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7 Best Pergola Swing Sets for Outdoor in 2022

If you lead a busy life, the best way to unwind at home is by relaxing on a pergola swing. The best backyard swing should be sturdy, weather proof, and safe to use, especially if you have young kids. Below we review pergola swing sets that that are affordable and durable.

In a rush? The Amish is outdoor swing is perfect for all pergola sizes. This top-rated product is can support two people, has cup holders, a strong chain, and is easy to install. Also, here are top three picks.

Best pergola swing sets reviewed 

1. Amish Heavy Duty Swing

The Amish Heavy duty is one of the best pergola swings on the market. This swing is designed with user comfort in mind. It is sturdy enough to support up to 800lbs and comes with tough hanging chains. This pergola swing bench is made of pressure treated pine that is weather proof and rot resistant. The wood is stained to give it a stylish look and protect it against termites. The Amish one-inch-thick slats are tightly attached to the frame using screws, ensuring your safety.

Also, it has no sharp ends.  Its ends are well tacked in for your comfort and safety. This makes the pergola swing bed ideal, even for homes with young children. The manufacturer of this swing for has made it with a rollback contour design allowing you to lie back comfortably. It also has two cup holders on its sides where you can rest your arms and place your drinks. You can be sure to have some good moments of rest on it.


  • Made of strong sturdy materials for outside use
  • Comfortable and safe for kids
  • 2 people capacity
  • Available in 4 colors; cedar, unfinished, walnut and black


  • Cup holders hold water whenever it rains.
  • The pergola swing is Limited to 800lb but it’s sufficient for most homes

2. International Caravan Loveseat

If you love relaxing in your yard, then you should consider the International Caravan swing for pergola. It has a steel frame, ensuring it’s durable, and boasts of a curved back and armrest for utmost comfort. The international caravan furniture swing is also easy to clean and its stylish design gives your pergola an elegant look. Moreover, this pergola swing bed is easy to assemble and will take a few minutes. It comes with already installed chains, and all you need to do is hang it.

And, after some years of use, you can remove the swings if you suspect the chairs are old and replace them with new ones. It is made with wicker, and its frame is steel made. This makes it durable and can hold up to 400 pounds comfortably. There is no better way to get value for your money than with International Caravan Furniture swing.


  • This pergola swing set is available in 4 colors; antique black, white, mocha, antique pecan
  • Stylish design compliments any type of pergola
  • Has a capacity of two people


  • It has oversized ceiling hooks
  • This pergola swing requires cushions

3. A&L Furniture Swing Bed

If you are looking for a pergola swing bed that you can take a nap on comfortably, we recommend the A&L Furniture swing bed. Boasting of a gorgeous pine frame, this large swing bed is perfect for your pergola. The swing is on the larger side; dimensions 79 by 43 by 21 inches. So you’ll need to set aside enough space. The pressure treated pine material is sturdy and resistant to stain, rot and other things that plague wood porch swings.

To make this A&L swing bed more comfy, we recommend you get a standard twin size outdoor mattress and a cushion or two. This patio swing is easy to put together and is available in 4 colors. It’s available in cherry, rich tobacco, white and a kind of rustic unfinished color. Pick a color that blends well with the background. With this A&L swing bed you’ll experience peace and calm right in your backyard.


  • Person can sleep comfortably in the chair
  • Has a strong rope to keep it in place
  • Made of durable pine wood


  • Mattress purchased separately

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4.  Polywood GNS60WH Vineyard Swing

The Polywood vineyard swing is the true definition of style, comfort and affordability. It is the best outdoor swing chair for anyone looking to relax while reading or watching the sunset. This pergola swing is ideal for all-weather and is easy to put together; will take you around 30 minutes.

  Also, the manufacturer understands that this swing chair is meant for the outdoors and has constructed it using resin material. With this plastic material you don’t have to worry about rotting, rusting or re-staining this swing. This porch swing can withstand all types of weather without chipping, peeling, cracking, or rotting.

 To clean it, wipe with a wet cloth or use a hose. This pergola swing set is durable. For comfort, the Polywood vineyard swing has a contoured design to support your lower back. Lastly, these swings are available in 7 colors.  


  • Made of hard plastic that is weatherproof and scratch proof.
  • Low maintenance
  • A firm and safe swing bed


  • Not easy to assemble, especially when fixing the bolts
  • The swing chains require replacement.

5. Furniture Barn Outdoor 6′ Traditional English Swing Bed

Another pergola swing bed to consider is the Furniture Barn swing bed.  made from natural pine, this product is durable and has a capacity of two people. This means you can comfortably nap with a loved one on hot summer afternoons and can sit up to 3 adults comfortably.

This white porch swing is made of pressurized pine and is quite large. Ensure, before your purchase, that you’ve set aside enough space in your cedar pergola structure or any other type of outdoor living structure. The pine is resistant to rotting. This swing bed comes with 4 rust resistant chains that you can hook to the roof.  

