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9 Best Outdoor Egg Chairs for Backyard or Patio 2022

An outdoor egg chair is one of the best spots to while away the afternoon or evening while reading a good book or by a fire pit. There are two types of chairs to choose from. Depending on the size of your patio, deck or pool side you can opt for a hanging egg chair or stationary chair.

Below we’ll look at some of the best chairs on the market that you can use to relax as you enjoy your day. If you want to transform your garden or patio, any of these hanging chairs is a worthy pick.

Best Hanging Outdoor Egg Chair Reviews

1. Christopher Knight Teardrop Stationary Egg Chair

Renowned for durable and stylish furniture, Christopher Knight is an industry leader. We love their Multi-brown egg seat that can support an adult comfortably. This chair measures 33 by 38 by 60 inches and will fit in your pergola, deck, or patio perfectly. Its frame is made of metal material that is powder coated with scratch resistant and rust resistant paint, protecting the chair throughout the seasons.

The frame is covered with all weather wicker material. You’ll also love its four-legged base that ensures user safety and stability. Overall, the Christopher Knight stationary egg chair has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. For your comfort, this egg swing comes with a thick cushion. It’s neutral color allows it to blend perfectly with any background. So, if you are looking for the perfect chair to relax in the evening or afternoon, you can’t go wrong with this Christopher Knight outdoor wicker egg chair.


  • Easy to assemble. Tools and instruction manual included
  • Enough space for one person seating
  • Water resistant cushions


  • Does not have a stand so no swinging

2. Flower House Pumpkin Loveseat

If you want to while away the afternoon chatting with a loved one, there is no better outside garden chair than the Flower house pumpkin loveseat. This unique two-person lounger is one of the best hanging chairs on the market today. It’s larger than the Christopher Knight with its dimensions 66H x 50W by 43 inches. Please note that you’ll need to set aside enough space for this hanging egg pod chair.

Now, as the name suggests this swing chair has a slightly different design compared to other options on this reviews list. It looks like a pumpkin! Yup … I know you are thinking about that Halloween pumpkin. The design is stylish, making the Flower House chair a beautiful addition to any garden.

Also, this seat comes in three different designs. One, the traditional fabric cover, very simple. Two, a gorgeous dreamcatcher design. Three, a stunning woven design. You can pick what best suits your style. For color, you can choose orange, bark, black, red or tan vine. These egg chairs have large cushions for comfortable seating.

Lastly,  Flower House two person hanging chair has two types of base to select from. One, you can opt for the option with a swing stand or two, the option with the four-legged base. This patio swing has a capacity of 400 lbs.


  • Made of water resistant fabric and steel
  • Has room for two people or one person sleeping
  • This pumpkin chair is ideal for patio or indoor use


  • Pretty heavy to move around

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3. Barton Hanging Basket Chair

If you are on a budget, the Barton outdoor hanging basket chair with stand is the perfect choice for your garden or patio. There are three reasons why you should add this egg shaped chair to the indoor or backyard. One, it includes two parts; a chair and stand. The steel frame is coated with black weather-proof paint that allows this hanging garden chair to last in the outdoors throughout the season.

The chair is covered with wicker material that is not only stylish but also durable. Another reason you should consider the Barton egg swing chair is the steel stand. Its four-leg base is strong and supports users up to 265 pounds. An adult can relax on this exclusive chair for hours without worrying about wobbling or falling.

Thirdly, you should consider the Barton hanging chair cushions. This modern wicker chair has enough cushioning so you can snuggle or read a book comfortably. Lastly, This chair is available in different colors including white, blue, cream, and aqua. The Barton is one of the best hanging egg chairs for anyone on a tight budget.


  • Has a 6-inch thick cushion and headrest
  • Rattan material is beautiful and sturdy
  • Egg chair collapsible for easy storage


  • Top part is narrow and not comfy for tall people

4. Ulax Furniture Hanging Egg Chair with Stand

Another teardrop shaped modern egg chair to consider is this option by Ulax Furniture. This swing chair has a similar look with our top pick. And, it also has some unique features. Unlike the Christopher Knight it comes with a metal stand and a steel hook to attach to the chair. Also, unlike the other hanging egg chairs on this list, it has a horseshoe shaped base. This design ensures it offers maximum support and stability to the user.

The strong base supports up to 300 pounds which is enough for most people. For the egg chair, you get a stylish wicker rattan seat that is a nice addition to the deck, patio, or indoor. The material is water resistant so you don’t have to worry about your chair staying in the outdoors. For color, it comes in beige and blue so you can choose one that suits your decor style.


  • Has built in handles so you can carry the chair easily
  • Large base is stable
  • Has a polyester cushion that is comfortable


  • Cover not removable for washing 

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5. Barton Hanging Swing Egg Chair with Canopy

 Relaxing outdoors is fun. But, when the sun is hoooot … No one likes sunburns. This Barton hanging egg chair is a safe haven of relaxation and protection from the sun. So, why should you include this egg shaped chair in your  short list?

