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10 Best Shower Stalls: One Piece, 4 Piece, and More

A shower kit is an important piece when one is looking to build a new bathroom or remodel an existing one. Wondering what to get for your project?

If you are looking for something that is easy to install, clean and looks gorgeous, we recommend you pick any one piece shower stall from the list below. Before you pick your unit, remember to check on the space available, drain and drain location. From there, only your budget will dictate what you’ll get from the reviews list below.

Bathroom Shower Stalls Ideas

Best shower stalls and enclosures

1. Dreamline Infinity-Z One Piece Shower Stall with Door

The Dreamline Infinity-Z is a top of the line shower kit that is perfect for large spaces. Measuring 30 x 60 inches, this one piece shower comes in three options. You can choose a bathroom unit with a center drain base, right drain base or left drain base depending on drain location.

The Infinity-Z bathroom kit includes a backwall, base, and door. The SlimeLine base is made of acrylic, a material that is well-liked for its glossy look, and scratch and resistant properties. Also, this material is slip resistant, ensuring you shower without the risk of slipping. It is also reinforced with fiberglass for durability.

Another reason why this one piece shower stall is ideal for your home is its unique back wall. Made of durable materials, it features gorgeous tiling design to give your bathroom a modern look.

The 6mm thick door is constructed from tempered glass and is reversible, allowing you to install it to fit your bathroom design. A multifunctional towel or handle bar has been included in its design. Best way to create a relaxing spa in your home.

2. Dreamline 30 x 60 Acrylic Shower Stall with Shelves

Dreamline designs and constructs some of the best shower stalls. And, if you are looking to remodel a 30 by 60 bathroom with the right drain base, this product is for you.

This kit includes a slimeline base, and 2 corner walls and a back wall. Just like our top pick, the base is textured to ensure your safety while showering. It coordinates beautifully with the all white acrylic back.

Speaking of the walls, they are easy to install and if you are not a DIY person, you can always get a professional to do it for you. They feature corner shelves for your bathing accessories and  footrests so you can shower comfortably.

3. Ove Decors Breeze Corner Shower Stall

You’ll feel like you are in a spa with this corner shower kit. For the perfect makeover, this shower kit combines a base, walls, and sliding door. Measuring 34 inches, the Ove decors shower stall is perfect for small to mid sized bathrooms.

The round acrylic base is reinforced with fiberglass for durability. It’s low enough so you can walk in comfortably but high enough so water does not spill outside. The 6mm tempered glass door is reversible so it can be installed per your bathroom’s design. Installation is easy. This 3 piece shower kit will be a great addition to your home. Also available in other sizes.

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4. Dreamline 36″ Shower Kits with Center Drain Base

With a solid white base, this 36 inch shower stall by Dreamline adds a touch of elegance to any space. Made of durable materials, these 6 piece units can be installed in any mid size bathroom. It comes with 5 pieces for the walls and a square stain-resistant base.

The walls feature a gorgeous tile design that adds a modern look to its overall design. Also, this 36 shower stall comes with two corner glass shelves for showers accessories. Add style and sophistication to your house with this beauty.

5. Dreamline 42 in Corner Kits with Neo-Angle Shower Stall

Looking for a 2 piece shower stall? Another option by Dreamline is this 42 by 42 inch shower stall that is perfect for a small family.

The floor is textured and covered with acrylic for durability and easy maintenance and reinforced with fiberglass. Drain fits in a standard 2 inch drain. Comes with 3 shelves and a footrest for ultimate comfort when showering.

6. Elegant 36 Shower Kits without Base

On a budget? If you are remodeling your bathroom and already have a good base, this shower enclosure kit by Elegant is what you need. Made using 6mm tempered glass, this shower cubicle guarantees your safety and its durability.

The black nickel finish adds industrial farmhouse style flair to its look. This shower enclosure also features a long handle. If you need a base,  that option is also available. Installation is easy and straightforward.