The swing bed inner dimension measure 68 inches width by 38 inches depth by 24 inches height.  For maximum relaxation, we recommend you get a mattress, cushions and a good pergola canopy. This pergola swing bed is white in color and will brighten your yard.  


  • This large pergola swing bed is perfect for family relaxation
  • Affordable and durable
  • High weight capacity


  • Heavier than most pergola swings
  • Difficult to assemble

6. Outsunny 2-Person Wicker Hanging Porch

Beat the afternoon summer heat while relaxing on the Out sunny 2-Person wicker hanging porch swing. This pergola swing will soothingly rock you back and forth as you enjoy the cool afternoon weather. It has unique features and boasts a perfect design for utmost comfort. 

Additionally, the Outsunny wicker patio swing is sturdy enough to hold two adults. Its weight capacity is 550 pounds. Besides its capacity, this wicker outdoor swing is durable. Made of PE Rattan, this top rated swing can stand the toughest of weathers. The rattan material can do well in cold temperatures as well as hot temperatures and rain. But as always, we recommend you get a good cover for your swing.

Outsunny pergola swing is designed with comfort in mind. It has a high backrest, curved armrest, and padded cushions to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed while seated and swinging on it. A perfect pergola swing bed should be sturdy, and that’s simply the definition of the Outsunny 2-person wicker hanging porch. This swing can hold up to 550 pounds, inclusive of its hanging chains and four safety catches. Add beauty and glamour to your yard with an Outsunny 2-person swing.


  • This is swing is strong and sturdy
  • It comes with padded cushions giving you comfort
  • Made of weather resistant material making it perfect for outdoor living use


  • No instructions for assembling
  • The chains for this swing are too short

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7. Backyard Discovery 2006614 Farmhouse Cedar Porch Swing

Get carried away by the soothing breeze in your yard while resting comfortably on the Backyard discovery cedar pergola swing. This cedar pergola swing kit comes with assembling instructions. It’s designed for two people with an overall dimension of (W x D X H) 50 by 22.75 by 23.75 inches. It can fit perfectly in different types of pergolas.  Assembling it is easy because it is pre-cut and pre-drilled. The wood is pre-stained, giving it a smooth, eye-catching finish.

Also, cedar wood is rot-resistant and tough. This two-person porch swing is durable and will serve you for years. Also a good pergola swing set should be strong, and the Backyard discovery cedar pergola swing is no different.  It has a weight capacity of 600lbs.


  • This cedar pergola swing holds a lot of weight up to 600 pounds
  • Cedar wood is rot-resistant, thus durable
  • Available in cream white and grey that blends perfectly with the background  


  • Requires extra hardware when assembling

8. Best Choice Products porch swing bench

Give your pergola a metallic touch with the Best choice metal pergola swing. This outdoor swing bench is one of the most stylish sassy and affordable swings today. This metal swing is brown in color and made from iron. This pergola swing kit is stable and safe, and its dimension of 47.25 x 22 x 24 inches. It has a weight capacity of 400 pounds and will hold two people comfortably.

Also, it’s worth noting the iron material is covered with rust resistant and will serve you for a long time. The swing has mounting chains to ensure user safety. You will love the comfort that comes with this hanging porch swing.


  • Metal is durable compared to wood swing
  • It is a rust-resistant but will require repainting after some time


  • Limited to two people
  • It requires cushions

How to choose a pergola swing bench

There are a few important factors to look at when choosing a swing for your pergola. Here are a few things to look at for.

  • Material

Manufacturers use different types of materials when making the frame of this patio furniture. A porch swing can be made of hard plastic (wicker), wood, or metal. Of the three, metal swings are cheaper. Choose the material that best suits your needs plus some benefits of an outdoor swing. 

  • Weight

The weight capacity is determined by the number of people a swing can hold. In this list you can choose between a two-person swing or a swing bed that can hold up to 3 people. Some of the swings above can hold up to 800 pounds so choose what will meet your needs best.

  • Color and design

Like any other outdoor furniture, pergola swing beds should complement your home. These beautiful swings come in different colors ranging from red to white. Pick a color and design that best complements your garden.

  • Budget

Compared to a pergola structure, the swings are very affordable. The cheap pergola swings above break your bank. Instead, they’ll add beauty and comfort to your garden.


1. Can a pergola support a swing?

Most pergolas are large enough and strong enough to support a swing.


Our homes are our safe havens. A pergola with swing bed or bench is one of the best places to relax, read or nap. And investing in anything that will enhance your comfort is wise. Pergola swings are the most comfortable furniture that you can have in your outdoor. 

The options above are made of different types of material including metal, cedar, and rattan. These swings guarantee your comfort. The swings are also safe to sit on as you watch the skies and enjoy the breeze in your yard. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get any of them because they are affordable. we hope you’ll find a swing that matches your needs here. We recommend you add some shades and curtains for total relaxation. 

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