compared to the Venetian above.  

Now, what really sets the Valencia apart from other vinyl pergolas on this list is its size and design. The Valencia is an attached pergola. This means it has three poles on one side and you’ll attach it to your house, creating an extension of your home. In other words, you are creating an extra room without walls where you can host guests and family.

Also, the 12 x 16 size is plenty of room to hold a bbq, put a whole set of wicker seats and a fireplace. For style, New England Arbor has crafted this pergola in a unique and modern design. It resembles the stylish cedar wood pergolas. Simply put, you get a stylish structure without the burden of repainting, re-staining, cracks and all that. Also, they’ve backed this structure with 20 years manufacturer’s warranty; how cool is that?

Also, this pargala is easy to assemble. It comes with clear installation and mounting instructions. In case you feel the space is not enough, you can extend the pergola’s posts using treated wood. For maintenance, just spray it with hose and you are good to go. Enjoy hot summer afternoons under the cover of the Valencia vinyl pergola.  


  • Made of weather-resistant material
  • An easy to install vinyl pergola
  • Weather resistant and maintenance free


  • You will have to purchase some hardware.

3. New England Arbors Freemont 12′ x 12′ Pergola

If you have been looking for a way to create room in your outdoor space, then Freemont is the way to go. This Vinyl pergola will give you enough space to rest and host. It stands at 12 by 12 feet and weighs 218 pounds, making it slightly smaller and lighter compared to its sibling the Valencia.

You’ll also have to attach it to you house. This means you get extra room right outside the back door. You can add some furniture and a canopy for the complete look. Cleaning this pergola is easy and you don’t need to worry about the dusty summer season.

 It is also easy to maintain after installation. You will love its craftsmanship because it is built to last. Its vinyl is strong and weatherproof and, therefore, can serve you for a long time. The Freemont vinyl pergola is the best way to upgrade your home.


  • It creates enough outdoor space
  • Easy to clean and maintain pergola


  • Requires a building permit

4. Dura-Trel Queensbrook Pergola

The Dura-Trel Queeensbrook is a durable flat top pergola that will add style and splendor you’re your garden. Made of high quality vinyl, the Queensbrook comes with a 20 years warranty and features a simple, stylish design. This pergola measures 115 by 115  by 96 inches and weighs 150 pounds. It has four white posts that support the top beams.

The top slats rest perpendicularly on the beams providing you with shade and letting enough light through. Each beam has a slightly curved end that adds some elegance to the structure. You will have protection from the UV sun rays. It contains a concentration of titanium dioxide, which blocks the rays. Give your backyard a royal touch with this vinyl pergola.


  • Elegant design and easy to maintain
  • Creates enough space to host and entertain guests.


  • It is not sturdy enough.

5. Regency 12′ x 12′ Vinyl Pergola

If you want to transform your outdoor at a budget, the Regency Vinyl pergola is a great pick. This pergola is designed to give your outdoor spot the perfect shading. You can also have some vines grow around it for more shade and privacy. It is built with PVC, which makes it resistant to rot, cracks, and weather damage. It does not discolor and will maintain its look/appearance for a long.

The Regency Vinyl pergola is a New England Arbors product and comes with a 20-year warranty against any damages. It is easy to clean and maintain. You can rinse it with a hosepipe. 


  • It is built with PVC, which makes it durable.
  • Ideal for all-weather
  • Free standing design makes it ideal for deck, pool side or patio area
  • Large enough to hold a set of chairs


  • You will need assistance when assembling the pergola.
  • Requires more strong anchoring system if you live in windy areas

6. Dura-Trel Kingston Pergola

Personalize your backyard with the Dura-Trel Kingston pergola.  Like the other options on this list, it’s made of vinyl material and will add style and elegance to your home. This pergola is open, allowing enough light and airflow. You also get a clear view of your surroundings. Also, the pergola is large enough for entertaining guests. Cleaning and maintaining this pergola is easy.

The Dura-Trel Kingston pergola is strong and durable, thus giving you value for your money. Its installation is easy because it comes with metal ground anchors. The Kingston pergola will be a great addition to your home.  


  • A great addition to your home
  • It’s an easy to assemble pergola
  • Affordable compared to most pergolas


  • You’ll have to drill more holes
  • It makes some noise when it’s windy

7. Portland 6.5′ x 6.5′ Vinyl Pergola

If you are working with limited space, you need a small pergola. The Portland pergola is one of the smallest vinyl pergolas on the market. Weighing just 70 pounds, you can install this standalone pergola in your yard. Still, the Portland is large enough to hold small patio furniture or a pergola hot tub for the adventurous.

Also, with this white vinyl pergola you don’t have to worry about rot, cracks, or yellowing. It is made to withstand the sun and other elements for many years. Also, it does not need repainting, but you could do some touch-up once in a while.  Assembling it is easy because it comes with instruction


  • Its beauty will complement your home’s stunning architect
  • Comes with assembling instructions.
  • It does not require any painting.


  • The kit doesn’t come with enough vinyl adhesive.
  • No exact instructions on where to put the vinyl posts


If you want to enjoy your summer, a vinyl pergola is a must have. This structure is a great way to ensure your home looks great, warm, and welcoming. Compared to other types of pergolas, this structure is more durable, does not need repainting and you don’t have to worry about warping, cracks and all that. 

The options above are the best vinyl pergolas on the market. They resemble wooden pergolas and come at half the price. They are easy to maintain and durable. We hope with this information, you’ll get the right structure that will give you shade and set your home apart.

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