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7 Best Outdoor Fire Pit For Patio or Backyard 2022

One of the best ways to end a day is by sitting around a fire with family, friends or reading a good book or listening to good music. A good outdoor fire pit brings life to a backyard or patio.

So, which is the best outdoor fire pit for you? Though firepits are made for the same purpose, warmth and comfort, there are different makes and different brands to choose from. It’s not any easy task especially if you are a new homeowner. But, we’ve got your back.

I’ve gone through a few fire pits and my favorite is the KINGSO. This freestanding fire pit features a unique 2-in-1 design, comes with a spark screen and grate. Also, below we’ll discuss other options that can hold a candle to our top pick. This options include natural gas and propane options.

Best Fire Pits for Backyard

1. KINGSO 2-in-1 Wood Burning Fire Pit

Boasting of 30 inches in diameter, the Kingso is a unique multi-functional fire pit that is affordable and offers more than warmth.

This modern outdoor fire pit is made from steel with a stylish rust-resistant black finish. It weighs about 39, making it portable. The Kingso comes with a spark screen to protect you and your loved ones against flying embers.

Another feature you’ll enjoy is it’s 2-in-1 design. This wood fire pit comes with an removable cooking grate. This grill is made of ceramic material which is safe.

You can adjust it up and down depending witch what you are grilling. Also, the Kingso comes with a bottom heat shield to protect your deck and a fire poker to keep fire going.


  • Has diamond mesh vent that allows air to flow through and prevents ash from spilling
  • Grilling grate allows you to cook hot dogs and more
  • Pit comes with a fire poker and spark screen


  • Drain holes may get clogged

2. Outland Living outdoor propane fire pit Table

If you are looking for an elegant center piece, the Outland Living is one of the best fire pits. This smokeless fire pit measures 44 by 32 by 24 inches and will complement your patio furniture perfectly. Its size allows you to use it as a coffee table when the fire is not lit.

The Outland Living is made of wicker, a material that is sturdy and resistant to UV. The rattan material features a woven design that gives this outdoor fire pit table a stylish look.

The Outland Living uses liquefied petroleum gas or propane gas that emits smokeless fires. Also, the top includes glass rocks and a tempered glass that gives the fire a realistic look.

On the bottom part of this fire pit table you’ll find a tank storage where you can keep your propane tank out of sight. This gorgeous fire pit table is perfect for any outdoor space.


  • Has an ignition system that allows you to control the heat
  • Expresso brown color matches most home scheme colors perfectly
  • This propane fire pit is fuel efficient


  • Large and heavy to move around

3. Landmann Savannah Garden outdoor wood fire pit

Style meets affordability; this is the best way to describe the Landmann Savannah Garden wood burning fire pit. Landmann is a leading brand in outdoor fire pits construction, so you can rest assured the Savannah will last for many years.

Its constructed using high quality steel and weighs 22 pounds, making it the perfect option for camping.

The Savannah offers 23 1/2 inches in diameter and is perfect for people with small backyards. It consists of a round bowl with stunning cut out detailing.

Admittedly, it is smaller than our top pick but its deep basin allows you to put enough wood for a small gathering. Also, this small outdoor fire pit has a mesh liner and pit screen to protect against sparks.


  • Has sturdy legs that lift the bowl off the fire bowl off the ground
  • Made of stainless steel for durability
  • Comes with handles for easy portability


  • Do not use on a deck. Legs get pretty hot

4. Solo Stove Bonfire Pit

Versatility meets performance; these are the words that best describe this option by Solo Stove. This unit is one of the best portable fire pits and is suited for camping and other backyard activities.

Made of stainless steel, the Solo Stove backyard firepit features an elegant design that makes it the perfect center piece. unlike other fire pits on this reviews list, this round fire pit features a double wall design that ensures combustion happens efficiently.

This, in turn, minimizes the amount of wood used and distributes heat evenly.

The Solo Stove unique construction also ensures there is little to no smoke so you can enjoy your endless summer nights in the outdoors. Lastly, this patio fire pit comes with a carry bag for easy portability.


  • Unique design ensures wood is burnt evenly with no smoke
  • Stainless steel is resistant to rusting
  • This metal fire pit is easy to light and clean


  • Still needs a spark screen when using on patio

5. Bali Outdoors Fire Pit

If you are looking for a bar height fire table, the Bali propane fire pit will add a modern touch to your patio or garden. This 50,000 BTU column firepit is tastefully design to compliment any patio furniture.

Standing at 27 inches, this pit has a smaller footprint compared to other natural gas fire pits on this list. It’s also made of durable material and uses propane.

All you need is a 20lb gas tank and your fire is good to go. The Bali backyard fire pit comes with an electronic ignition system that makes it easy to start and control the fire.

The manufacturer has also included blue fire glass diamond that sparkle on the burning flame. Also, the Bali portable pit has an adjustable foot stand that helps you adjust its height according to the size of your furniture.


