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15 Best Kohler Farmhouse Sinks of 2022

Kohler, a leading brand, designs and manufactures some of the best sinks for country homes. Looking for the perfect place to prep your food and put dirty dishes? The Kohler farmhouse sink is the right choice. This brand provides various types of sinks ranging from single bowl to double bowl options.

So why should you choose models from this brand? In the post below we’ll explore sinks by this trusted brand, their pros and cons. We’ll make the process easier for you. Here are the best options for all styles and budgets.

Farmhouse Sinks by Kohler for Every Budget

kohler farmhouse sinks

1. Kohler Self-Trimming Apron Front K-6489-0

For a classic farmhouse kitchen, we recommend the top-rated Whitehaven apron-front sink. Measuring 36 inch across,this sink is made of cast iron with enamel finish to prevent rusting. This enameled cast iron sink features a sloped basin that ensures all the water is drained with minimal pooling.

And, this self-trimming sink is easy to install. Will take you less than an hour to set it up. So if you want to add functionality in your space, these Kohler farmhouse sinks will be a great addition.

2. Whitehaven 36 inch Kitchen Sink

A busy kitchen needs a large apron front sink. This model by Kohler offers a vast single 36 inches single basin that allows you to prep and clean with ease. This farmhouse sink will blend seamlessly with different decor styles. The apron sink is made of cast iron material, which is high-quality and durable. It’s coated with stain resistant enamel.

We love that the basin is slightly sloped (2 degrees), preventing pooling and debris piling. Installation required; it’s easy and straightforward. And, because of its depth, 9 inches, it can fit in standard cabinetry. Offset drain ensures there is plenty of storage space underneath it. This 36-inch whitehaven sink will complement your farmhouse kitchen.

3. Stainless Steel Undermount Kitchen Sinks

Looking for a stainless steel self trimming option? This Kohler sink model offers a large 36 inches single bowl basin that offers enough space. Crafted from high quality steel, this under mount sink is a popular choice among homeowners. It has a simple yet gorgeous look that makes it the ideal addition to an industrial farmhouse style kitchen.

The steel material used is not only rust resistant but also dent-proof. Hate a noisy kitchen? The manufacturer has crafted it using sound absorption technology that ensures your kitchen is noise-free. Easy installation with hardware and instructions included in your package. It comes with a basin rack and is heat resistant.  This self trimming sink is large enough to hold trays, pots and more.

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4. Kohler 33 inch Undermount Sink K-5540-NA

Have a mid-sized kitchen counter? This 33 inch kitchen sink is the perfect option for your home. This versatile undermount sink allows you to personalize your workspace. Made of stainless steel, this kohler undermount sink will last for years. The material used is resistant to scratches and rust.

Its bottom and sides are integrated with noise reduction technology to create a quiet and enjoyable space. And to ensure you maximize on your space, this easy-to-clean farmhouse sink comes with a grated rack, a colander, wash basin and bamboo cutting boards. These accessories allow you to multitask, make defrosting easy and more.

The sink is deep enough, allowing you to stack the accessories when not in use. Also, the k-5540-Na farmhouse sink does not come with pre designed faucet holes. You can use any farmhouse faucet that matches your kitchen decor style.

5. 35 inch Top Mount Single Bowl Sink

The Model K-3942-3-NA by Kohler is a large stainless steel apron front sink that is easy to install and affordable. This sink measures 35 inches across and 9 inch deep, making it perfect for a busy kitchen.

Its drop in design makes installation easy, all it needs is the standard 36-inch cabinetry. Another feature that stands out is its three faucet hole design that allows you to choose a Kohler faucet that matches your farmhouse kitchen. It’s angled corners help maximize on space while the flat rim allows you to clean your workspace with ease.

So, if you are looking for a single bowl kohler sink that is easy to install and affordable, this 35 inch option is the perfect choice.

6. Kohler 35 inch Double Bowl Enameled Cast Iron Sink

If you are looking for something more versatile, we recommend this K-6426-0 whitehaven model. This stylish option is one of the best apron front sinks on the market. Its three main features make it stand out from other Kohler farmhouse sinks. One, it fits in standard cabinetry, making it the perfect option for most homes. So if you are remodeling, this option will fit into your existing space.

