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21 Best Farmhouse Dining Table Ideas in 2022

A farmhouse dining table is a must-have especially if you entertain often. There are many types of tables made with different materials. Some are made of wood, metal, and glass. They are also designed in different styles and vary in price. We have the best Farmhouse dining tables in this review. You will love their features and make an informed purchase without counting losses.

Farmhouse Dining Table Ideas for Your Home

1. Signature Design Dining Room Extension Table

Get elegance and style by buying the Signature farmhouse dining table. It is an extension table meeting all your needs for a dining table. The quality of this farmhouse dining table set is worth your money because it is made of engineered wood and veneer blended with components of iron casts. It will take you a few minutes to have the table assembled.

2. Walker Edison Andre Modern Farmhouse Style Dining Table With a Grey Touch

The Walker Edison is the best you can have for your dining area. It boasts a pine finish and has a legged base type. The table has a weight of 62 pounds and a dimension of 30” H x 36” D x 72” L. The table’s top can hold a capacity of 200 lbs and you can host 6 – 8 guests around it.

3. Zinus Becky Dining Table With Longevity

This is one of the best products from Zinus that will leave your appetite all up. This farmhouse dining room table is simple but transforms your dining area immensely.

It has a capacity of 58 pounds and doesn’t require any assembling. It comes as a set of a table and two benches. You can return it in case of damage or dissatisfaction thanks to its one-year warranty.

4. Signature Brown Dining Table That Adds Class

Create the true atmosphere of a dining room by purchasing the Signature Brown table. It has a metallic base with a powder coat finish. Its top is glamorous with a dark-cherry tone.

The table also has a lower shelf where you can keep your novel as you get a break. The capacity of this dining table is 79 pounds and you won’t take much time assembling it.

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5. Christopher Knight Rustic Farmhouse Dining Table

Elevate your eating area with Christopher Knight. The table is durable and well constructed from acacia wood. It has finished lines with a sleek design and beautiful to look at.

The legs are made to offer some contrast and make it different from other dining tables. It is not heavy and you can move it easily. Find this dining table and sort all your dining needs.

6. Crosley Furniture Shelby Dining Table and Chairs

Make your farmhouse a cozy space with the Crosley farmhouse dining table and chairs. It is a set of 6 chairs and one table. This table has a traditional style though it blends with any decor. The legs are well carved with an eye catching style.

The makers used veneer and hardwood to carve this strong and durable dining table for a farmhouse. Choose this farmhouse style dining room table and make your house cozy.

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7. Flash Furniture Hercules Dining Table For A white Themed Room

Set another standard for your home with this rectangular farmhouse dining table set for your dining room. It boasts a strong pine construction with a thickness of 75 inches.

You can also use it in a restaurant setting and it doesn’t require white linen to look cozy. The dining has a rustic theme fit for a country kitchen. You can also fold it by pulling out the pins under its top.

8. Jaxsunny dining table perfect For a small kitchen

This dining table for farmhouse goes beyond eating and merry-making. It is designed to make your farmhouse kitchen stylish and decorative. The strength of this farmhouse table is worth your money thanks to its sleek waterproof and easy-to-clean top.

 You may move the table to any corner of your farmhouse because it has wheels. Another amazing feature of this farmhouse dining room table is its foldability. You may fold it whenever you want to make more space in your room. Moreover, it has a shelf to sort you with the storage of snacks, fruits, or spices.

9. Vasagle Heavy Duty Dining Table With a Touch of Charm

Family gatherings will be more accommodating with the Vasagle Farmhouse Table. It has a spacious top to hold several dishes. The quality of this rustic farmhouse dining table is uncompromised because it is made with engineered wood.

It has rounded corners which makes it sturdy and adjustable feet. The black legs of this table and the rustic top is all you need to make your dining area attractive.

10. Mayo Rustic Farmhouse Acacia Wood Dining Table for a White And Black Kitchen

Continue strengthening family bonds with the Mayo farmhouse dining table. This rectangular table will add warmth and charm to your home.

