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5 Best Cedar Pergola Kits in 2022

We all love to have a beautiful and stylish backyard in our homes. A cedar pergola is one way of transforming your home’s appearance. This structure adds a touch of class and glamour. Choosing a pergola is not easy; you have to consider the measurements, type, and more.

Below we review free standing pergolas, attached and more. If you are in a rush, our top recommendation is the Backyard discovery 12 x 10. This cedar structure checks all the right boxes. It’s easy to assemble, rot resistant, and fit most backyards perfectly.

Best Cedar Pergola Kits in 2022

1. Backyard Discovery 12′ by 10′ Cedar Pergola

The Backyard Discovery 12 x 10 is one of the best cedar pergola on the market. With its dimensions 144 by 120 by 94 inches, this top selling cedar wood pergola will be a great addition to your home. This 12 x 10 foot kit is made of cedar that is used in most backyard structure. 

The wood is treated to protect against rotting and insects. This structure is easy to assemble and comes with a 3D app to help you with construction. Additionally, the posts are durable, have diagonal braces, and anchored with concrete. Which also ensures it is strong and well anchored to the ground.

Another feature you’ll like about the Backyard Discovery pergola is its crisscrossed beam pattern. It is not only stylish and eye-catching but also comes in handy in giving you shade and protection against the sun. You can also add a canopy to its flat roof for more shade. To add some color, you can grow vines and beautiful crawling flowers.

Now, its 63 square feet interior is enough to accommodate a standard outdoor set. Its headroom, 6’7” is enough for people of different heights.  With this cedar wood pergola you get value for your money. You will appreciate its high quality and durability. 

It is rot resistant and will not be affected by natural decay. Enjoy hours of relaxation with your family in this stylish and well-made outdoor pergola. This Backyard discovery product is the structure that your home needs to turn into a little haven.


  • Durable rot-resistant pergola
  • Easy to assemble because of the 3D installation app
  • It has great concrete anchors that make it robust, firm, and sturdy
  • You can grow climbing plants on it


  • This cedar pergola requires extra vanishing and extra hardware for drilling
  • The ends chip after some time

2. Backyard Discovery Oasis 14 x 10 Pergola

Backyard Discovery constructs some of the best pergolas for home and the 14 by 10 foot Oasis is no exception. This outdoor structure has a unique touch of style and offers enough space for you to relax and to host guests.

The pergola is made from 100% cedar material.  This lumber pre-stained and pre-drilled so you can assemble it without hassle. The pre-staining gives the wood a natural and attractive appearance. Its roof is slightly arched to giving it a unique, stunning look.

If you host often then this Backyard Discovery product will serve you best. It has enough space to host friends and families. Also, it has a serving table on which you can place the dishes and have the guests serve themselves.

 This cedar pergola also has some extra bench where the guest can sit. It is also the perfect picnic site for when you don’t want to go out but need to enjoy the outdoors. For nature lovers, you can grow climbing vines and more


  • Supports climbing flowers and vines
  • It brings a stylish and classy look to your yard
  • Enough space for hosting friends and families
  • It is tough to natural decay
  • An easy to assemble cedar pergola


  • The pergola does not have curtain slats on the side
  • The bolts and nuts are left with too much ink, making it difficult to tighten them

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3. Suncast 10 x 12 foot Wood Pergola

The Suncast pergola is one of the best cedar pergola kits. It is open and stable, making it the best for most homes. This wooden pergola by  Suncast weighs 345 pounds and measures 120 by 144 by 120 inches.  Its features a unique arch design that allows the sun to shine through.

Like all the other structures above, this cedar pergola kit is made of cedar. The material is durable and rot resistant, guarantying the durability of your structure. Also, the Suncast pergola provides enough room to host and is strong enough so you can plant climbing plants to beautify it.

Lastly, the Suncast free standing wooden pergola kit is easy to maintain and can be used in a garden, pool or patio.


  • Designed to allow natural light to shine through
  • It comes with all hardware and column foundation brackets
  • Arch design to allow light through and these pergola decor ideas will help you style your space


  • This cedar pergola doesn’t provide enough shade during hot days
  • Requires strong anchoring

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4. Backyard Discovery Cedar Pergola 10 ‘x 10’

If you have a small yard, then you need a small pergola kit. You can’t go wrong with the Backyard Discovery 10 x 10 foot pergola. This pergola shade for small yard comes with a 3D installation guide to help you through the installation process. 

It weighs about 360 pounds, which is sturdy enough to and some people have stated that it stands windstorms perfectly.  Its dimensions are  120 x 120 x 94 inches, which is slightly smaller compared to the other Backyard Discovery pergola kits on this list, making it the best for small homes.

Another thing you’ll love is its crisscrossed beams. The beams come in handy in ensuring that you get a well-aired and robust cover. They allow enough light through and if you need cover for rain, we recommend you get a waterproof canopy. 

