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15 Best Copper Farmhouse Sinks of 2022

When looking to renovate a kitchen, most people put effort on the gadget side of things; espresso machines, indoor grills and more. Sinks are a forgotten lot. But, because you’ll spend more time around this area, prepping meals and cleaning dishes, it’s important to get it right the first time.

Modern farmhouse sinks come in different materials, designs and sizes. And to ensure you have versatile space that allows you to multitask, we’ll look at over a dozen options that will transform your kitchen into a functional, stylish space. Plus, at the end we’ll include some tips on how to select the right sink for your home.

Best Copper Farmhouse Sink in 2022

Copper Farmhouse Sinks

1. Sinkology Copper Sinks 32 inch

Sinkology’s copper products are some of the best sinks for farmhouse. We love their Lange undermount sink. Made of high quality pure copper, this antique sink is designed to complement different decor styles.

Featuring an extra large 32 inches single bowl, the lange is crafted from 17 gauge copper so you don’t have to worry about denting. And though the bowl is smaller compared to that offered by the Kohler farmhouse sink, it’s still large enough to stack a few party plates and can hold large pans and pots. Also, this copper sink comes with dampening pads that help reduce noise while doing dishes.

2. Offset Copper Apron Front Sink

Looking to add a vintage look and feel to your farmhouse kitchen? Needing undermount installation, this copper farmhouse sink is one of the most popular options among homeowners. Why should you consider it?

One, its full bowl measures 33 inches which is large enough for most busy homes. The basin is further divided into two bowls. The bowls are of different sizes, making it easy to multitask. You can do dishes on one size while prepping your meal on the other side.

Two, it is crafted of the highest quality pure copper material with hammered finish. This plus the gorgeous handcrafted front makes this copper sink the perfect centerpiece for any kitchen. It’ll have your guests talking.

Three, this kitchen sink is integrated with sound dampening technology to ensure dish cleaning is not a noisy affair. Four, its natural protective coating or patina is ever-changing to a gorgeous rustic look. So, if you are looking for something versatile and gorgeous for your kitchen space, this option is one of the best copper farmhouse sinks on the market.

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3. Sinkology Adams Sink With Grid and Disposal Drain

33 inches long, 22 inches wide and 9 inches deep is what you get with the Adams sink. And there is more. The Adams farmhouse copper sink is made of heavy duty 16 gauge copper material. The soft metal basin is then hand hammered to create a beautiful single bowl. Its thickness enables it to withstand everyday functionality while its eye catching design makes it the ideal centerpiece for different home’s styles.

We also like its angled corners that help to increase the workstation and make cleaning easy. Also this antique copper sink comes with a grid and disposable flange. This undercounter copper farmhouse sink is easy to install and will create a striking space.

4. Zunhe Antica 33 inch Copper Farmhouse Sink

Looking for something different? Black farmhouse sinks are unique and eye catching. This black copper sink is no different. Not only is it gorgeous it is also the perfect spot for washing dishes with its deep basin and sloped base that prevents water pooling. This 33 copper apron sink is crafted from 16 gauge pure copper to make it durable and ideal for regular usage.

The hammered finish gives it a unique texture that’ll turn heads. Sound pads help reduce noise. This front apron sink is perfect for a multi-colored kitchen.

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5. Santi Double Basin Copper Farmhouse Sinks

Sinkology is the gift that keeps giving. This 33 inch double basin hammered copper sink is a must-have for anyone who wants a sink that is easy to install and durable. Made of solid metals, this drop in copper farm sink will instantly enhance your indoor or outdoor kitchen space.

One of the benefits of top mount copper farmhouse sinks is they are easier to install compared to undermount sinks. The Santi can be installed in a few minutes on existing cabinetry.

Also, this top mount sink comes with a single faucet hole allowing you to choose the faucet that best matches your kitchen decor. Each basin has an offset drain towards the rear, ensuring you have enough  work space. Hammered finishes will complement your rustic granite countertop. With regular cleaning, you can maintain this copper farmhouse sink patina.

6. Milan Copper Bows Sink for Small Kitchens 21 inch

Featuring a gorgeous hammered finish, the Milan hammered copper farmhouse sink is the ideal choice for small and not so busy kitchens, measuring 21 inches. For example, a couple that eats out often could benefit from this copper sink.

What makes the Milan stand out from other farmhouse sinks on this list is it can be installed using the drop in or top mount method depending on your cabinetry. This rectangular copper farmhouse kitchen sink will be a great addition to your home.

7. 17 Inch Copper Farm Sink

Made of solid pure copper, this single bowl kitchen sink is suited for small kitchens or home bar. Measuring 17 inches across and 6.5 inches deep, it is a small copper farmhouse sink that’ll add flair to your space.

Its minimalist design with  smooth lines add appeal to any room. Also its dual rim allows you to install it using top mount or undermount method. The surface is scratch and heat resistant. 

8. 33 Inch Handmade Farmhouse Sinks

Handmade copper farmhouse sinks are especially eye-catching. This apron front sink is one of the best copper farmhouse sink you’ll find. Hand crafted by artisans, each sink by this brand has a unique look and texture.

Constructed using 17 gauge pure copper, this country style sink is easy to clean. No hiding places for grime. Stained patina gives a great first impression. Perfect for busy kitchens.

9. Moran 36 Copper Farmhouse Sink

This front apron sink  features a double basin design that makes washing dishes and meal prepping easy. The Moran is larger than most copper farmhouse sinks on this list. Measuring 36 inch across, it’s perfect for busy kitchens.

