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13 Best Tub Shower Doors; Frameless and Framed

For most of us, a tub is a place of escape, a haven in our home. The only place we can get some peace and quiet. Tub shower doors have a role in making the space more relaxing and functional.

Tub doors come in different sizes and styles. To help you choose the best option for your bathroom, we’ll explore over a dozen options starting with the Dreamline semi frameless sliding door which is stain resistant and affordable. So, whether you are looking to update an existing shower or add a new one, there is something for everyone.

Best Bathtub Doors in 2022

frameless tub shower door

1. Dreamline Sapphire Semi Frameless Bypass Door 

From free-standing shower stalls to bathtub doors to bases, this world renowned brand excels at designing and constructing bathroom products that are durable and affordable.

This walk in tub door measures 56 – 60 H x 60 W inches. It can be trimmed at the top or bottom, depending on the height of your tub. The Sapphire door is made of thick tempered glass that is stain resistant and easy to clean.

It is integrated with rollers  to allow easy opening and closing of the doors. The Sapphire shower door comes with dual towel bars. Transform your space into a retreat with this gorgeous bathtub glass door.

2. Woodbridge Bathtub Shower Door with Brushed Nickel Finish

If you desire a sleek look, the Woodbridge is the best glass shower door for you. So, why should you consider this door? Three reasons.

One, its size. The Woodbridge glass door measures 62 inches high by 56 – 60 inches wide. You can trim the sides up to 4 inches depending on the size of your bathroom.

Two, build. This sliding shower door is made of thick tempered glass. The glass panel is coated with ultra lux coating that prevents stains and makes cleaning easy. Also, it prevents it from shattering in case of breakage.

Three, easy opening. The Woodbridge shower doors are easy to open.  Easy to install and durable. Don’t like shower curtains? Try these elegant tub doors.

3. Delta Glass Shower Door

Elegant and inexpensive. The Delta tub door is one of the most affordable options today. This semi frameless panel features a traditional look with a modern twist.

Like our top pick, it is made of tempered glass for durability. Its frameless design adds a flair of elegance to any space. The Delta features a chrome track that gives it a classic look. Hidden rollers make gliding easy. This tub shower door is ideal for traditional and modern showers and will complement your bathroom decor style. Also available in matte black.

4. Basco Deluxe Framed Bathtub Sliding Doors

Let’s start by answering the big question; what is a framed tub door? Like other bathroom doors, they are made of glass but with metal framing.

The Basco is ideal for those looking to add new doors or upgrade existing ones. This shower door is easy to install and features an oil bronze frame that adds to its style and look. Made of clear glass, the Basco is coated with spot resistant material. Durable and affordable, this tub enclosure will be a great addition to your home.

5. Dreamline Aqua Bi-Fold Shower Door

Bi-fold tub doors use minimal space while allowing for easy wide entry. The Aqua bi-folding glass shower doors by Dreamline are suited for straight bathtubs. Do not install on curved tubs.

This bi-fold glass door is made of 1/4 inch thick glass that is coated with spot resistant material. Aluminum hinge with chrome finish ensure this frameless glass door slides seamlessly. Easy to install and adjustable to fit even imperfect walls, this door is perfect for any small modern bathroom.

6. Sunny Frosted Glass Sliding Hinged Tub Doors

In a recent post of shower stalls, we looked at some options that have sliding doors. And the Sunny has similar mechanisms.

What we really love about this type of door is its frosted design which makes it perfect for anyone who loves their privacy. If you’ve got young kids, you understand this. Made of tempered glass, it features an aluminum frame that protects it against damage.

This sliding bathroom door comes with a stainless steel handle where you can hang your towel or clothes. This double tempered glass door is perfect for your next remodel project.

7. Dreamline Enigma-X Sliding Frameless Glass Tub Door

Bring an air of luxury and sophistication to your space with the Enigma-X. Featuring stainless steel hardware, this bypass door is the ideal pick for large bathrooms.

It is heavier than most options in this list, so we recommend you have professionals help with installation or if you are a DIY kinda guy, have a friend help you. It measures 76 inches height and 56 – 60 inches width, the 4 inches can be trimmed to fit your bathroom size.

This Dreamline model also comes with long handles that you can use to hang your towels. Create the perfect showering space with this clear glass tub door.

8. Mellewell Bi-folding Tub Door

Complement your bathroom décor with the Mellewell bi-fold shower door. Made for a small bathroom, this clear glass tub door measures 36 by 58 inches. It’s designed to slide easily allowing for easy entry to the bathtub. Bifold design allows you to open or fold it per your needs.