Acacia wood has been used to make its frame with a blend of dark brown finish. Its white legs will pick your attention from far not to mention the carving details. However, it might not accommodate many people especially if guests are coming over.

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11. Signature Dining Room Table With Dark Brown Wood

A classy farmhouse dining table set should be appealing enough to enhance your dining room. This is why you need to make a signature statement by buying the Signature dining table. It has a charming dark finish that invites you over for a quick snacking. 

The rounded dining table is made to fit in small areas and serve the purpose conveniently. The base is well built and you can easily assemble this dining table easily because it comes with the necessary hardware to use. The price is favorable bringing your search to an end.

12. Kealive Dining Table For a Farmhouse That Has a Natural Appeal

Buy the Kealive Dining table and make your dinner time more interesting and comfortable. This is a set of one rectangular table, two stools, and benches made of metal frames and a wooden top. You will enjoy its service for long thanks to its metal frames that boosts its strength and stability.

 The farmhouse dining table set accommodates 4-6 people and therefore it is suitable for your family. You will like the design of this farmhouse dining table because it is made to save space and enhance the look of your farmhouse. Its price is fair and it comes with a warranty.

13. Better Homes Dining Table to Brighten your home

The Better homes dining table is big and made for a family of six. It is made with strong wood and it takes a little time to assemble. The traditional table is versatile and you can use it as an office desk.

 The amazing feature of this dining table is that it can blend with any style whether contemporary, rustic, or modern. It will perfectly match any decor content within your home. Its wooden top is easy to wipe and you will like the white base that brightens your room.

14. Best Choice Dining Set For Modern Decor

The best Choice Dining table Products is the justice your farmhouse needs. It is a set of a table, four chairs, and a bench. The style, functionality, and price of this farmhouse dining table are incredible.

It has a storage rack underneath where you can keep some books, coasters, or table mats. The tabletop is thick and perfectly made for dining or playing cards with family. The dining table is easy to maintain by wiping and its steel frame is rust and stain-resistant.

15.Ashley Whitesburg Round Farmhouse Dining Table For A Brown and White Themed Room

The simplicity of Ashley’s dining table will strike you. Its traditional design will rekindle your memories anytime you are away from the city. This dining table has a weight of 68 pounds and boasts a vintage style. It is made of veneer and hardwood content with a two-finish tone. The table’s base is painted white enhancing its beauty.

16. Cardwell Rectangular Farmhouse Dining Table 

Make your dining room happy with the Cardwell farmhouse dining table. This piece of furniture has a fair price, it’s a versatile rectangular dining table. It has a dimension of 35 x 60 x 30.75 inches and a weight of 74 pounds. 

It can support a weight of 50lbs hence you can have a comfortable family time around it. Its white wood feature makes it the best for a farmhouse. It requires assembling and you may need some assistance to do so because its legs are heavy.

17. TableChamp Dining Table Rio for lovers of Brown and Rustic Rooms

The Tablechamp farmhouse dining table is made for longevity. It will end your search for a long-lasting farmhouse table because it is made from solid pine wood.

This wood is naturally oiled making it resistant to water, wine, or any other liquids. This feature makes the table the best for dining especially if you have small kids. 

You can use the table in a hotel, restaurant or school. It comes with some instructions for assembling and therefore you can mount it easily.

This rustic farmhouse dining table has four stable feet and therefore you won’t have to worry about putting heavy content on it. This is a unique item and you shouldn’t miss it in your farmhouse.

18. Powell Furniture Willow Dining Table

Powell furniture farmhouse dining table is what you need if you are keen on a calm beauty. This rectangular dining table weighs 76 pounds and its base is the leg type.

The edges of the farmhouse dining table are well-chiseled bringing out a detailed and fashionable design. It is easy to clean and made with reliable sturdiness. The tables’ finish looks great and it’s the perfect furniture for a reasonable price.