  • Has a stainless steel burner that produces uniform flames
  • This cylinder fire pit is fuel efficient
  • Comes with free fire glass and has tank storage


  • No screen to protect children from flames

6. Giantex Gas Pit

Add a classic, traditional touch to your backyard with the Giantex Gas fire pit. Giantex designs popular fire pits and one of their best models is this 40,000 BTU pit.

This large fire pit is made of stainless steel and available in two stunning colors; gray and brown. Its exterior features a beautiful stonework design that gives it its natural look. The detailing is amazing.

The Giantex outdoor natural gas fire pit for deck has a 10-foot hose that allows you to keep the tank out of sight. Also, this pit comes with decorative lava rocks for the perfect natural look. Honestly, the Giantex is one of the best fire pit on the market.


  • Has handles for easy portability
  • ETL certified to use at home
  • This gas outdoor fire pit has an electric ignition for quick fire-ups
  • Does not project heat downwards making it safe for use on deck


  • 9 inches tall which is short

7. Pleasant Hearth Martin Steel Wood Burning Pit

For quiet, warm summer nights, good food and great company, the Martin is the best fire pit. One of the features that sets this portable fire pit apart from the others on this list the extra deep pit.

What this means is you can control the flames by controlling the amount of logs that go into the pit. Like the wood burning fire pits, the Martin is made of steel with for durability.

And, if you enjoy fire pit cooking, you’ll be pleased by the large grill plate. Also, the space between the flames and grill allows you to roast marshmallows and s’mores easily. Lastly, this bbq fire pit comes with a pit screen to protect against sparks.


  • Budget friendly
  • Deep bowl and grill plate makes cooking easy
  • Made of long lasting material


  • Not ideal for use on any combustible and wooden decks

8. SunnyDaze Northland Portable fire Pit with Stand

Enjoy every summer night with the Sunnydaze Northland pit. This brand designs some awesome fire pits and the Northland is no exception. Featuring a rectangular design, this wood fire pit is perfect for large patios.

It has a deep seating bowl that where you can arrange the logs as you wish. Also, this outdoor patio fire pit has built-in legs that lift it off the ground, allowing you to use it on different types of surfaces. And, like other metal fire pits on this reviews list, we encourage you use a fire mat to prevent heat from ruining your deck.

The Northland by SunnyDaze also includes a sizeable grill plate that you can use for outdoor cooking. Lastly, this pit comes with a cover to protect against embers.


  • Deep bowl allows the logs to burn uniformly
  • Comes with a vinyl cover to protect it against elements when out in the yard
  • Large size makes it the best choice for large seating outdoor space


  • Screws need frequent re-tightening

How to choose a Backyard fire pit


Fire pits come in different shapes. There are round bowls, rectangle and square firepits. Choose the shape that will complement your decor.

Fuel type

There are two main fuel types for pits. Your needs will dictate the type that best suits your yard needs.

1. Wood burning fire pit: If you prefer a camping experience in your backyard, a wood pit is the best choice. With these pits you use logs, preferably small logs that can fit perfectly. Also, some options come with grill plates for outdoor cooking.

2. Gas pits: Natural or propane pits are the best fire pits for enclosed patios. With this type of pit you don’t have to worry about smoke or ashes. Also, you can use lava rocks or glass for to add a natural look.

Permanent vs portable

Depending on the material used, a fire pit can be portable or permanent. Cast iron fire pits are pretty heavy to move around and it is recommended you get a permanent spot for this type. Alternatively, if you prefer a portable option, we recommend you choose a small fire pit made of aluminum or rattan wicker.


Fire pits are made of different materials. Most fire tables are made of wicker while round fire pits are mostly made of metal. If you want an option that allows cooking or bbqs, metal pits are the best options. And, for style and a touch of elegance, a rattan fire pit table is the right choice.


How much money do you need to set aside for your yard fire pit? The good news is, there is a fire pit for price range you could think of. There are some options that go for below $100 and some cost over $500. The key difference is the features. For cheap fire pits, you’ll have to forego most of the high-end features. But, these options still work fine.

Fire Pits do’s and dont’s


  1. Most fires will have some flying sparks and to contain them you need to invest in a good spark screen.
  2. Also invest in a fire pad. This little but important product protects your deck against hot ashes that could ruin it.
  3. If you are using a portable fire pit, ensure it is far from flammable objects and your house
  4. If you live in a windy place, invest in good curtains that’ll act as wind breakers


  1. Do not place a steel wood burning fire pit directly on a wooden deck
  2. Ensure all flammable objects, such as plastic patio chairs, are far from the pit
  3. Avoid having an open pit around young children


  • What is a good BTU for outdoor fire pit?

A pit with BTU output from 30,000 – 100,000 is perfect for outdoor use. The higher the BTU output, the more heat you’ll get. Also, check on the gas tank requirements for the pit you want.

  • Can I put a fire pit on my patio?

Yes. And, to ensure your patio is not ruined, invest in a good pad that acts as a barrier between the firepit and patio surface.

  • Do fire pit tables keep you warm?

A good table will keep you warm. Most options offer BTU output ranging from 40,000 – 100,000 which is enough to keep you warm even in windy conditions.

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