This piece is constructed from high quality copper for excellent rust resistance. Sound pads added on each side to reduce noise while washing dishes. Installation easy on standard 36 inch cabinetry.

10. Luxury 33 inch Kitchen Sink

Hammered textured surface allows this piece to seamlessly fit in any modern kitchen that emphasizes textured surfaces. These 33 inch copper farmhouse sinks are handcrafted in Israel and Poland, so you are guaranteed of the quality of copper used.

Gorgeous exterior hammered patterns add decorative texture to its overall look. Also, this copper sink is slightly deeper than most copper sinks (10″ depth) and comes with a bottom grid that can handle up to 200 lbs. Also these sinks are garbage disposals ready.

11. Antique Farmhouse Sink with Disposal Flange

Looking to fit garbage disposals under your sink? This Sinkology copper farmhouse sink features a disposable flange that allows you to attach a garbage disposal on the underside of the sink.

Also, its drop in design makes the installation process easy, and takes a few minutes. This copper sink comes with 4 faucet holes so you can install as many faucets as you need. Suited for everyday use.

12. Soluna 36 inch Copper Sinks

The reason why most homeowners love farmhouse sinks is they not only take their kitchens to a gorgeous new level but are also spacious compared to traditional sinks. And this Soluna does not disappoint. Measuring 36 inches across, it gives you enough space to prep meals and more. Don’t like the natural copper look? You can go for Rio grande or dark smoke colors.

13. Vine Topmount Copper Apron Front Sink

Can a farmhouse sink be stylish? Boasting of quality craftsmanship, the Vine copper sink offers style without compromising on practicality. This undermount sink features a unique beautifully crafted flower pattern front that’ll turn heads.

The 16 gauge copper used is dent and heat resistant, so you are assured of its longevity. 9 inch depth allows you to stack utensils to keep your wood counter clutter free while the 3.5 inch drain can fit most standard garbage disposals. Brownish gold color perfect for a modern farmhouse style kitchen.

14. Signature Hardware Single Basin Sink

Looking to add rustic charm to your modern kitchen? This 33 inch copper farmhouse sink might be what your space is craving for. Gorgeous floral patterns provide warmth and class to your kitchen. This 33 inch farmhouse sink will fit effortlessly into existing cabinetry.

Also, it has a deeper basin compared to most farmhouse sinks, 9.5 inches, making it easier to clean large cookware or stack plates. Slightly sloped bottom helps in drainage.  

15. Woven Antique Copper Country Sink

Our last pick is these eye-catching copper sinks by Coppersmith creations. Like our top pick, the sinkology copper sink, it measures 33 inches across and 9 inch deep. Crafted from high quality copper for added durability, it’s a fantastic choice for large kitchens. Undermount installation makes it easier for you to clean your countertop. This square front apron sink will make your space more efficient.

How to clean a copper sink

Today, let’s burst a myth, copper farmhouse sinks are not hard to maintain. Yes, they need a bit more work compared to other sinks made using other metals but they are fairly easy to care for. One of the most important things I’ve observed with my copper sink is it changes over time. Your sink will change color.

Why does this happen? Unlike other metals, copper has a finish called patina. When this finish comes into contact with abrasive chemicals and acidic foods, the copper oxidizes and it’ll change color. But it’s nothing to worry about. Here are a few ways to keep your sink looking gorgeous for years.

Method 1

  • Use warm water and mild dish soap. You can put the solution in a sprayer
  • Get a soft cloth or scouring pad
  • Spray the solution on the sides and bottom, then wipe using the cloth or sponge

Method 2

  • If you sink has some stubborn stains, you can remove them easily by:
  • Make a solution of warm water, baking soda and vinegar
  • Let the solution run down the sink and using a clean soft cloth or sponge scrub the spots
  • Use a mat or grid while washing dishes. This helps to protect against dents and will preserve the sink’s shine.
  • Once or twice a month apply wax or protectant. These products will ensure your copper sink maintains its polished look and feel.
  • Always clean any food debris
  • Do not leave your cookware in the sink for too long. Dirty dishes might have acidic particles that would cause corrosion on the patina.
  • Do not use abrasive chemicals to clean your copper farmhouse sink. Water and mild soap or baking soda is okay.

How to Choose the Best Copper Farmhouse Sinks for your Home

Copper creates beautifully unique pieces. Here are a few tips to help you select the right sink from the best sellers above.

Patina finish

There are 3 types you can choose from:

  1. Antique: Most popular option for farmhouse kitchen sinks. Features a light tone and is easy to maintain
  2. Verde: Costly and exclusive. Needs a lot of care
  3. Aged: Beautiful material and unique durable finishes. Perfect for bathroom

For your farmhouse kitchen, we recommend you go for copper farmhouse sinks made of aged or antique material.


Copper sinks come in different sizes. For large busy kitchens, opt for anything above 33 inch and for smaller kitchens anything below 30 inches will do.

Mounting style

Undermount vs drop in or top mount; which one will be the right fit for your home? First, if you are looking to replace an old sink, you need to measure your existing cabinetry to pick the size needed. Undermount copper sinks make cleaning countertops easy while top mounts are easier to install and provide holes for faucets.


Single bowl vs double bowl? This depends on your needs. For example, if you need a sink that allows you to separate clean dishes from the dirty, a double bowl copper farmhouse sink is the best farmhouse sink for your home. On the other hand, a large 36 inch copper sink offers more room for meal prepping and cleaning .


Although our list is far from exhaustive, it’s a great place to start your renovation process and get design inspiration. The best sellers above are some of the best copper farmhouse sinks today. So whether you are looking for a large or small, high-end or budget copper sink, there is something for everyone. Happy renovating.

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