7. Dreamline 32 in Alcove Shower Kit with Tile Pattern

For  a classic and modern look, the 32 x 32 inches shower stall comes highly recommended. With this popular 5 piece stall shower kit you’ll get a sturdy base and wall panels. The 5 qwall panels are made of acrylic and are durable.

Gorgeous tile patterns give the walls a modern look and feel. Tight connecting panels and fiberglass reinforcement make this shower kit one of the best options for most modern homes.

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8. Enigma-X Frameless Shower Enclosure with Glass Door 

If you are on a search for a large shower stall, the Enigma-X is the perfect kit for you. Measuring 48 x 76 inches, this premade showers takes up lots of space and is ideal for large spaces. It offers an easy walk-in design and the base is high enough so water does not spill outside.

The door is made of hard tempered glass making it shatterproof and has a long stainless steel handle. This prefabricated shower kit does not include  a base.

9. Kohler Alcove Walk in Shower Kit with Seat

Most homeowners prefer showers by Kohler because this top-rated brand designs and constructs highly rated home products. We love their 36 inch shower stall that offers plenty of shelves for shampoos and other bathing accessories.

Unlike our other picks, this Kohler walking shower stall is made of Vikrell, a material that is a result of combining polyresin and fiberglass. Also, these shower enclosure kits come with a seat making it ideal for the elderly.

10. Mustee M30 Premade Showers

Looking for a freestanding shower stall? The Mustee is one of the best shower stalls on the market today. Perfect for anyone on a budget, the M30 features molded shelves for shampoo and soap dish. It also features safety railing and a slip resistant low floor. Easy to install, perfect way to create your relaxation spot.

Types of Shower Kits

There are the main types of premade shower surrounds:

  • One piece kits: Hardest to move but easiest to install. Most 1 piece shower stalls include a base and the walls.
  • Multiple piece prefab showers: These consist of more than three pieces. Most units include a base and a few panels depending on the size of the shower stall. Easy to move and installation takes time and may require expertise.
  • Enclosure type shower stalls: Made mostly of glass, these shower kits are ideal for anyone who already has tile flooring in their bathroom. This kit mostly includes a door and walls.

How to choose the best Shower Stall Kits

prefab shower kits

Wondering which kit to get for your space? Here are a few tips to help you

Size: Size is the main consideration when installing a new unit. Everyone loves a spacious bathroom and it might be tempting to choose the largest option. But, you’ll need to have the correct measurements before you choose a stall. Just ensure there is enough headroom and space to accommodate all members of your family.

Design/Shape: What is the right design for your bathroom? Rounded shower stalls are ideal for corner installation plus they offer more space compared to square shapes.

Rectangular shapes are suited for larger bathrooms and are the perfect option for those who prefer walk-in shower enclosures.  And lastly, the neo-angle showers are suited for people who love modern captivating shapes and corner installation.

Type of door you want: From sliding doors to hinged to bifold, there are different types to choose for your shower kits. Bifold and sliding doors for shower kit are space optimizing and ideal for small shower stalls. Hinged options are ideal for traditional large bathrooms.

Components needed: A shower is more than a door and walls. When choosing your free-standing shower, contemplate on the other accessories you’ll need, showerhead, riser, drain and more, to create a functional space.

Budget: Lastly, you need to consider the amount you’ll need to  spend on the complete shower units. Framed shower stalls are cheaper compared to the newer and modern frameless shower kits.


1. What is the best material for shower stalls?

Acrylic. This material is not only safe but also easy to maintain. Fiberglass is also another great option. Easy to install and maintain.

2. How much does a one piece shower stall cost?

This type of shower kit costs anywhere from $400 – $1200. Consider your needs before you make your purchase.

3. Do shower stalls come in pieces?

Yes, depending on the size, shower kits come in various pieces. For example, the 32 x 32 kit by Dreamline comes in 6 pieces.

Final Thoughts

Looking to remodel a bathroom? The list above explores the best shower stalls on the market. Some of the options include shower kits complete with base, walls and door and others include only the enclosure. Remember to have the right measurements before you make a decision.

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