Two, quality and design. Constructed using material cast iron and enameled in scratch resistant high quality material, this double bowl Kohler kitchen sink offers the same versatility as a fireclay sink. Three, its double bowl design makes it easy to multitask.

So, if you want a statement piece that can fit into existing cabinetry, you won’t go wrong with this whitehaven farmhouse sink.

7. Kohler Black Apron Front Sink 30 inch

Don’t like the white option above? Perhaps a black farmhouse sink is the more suitable option for your kitchen. Kohler has some of the best black apron front sinks and we love their K-6486-0 model.

Like the other self trimming models, it is crafted of durable cast iron material so you don’t have to worry about rusting or denting. It measures 30 inches across, making it ideal for a small kitchen. And like our top pick, the bottom is slopped to allow easy water flow. Easy to clean and great customer reviews.

8. 44 inch Stainless Steel Traditional Style Sink for Large Kitchens

Large farmhouse kitchens require large apron front sinks. One of the largest options on the market is the K-23652-NA. Boasting a 44 inch workspace, this under mount kitchen sink allows you to create your dream meal prepping station.

And, because of its size, it requires a larger cabinet base, at least 45 -48 inch. So, before you make your purchase, ensure you’ve left enough room. To ensure it can withstand regular use, the manufacturer has crafted it using sturdy steel and integrated it with sound absorption technology.

This single basin sink comes with a few accessories including a colander, wash bin, cutting board and grid rack. It does not have pre-designed faucet holes, giving you the freedom to pick what will compliment your farmhouse decor. With a depth of 10 inches, it can fit most pots and other cookware.

9. Staccato Dual Bowl 33 inch Sink With Some Style

Looking to add some flair into your kitchen? The K-3361-4-NA is a 33 inches double bowl sink that’ll add some freshness to any kitchen. Crafted from stainless steel, this Kohler unit is easy to maintain. Clean it at least once a week, use a rack to protect it against scratches, and do not use bleach.

The dual basin design makes cleaning dishes easy while its 8 inch depth allows it to accommodate most pots and pans. The sleek stainless steel look allows it to fit seamlessly into any decor style. Curved shape will complement your kitchen. This top mount farmhouse sink comes with a hardwood cutting board.

10. 33 Inch White Farmhouse Sink Cast Iron

Looking for a  budget Kohler Country style sink? This whitehaven 33 inch farmhouse sink is the ideal choice. Made of enameled cast iron, it offers a large and deep workstation that can hold large cookware.

Material used is resistant to burning, chipping and cracking, ensuring your farmhouse sink retains its sleek look for years. Its self trimming design not only makes installation easy but also allows you to install it into existing cabinetry.

Enameled slightly sloped bottom makes cleanup and draining. Easy installation and leaves enough storage space underneath the basin. Simple yet stylish design will complement both minimalist and maximalist kitchens.

11. 35 Inches Top Rated Farmhouse Sink

Stainless steel farmhouse sinks are known for their sleek look and durability. The Kohler K-3942-1 kitchen sink  is a popular option among homeowners. Offering a large workstation, this price friendly pick fits in a standard 36 inches cabinetry.

It comes with one faucet hole so you can pick a Kohler faucet that matches your country style kitchen. Sound absorption technology absorbs sounds allowing you to focus on what’s important.

And like fireclay apron kitchen sinks, it is resistant to heat and scratches. Top mount or drop in design makes installation easy and straightforward. Will complement most laminate countertops. 

12. Kohler 30 inch Farm Sinks

The Kohler vault is a versatile farmhouse kitchen sink that allows you to spruce up your cleaning station without having to replace your countertop or cabinets. This self trimming Kohler apron sink is smaller in size compared to other Kohler sink models on this list, making it perfect for small farmhouse kitchens.

Its single bowl design and angled sides help maximize on space. Stainless steel build ensures its durability while the sloped bottom allows for fast draining.

13. Ludington 34-inches Undermount Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Looking for a contemporary style kitchen sink? The K-20243-PC-NA is a combo of farmhouse beauty and industrial sleekness. The 34 inches size is spacious enough for most homes. To give you an idea of what you’ll get, it can fit 45 party plates, 6 wine glasses and more, making it the ideal choice for someone who hosts often.