19. Home Fare Farmhouse Table in Brown That Has a Traditional Taste

Buy the Home Fare farmhouse dining table and make your family gatherings memorable. This country dining table has a dimension of 30 x 60 x 30 inches and a weight of 95 pounds.

This rectangular farmhouse dining table is constructed using hardwood and birch veneers. The table is based on a trestle style base making it look unique and attractive.

20. Giantex Rectangular Acacia Wood Dining Table With a Rustic Brown and Black

The functionality of the Giantex rectangular farmhouse dining table is the reason you should buy it. You can use it in an outdoor or indoor setting. It generously accommodates everybody thanks to its large design. This farmhouse table holds a weight of 300 lbs and is suitable for six people.

 The stability and durability of Giantex outdoor farmhouse dining table is outstanding because it is made from real wood and heavy-duty metal. Its panels are thick a feature that results in the table’s high performance.

 This piece of furniture is well polished giving it an artistic look. This rustic farmhouse dining table is flexible and therefore you can use it with any type of chair or stool. You can easily assemble it easily because it comes with instructions.

21. GreenForest Round Dining Table

The Greenforest modern farmhouse style dining table boats a simple round design and will transition your home. The round shape makes your family feel closer during lunchtime. It is best if you have a family of four.

This table has three legs and it’s a great space saver. You can easily install it by screwing its legs. This table is eco-friendly and stable. You will clean it easily thanks to its smooth top. Additionally, it is versatile and you can use it in a restaurant.

What to Consider When Buying A Farmhouse Dining Table

A dining table is more than family meetings and gatherings. It is a centerpiece in your farmhouse and therefore it should be appealing.

A good modern farmhouse dining table should match your taste and blend well with your room. However, choosing a good dining table for a farmhouse is rocky. They differ in price, style, and shape. This buying guide will help you choose the best farmhouse dining table.

1. Shape

Before choosing the shape of your country dining table, it is wise to consider your room’s layout. The tables are available round, rectangular, square, and narrow shape. Square dining tables are best for a small space.

 They are ideal when you are having conversational talks because they bring everyone close. If you love being the boss and host by sitting at the head of the table, then a rectangular table will serve you well. On the other hand, round tables are best for space optimization.

2. Size

The size of a good farmhouse dining table depends on the space you have and the number of chairs. How many people do you want the table to accommodate?

This may be determined by the size of your family or the guests that frequent your home. Also, ensure that the table leaves enough space for your family and friends to move around. You don’t want to have someone stand so that you may pass.

3. Base

Country style tables have different types of support or base. If you have the same number of guests sitting at the table you may have to consider a table that has legs. Legs are the best for square or rectangular farmhouse dining tables.

The legs will satisfy you more if you are keen on interior style. The other type of base is the central pedestal base. This base creates enough space for your legs and flexibility. This base also works well for smaller tables. On the other hand, the trestle base is the best for longer tables because it gives support on two sides.

4. Material

A good farmhouse dining table should be durable, stable, and versatile. There are many materials that make a dining table. The choice of the material determines the style of the dining table.

For example, if you love a vintage style, mahogany would pull the style for you easily. On the other hand, if you don’t want a heavy table, then oak should be your choice.

5. Budget

The amount of money you are willing to spend on a dining table a great factor to consider. Dining tables are available at different prices. The pricing depends on the quality and mostly the tables with high quality are highly-priced.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a table on a low budget. Doing a thorough search in the market will help you find a farmhouse dining table that matches your taste and budget.


Dining tables are family bonds enhancers because that is where you get to eat and discuss issues. You, therefore, need a durable table that will stand frequent use. You don’t want to be going back to the stores soon.

It should also be stable and spacious enough to handle your family and needs. The above discussed are the best farmhouse dining tables you can buy.

They are made of quality material, blend with your home decor, and will make your farmhouse appealing. Making an informed purchase should be easy with any of the above recommendations.

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