 The four pillars of this cedarwood pergola are made of 51/2-inch cedar material. Its foot covers are decoratively designed to hide the anchors that keep the pergola stable and well anchored to the ground. Additionally, the pergola is pre-stained and pre-assembled, thus making installation easy.

Having enough outdoor space feels good, especially whenever you have visitors. The Backyard Discovery Cedar pergola gives you enough space to host your visitors. It’s worth noting it’ll hold less people compared to its siblings above. 

You can personalize it with the furniture of your preference. Moreover, its structure is ideal for planting climbing flowers and plants, thus giving you the much-needed shade during the summer season. Create a lovely outdoor haven with this free standing pergola.


  • Has enough space for a few people
  • Resistant to decay and provides enough shade
  • A sturdy pergola and tough on strong winds


  • Poor alignment of holes. You’ll have to do some drilling

5. Yardistry YM11783 Pergola

Scale up your outdoor space with the Yardistry YM11783 Pergola. Made from cedar and measuring 68 x 120 x 98 inches, this modern pergola is the perfect spot for you and your friends to bbq and relax.

 You will be required to assemble it and it comes with a step by step installation manual. This Yardistry product is sturdy and rot resistant.  You will love the design and construction of this lightweight pergola. You will like the timber grey wood stain of this cedar pergola as well.

Like the other options above, it features crisscrossed beans that provide shade. And if you want to block the sun completely, this pergala kit comes with a removable Snap-On Sunshade made from PVS fabric. This fabric gives you the option of either enjoying the sun or being shaded depending on the weather.

Apart from its sturdy construction, the YM11783 has a bar and shelf where you can place your dishes, wine and glasses.

There is no much hustle in assembling this pergola. It comes with all wood and metal hardware for installation. Also, its assembling instructions and the installation video are clear, and therefore you won’t struggle to put it up. Make your home backyard the perfect entertainment spot with the Yardistry YM11783 Pegola. It will define it with beauty, style, and comfort.


  • This wooden pergola has a bar and shelf for entertainment.
  • It is an easy to install cedar pergola.
  • Ideal for both rainy and sunny weather
  • This backyard pergola is sturdy and durable.


  • It requires more pre-drilled holes.

Factors to consider when buying a Wooden Backyard Pergola

Certain factors need to be considered when selecting a patio pergola for your yard. Here are some tips to help you choose the purgola for the money.

  • Material

The type of material is critical in choosing the brand. Most people prefer this garden pergola because it blends well with its surrounding. However, note that wood needs special treatment, primarily if it’s meant for an outdoor setting. 

The treatment helps in curbing rot and insects that would eat into the beams as years go by. The options above are made from sturdy, rot-resistant wood. You can be assured your structure will last for years.

  • Size

The size of your yard matters greatly in choosing the right pergola. You don’t want something that will look so big or small in your garden. The safest way to get the perfect size is by measuring the area where you want your pergola stand. 

 Ensure you have the outer and inner measurements. The height should also be accurate because you don’t want to have your structure obstructed by trees or anything else. For small yards, opt for an attached pergola or a free standing small pergola. For people with large yards, you’ll find some large pergola options on this list.

  • Assembly

Honestly, assembling a pergolla requires some wood skill. Wooden pergolas are heavy and not easy to install. Some manufacturers have these user needs in mind and add an installation manual. 

These step-by-step instructions will help you assemble this kit with ease. If you are not a DIY kinda person, you can look for professionals to handle this for you. It takes about 4 days to complete the work.  

  • Purpose / function

A pergola is an outdoor structure, and that means it can be placed anywhere and serve different purposes. How do you want to use it? Your intended use will guide you in choosing the size. For example, if you want to have your pergola by the poolside, it means that you will require recliner seats which need more space. Also, if it’s intended for entertainment, you will need a  pergola with canopy shade.

  • Design and shape

What are you looking for in terms of style? Modern or vintage? There are many pergola shapes you can go for, including square and rectangle, arched and flat roof. However, all these shapes depend on the size and shape of where you intend to have them placed. If you want a stand-alone pergola, then a square or rectangular shaped will serve you well.

  • Roofing and lighting

This factor takes us back to the primary purpose of a pergola. A pergola is meant to provide shade, privacy, and protection from direct sun rays. Therefore, it is wise to ensure that the pergola you want to buy will shield you from rain and sun. For this purpose, a cedar pergola with a canopy will come in handy. Also, ensure that it has enough ventilation allowing you to enjoy enough fresh air.

Do you want to spend your evenings in the pergola? Then consider adding some lighting and for privacy you can add curtains and shades


A pergola is a must-have structure in your home. It adds value to your home and allows you the comfort, privacy, and shade you desire.  It’s also the perfect place to host family and friends. Some cedar pergola kits above come with a bench and bar to hold dishes and drinks.

Also, the wood kits above are made of durable cedar and are rot resistant. These wooden pergolas are prestained to give the structure a stunning natural look. You can add vines and climbing plants for more color. We hope this information will help you choose the right pergola kit for your backyard.

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