The spacious single bowl features a flat basin so you can put your stemware without worrying about tipping and breaking. This undermount kitchen sink is soundproof and comes with a trivet, silicone mat, surface swipe, and strainer.

14. Cape Dory Undermount Kitchen Sink

Add a sophisticated and luxurious look to your kitchen with this white sink. Made for the modern country style kitchen, this apron kitchen sink is designed to last. You don’t have to worry about burns, chipping, or cracks.

Enameled cast iron material used provides a smooth surface that is easy to clean and resistant to stains. Rinse and wipe and you are good to go. Also, this apron sink features 5 holes (3 faucets, 2 accessories) This gorgeous cast iron farmhouse sink will be a great addition to your home.

15. Cast Iron Under Counter Sink with Deep Basin

Our last pick is this beautifully crafted enameled cast iron option. It’s the ideal option for anyone looking for a durable, easy to install and affordable kitchen sink with a strong warranty. Other reasons why this under mount sink is a strong contender is the double bowl design that allows you to separate dishes while cleaning.

They are also deep enough to stack up dishes to declutter your countertop. Also, its ergonomic design ensures proper posture so you don’t have to worry about strain or back pain. More efficient compared to single bowl kitchen sinks.

How to choose the best Kohler Model

When remodeling your kitchen, it’s important to choose stylish and durable accessories. Kohler has over 30 models and it can be a difficult task choosing the right farmhouse sink from their models. But, we’ve got you.

We’ll discuss why you should shop from this top rated brand and a few tips to help you choose the right kitchen sink.

Why Kohler?

There are many farmhouse sink brands on the market including Kraus and Sinkology. You should consider this brand because:

Founded in 1873, you can be assured of the quality of their farmhouse sinks. Over the years, this brand has proved it deserves a spot as the industry leader by designing ergonomic and affordable home products.

Also, some of their units are made from recycled materials, making it an environmentally conscious company. Both their apron front sinks and drop in sinks are ideal for regular use at home. So, it’s a brand that is trusted by different generations of folks across the country and you won’t go wrong with any of their kitchen sinks.

Now here are a few tips on how to choose a farmhouse sink.

Selecting the right size

When  I was remodeling my kitchen, I had a difficult time figuring out the right size for my cabinetry. Fact, most farmhouse sinks are not cheap so you want to get it right the first time. You can either hire a pro to fix it for you. If you are a hands-on kind of person ensure to take proper measurements of your cabinet space (length and depth).

This brand offers sinks of different sizes from 44 inches to 29 inches. Larger sizes are ideal for bigger and busier kitchens and for a standard size family we recommend a 33 inch farm sink.


Next, you want to consider the material used to construct the sink. Farmhouse sinks are constructed of different materials. Determining what best suits your home will help you in the selection process. From sleek stainless steel to fireclay to gorgeous enameled cast iron sinks, there is plenty to choose from.

Most sinks manufactured by this brand are made of stainless steel or enameled cast iron. So how do you choose the right sink? If you prefer a crisp looking kitchen, a porcelain sink is the best option and if you have little ones around, stainless steel sinks are the best option. Basically, enameled sinks for farmhouse kitchens with little foot traffic and still sinks for busy kitchens.

Double vs single

A single bowl sink or double bowl; Which is best for your kitchen? You want a functional space. So, if you have large pans and pots, opt for a deep single basin sink and for those looking to separate their clean and dirty dishes, a double bowl sink is the right pick. Choose per your needs.

Top mount vs undermount

The great sinks debate … which is better top mount vs undermount? Top mount or drop in sinks are easier to install. Most options come with faucet holes making it easy to install the faucet that is ideal for your kitchen decor.

They are also easier to clean. On the other hand, undermount or under counter sinks or apron front sinks are somewhat harder to install especially if you’ve never installed a sink. These sinks make cleaning the counter easier and provide more space. While installing an apron front sink, ensure to leave enough room for your faucets.


If you are looking for the best sink for your farmhouse kitchen, Kohler has a lot to offer. From apron front sinks to drop in sink, you are spoilt for choice. Check on the right size, material, and accessories. For busy kitchens we recommend anything above 33 inches for smaller kitchens a 30 inch sink will do. Overall, you’ll be thrilled you went with a Kohler sink.

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