Made of durable glass, it is covered with water resistant film for easy cleaning. Easy to mount on any wall, this frameless shower door could help create your happy place.

9. Dreamline Aqua Uno Hinged Frameless Tub Doors

The Dreamline Uno is a premium product for small bathrooms. So, if you are looking for a small glass panel, you won’t go wrong with this option. This lightweight half tub shower door for bathtub features one curved door panel that will help keep water in.

Ideal for straight bathtubs, this Dreamline glass shower model comes with a brushed nickel or chrome handle and hinge, allowing you to pick what will match your decor style. Have professionals install it for you.

10. Elegant Bypass Glass Tub Enclosure

The Elegant 60 x 57 is one of the best bathtub sliding doors on the market. Gorgeous chrome finish that is rust resistant, durable tempered glass panel, this glass door for bath will add style and elegance to your modern space.

The elegant semi-frameless sliding doors feature a 6mm thick tempered glass that is coated with shatterproof material. Its sliding mechanism allows the tub door to open and shut quietly. Ideal for large bathrooms.

11. Delavin Tub Shower Combo Doors

Certified by the SGCC, the Delavin shower doors over tubs are safe for home use. Quality craftsmanship, beautiful design, this 6mm thick model features two sliding glass panels that are covered with a thin explosion-proof film.

Also, to protect this tub door, the manufacturer has included an aluminum frame to its design. This glass tub enclosure is leak-proof, allowing you to bathe with peace of mind.

12. Emke Shower Door For Bath Tub

The Emke shower door for bath tub is smaller than most shower doors for tub on this list, making it ideal for an even smaller space. This trackless shower doors for bathtubs are made of ANSI certified tempered glass.

This means the panel is durable. Also, for durability it is covered with a thin film that also prevents shattering in case of breakage. It’s aluminum hardware is resistant to rust. The Emke door for bathtubs is perfect for any minimalist at heart.

13. Anzzi Trackless Shower Doors for Bathtubs

If you are looking for a modern glass shower door and are not afraid to splurge, the Anzzi single glass shower door is the perfect option for you. It’s price is higher than most hinged frameless shower doors on this list but its design is perfect for those looking for a classic minimalist design.

With a width of 34 inches, it’ll keep water from spilling on the bathroom floor. We love it’s easy glide hinges that allow it to slide quietly and easily. This half glass shower door for bathtub will add style and functionality to your space.

How to choose Bathtub Sliding Doors

Wondering which is the best tub shower door from the list above? These tips will help you narrow down the list to the right option for your home.

  • Two door panel vs One panel: If you have a large bathroom, we recommend you pick a two bypass doors option. Some of the options above will cover the whole bathroom space. You don’t need other doors.

For anyone with a small tub, we recommend a one panel tub door unit or go for a bi-fold shower door. Most of the one panel shower doors above and shower folding doors take up little space and allow for wide entry. They also prevent water from spilling on the floor.

  • Frameless vs framed: What’s the difference between these two types of door? Framed doors feature a traditional style design. Most are made of light glass that needs to be reinforced with stainless steel framing.

Frameless tub doors are a modern type of tub doors that do not have metal  framing. Instead, these tub doors are made of sturdier and thicker glass, tempered glass, that is coated with a thin shatter-proof film.

Size: One of the most important considerations when choosing a tub shower door is size/dimensions. Before you make your purchase, ensure to read the dimensions indicated by the manufacturer. Then have the correct tub measurements. Also, ensure to check whether the doors are for a straight or a curved bathtub.

Certification: Some may argue this is not important but we believe it is. Check  whether the glass shower doors are certified safe and ideal for home use.

Installation: Another important thing to keep in mind is installation. Some sliding shower doors require professional installation while others, especially frameless sliding shower doors are easy to install and you can do it yourself. Choose per your budget.

Maintenance: Most of us hate water stains, I know I do. The best way forward? Go for doors with glass coating. The tub doors above are coated with a material that resists stains, spots and other debris. It’s also important to check on the hardware, hinges and frames. Opt for doors that come with stainless steel hardware that is resistant to rust.

Budget: Lastly, consider your budget. Make sure you have enough for the bypass sliding doors and also to cover the installation service if you’ll need it.

Final Thoughts

One of the main reasons you should consider sliding tub doors is to keep water from splashing on the bathroom floors. Also, some of these doors allow for privacy which is an excellent choice for anyone with young kids. Before you make your pick, make sure to have your measurements right. When looking for the best tub shower doors, the list above is a great place to start.

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