Like other options on this reviews list, this outdoor hanging egg chair comes with a powder coated steel frame that is durable and perfect for all types of weather. One feature that sets it apart from other hanging egg chairs is the unique design of the base of the stand. The round shape offers stability and comfort. Your package will include a metal hook that you’ll use to attach the stand to the chair.

Also, unlike the traditional hammock swing chair, the Barton chair is made of polyester material that is not only rainproof, it is also UV resistant. This means it will block the sun as well as prevent harmful rays from hurting your skin. This outdoor egg chair includes a canopy that is attached to the chair, it’ll block the sun allowing you to relax and read a book. Lastly, this garden chair comes in three colors; beige, grey and aqua.


  • Canopy protects against harmful rays
  • Frame is rust proof
  • Holds up to 300 pounds


  • Canopy not adjustable

6. Island Gale Double Egg Chair

Another 2 person egg chair to consider is the Island Gale Double swinging chair. Built for the outdoor garden, this large wicker swing chair measures 59 by 47 by 79 inches and will complete your yard’s look. Like the Flower House large hanging egg chair, the Island Gale takes up a lot of space. Its high quality craftsmanship ensures the chair lasts outdoors for years without rusting, chipping, or fading.

To support more weight than a traditional hanging egg chair the Island Gale double swing chair features a round base and two steel stands. The frame is constructed using alloy for durability. The large chair is handwoven using rattan wicker material which is low maintenance and impenetrable by UV rays. Also, for comfortable seating you’ll get a thick cushion.


  • Cushions do not fade easily
  • Bronze color gives it a natural look
  • This 2 person egg chair holds 528 pounds
  • Designed for indoor and patio, sunroom and deck use


  • This double egg chair holds less weight compared to the Flower House hanging chair

7. Christopher Knight Swivel Egg Seat

The Christopher Knight swivel wicker egg chair is another beautiful addition for outdoor seating. This basket chair has some distinctive features that add style and glamour to any space. First, it is available in light and dark brown, making it perfect for different styles. Second, the Frances is made of polyethylene rattan which is known for its durability and versatility.

For comfort, this egg chair has a deep seating space and its frame will encapsulate you. Also, the chair has cushions so you can enjoy the outdoor comfortably. Another feature that sets it apart is the swivel base. Basically, it allows you to turn the chair with your body. No standing. This garden egg chair has a 250 lbs capacity.


  • Contemporary design allows it to blend perfectly with your decor
  • Swivel function for easy on and off the chair
  • Cushion made of non-porous material


  • Available in two colors

8. Nicesoul Heavy Duty Outdoor Egg Swing

For persons above 300 lbs, it’s important to get a chair that supports their weight. One of the best hanging egg chair for heavy persons is the Nicesoul chair. This indoor egg chair is built to last. It features a strong stand with a strong base. The stand is attached to the egg chair using a strong hook.

The basket is made of wicker resin material that is easy to maintain and durable. To ensure you are comfortable, this hanging egg chair comes with cushions that are covered with waterproof fabric. You don’t have to worry about kids pouring juice on the furniture.


  • Supports up to 350 pounds
  • Available in multiple colors to match different styles


  • Heavy to move around

9. Modway Hanging Egg Swing

The Modway brand is a trusted name in the world of outdoor furniture. You’ll love their large hanging egg chair for patio or garden. Boasting of a stylish, relaxing and modern look, this beautiful chair is one of the best swings you can have in your home. It’s slightly larger than most one person egg chairs. This means it’ll need more space but you are assured of comfort while reading a good book or warming yourself by a fire pit.

Like the other egg chairs on this list, the Modway hanging chair has a  strong stand and a wicker egg shaped chair. Also, your chair will include a fluffy cushion that is made of spill-proof fabric. This contemporary outdoor chair supports 265 pounds .


  • Cushions available in different colors
  • Larger than most one person egg chairs
  • Weave design is gorgeous and will complement your yard
  • Ideal for tall people


  • Not suitable for heavy people

How to Select the Best Egg Chair for Outdoor

Here are a few tips to help you choose the best egg chair for your patio or indoor.

Hanging VS stationary egg seats

There are two types of egg chairs to choose; hanging or stationary. Which type should you choose? A standing egg chair is ideal for indoor use such as a bedroom. A hanging egg chair is more suited for outdoor use because you’ll have enough space to swing a little plus the stand and base takes up a lot of space. Also, if you have kids, a hanging chair is more fun compared to the later.


Outdoor swings are available in different sizes. Do you need a one person swing set or a double egg chair for two people?


Wicker resin vs fabric? Rattan material is durable compared to fabric. But, if you need a hanging egg chair with canopy you’ll have no option but to go with the fabric option.


Brands offer their hanging egg chairs at different prices. Also, the price vary depending on the size of the chair. Larger swings cost more and also you’ll dig a  little deeper into your pocket for chairs from renowned brands.

Final Thoughts

How do you shop for the best hanging egg chair? In this review we’ve looked at egg swing chairs that are well designed, have a steel frame, are made of wicker and fabric and are comfortable. If you want to relax in the outdoors a good hanging chair is a must. You can’t go wrong with any of the options above.

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